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Dear Samantha Ronson,

Thank you for listening to me and finally doing something about your hair! I love the new cut and as you can see, your girlfriend Lindsay can’t keep her hands off you! To my surprise you finally got rid of that hat also that you would wear everyday because your hair looked yucky.

Now you look beautiful! Here are some pix for you of you and the Mrs. Keep up the good work!

Accidental Sexiness

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Happy National Orgasm Day!

The Brits have the best holidays! Today is National Orgasm Day! In celebration of this very special day maker Boffins has created a voice activated sex toy you scream instructions to. You program it how to respond to chosen key words you choose.

Monique Carty of Onjoy that sells them in the UK says, “Communication is key to a healthy relationship, and there’s no relationship healthier than that of a woman and her vibrator. The fact that she can now make demands and this can respond really should have men worried. If they don’t want to be made redundant they need to sit up and listen.”

Solange Knowles performs for the UK!

Solange Knowles was on GMTV this morning to talk about what its like to be Beyonce’s sister and what it feels like to live in her shadow. Nah I’m just trippin’! She must feel bad though, she can’t go to one interview without being asked about her older sis.

She performs “I decided”

WTF is she wearing?

Mary Stuart Masterson was seen talking on the phone in Chelsea today in the fugliest outfit I have seen in awhile. WTF is that combination? The poor thing must not own a mirror!

Michelle Marsh is back!!!

For those of you who have long awaited the return of one of the sexiest glamour models to date, more about these images can be found in the elite section at our Forum

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Katherine Heigl – no plans to start a family yet

Well here’s a bombshell, Katherine Heigl has no plans to start a family with husband John Kelley yet, as she is concentrating on her career a little bit more, and why not, she’s only in her 20′s and he’s only 28, they are young enough to live a little first and to enjoy each other also, after all said and done, the film industry can drop you as soon as look at you, so they need to make their pennies to be able to afford a ‘Hollywood’ baby….I think its good to know that they are putting their priorities in order, good on them!

Britney Spears beds the bodyguard

No wonder Britney Spears has got a smile on her face again, not only has she just settled the custody battle with K-Fed, but she is also frolicking between the sheets with her latest beau, her bodyguard Lee, a former Israeli Solider, so he should be able to keep her safe! They are currently lapping it up in Mexico, and by all accounts he sounds like he could be a good influence on her (fingers crossed)….
This is not the first time she has dated someone on her payroll, she dated her ex-manager Sam Lufti, K-Fed was a backing dancer and Adnan Ghalid was one of the paps who worked with her setting up photos, all we need to add to that list is the gardener….all things said, its nice to see her smiling again…

Lindsay Lohan cleans up her act…

Wild child Lindsay Lohan is sticking to her promise of making a career comeback, and recent reports from her co-stars on her new film ‘Labour Pains’ are confirming her behaviour is impeccable!
It would appear that she is finally growing up, gone are the wild parties with a bunch of hangers-on, gone are the late arrivals at film sets, it would seem that she has taken heed of some good advice, either get your act together or go home and stay there! Glad to see she is making progress…

Michael Schumacher hits pedestrian

FI legend Schumacher was involved in an accident on Sunday when he drove into a Kent car dealer (Martin Kingham)whilst overtaking and elderly lady en route to a private airfield, just goes to prove that the almighty Schumi is human afterall…..
Kingham claims that he was struck by Michael, driving a blue fiat van, whilst he was closing security gates, he went on to say “Out of nowhere I heard a bang from behind me. It spun me round and I was thrown forward on to my face, hitting the bonnet of a parked van. Then I saw a big blue van go by and realised they’d hit me. I thought I recognised the driver, but my head was spinning.”
Kingham claims Schumacher reacted furiously, blaming him for the accident and launched into a tirade of verbal abuse asking him what the hell was he doing, the police were called and Schumacker was given a breathalyser test, which he passed..
No harm was done, but Kingham now has a good story to tells all his pals down the pub!

July 31st Happy Birthday To..

Happy Birthday to Avenged Sevenfold singer Matthew Sanders (1981), actress Annie Parisse (1976), English actress Emilia Fox (1974), “Lois and Clark” star Dean Cain (1966), “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling (1965), The Corrs singer Jim Corr (1964), “Blade” star Wesley Snipes (1962), Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (1958), R.E.M. drummer Bill Berry (1958), pianist Hank Jones (1918), “BloodRayne” actress Geraldine Chaplin (1944), jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell (1931), and “Knots Landing” actor Don Murray (1929).

Sneak Peek at Wonder Woman!

Are you ready for Wonder Woman? Well she is coming to the movie theaters in February 2009 in an animated film written by William Marston. Keri Russell will be voicing the lead role of Wonder Woman, Nathan Fillion in the role of Col. Steve Taylor, Rosario Dawson as the voice of Artemis and Alfred Molina as Ares.

New X-Files interview!

Well the X-Files is not doing well with the American Box Office, but with the London premiere tonight Gillian Anderson and David Duchovony visited Richard & Judy. It was kind of an awkward interview, David seemed a little feisty!

Jamie Lynn Spears to get hitched….

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are reportedly arranging their wedding and according to reports they hope to get hitched by the end of 2008…
The two teenagers became parents last month when they welcomed little Maddie into the world, now they are hoping to seal the deal by getting married and Britney is to be Maid of Honor. The ceremony will take place in the groom’s hometown of Liberty, Mississippi, and will be a low key affair. They have been engaged since March and already share a house there. I think the kids have got things a little bit upside down and backwards, but they seem happy enough and I wish them all the best…

Madonna – Not suffering from ill health

Well there is always some kind of story following Madonna, but the reports that she is ill are not true. A representive of the Madonna camp has spoken out after pictures of the star were taken showing her looking gaunt and pale, but they have said that her weight loss is down to the strenuous workouts she is currently undertaking for her world tour…(so nothing to do with a marriage crisis then?). They say the camera never lies, but obviously this rule does not apply to Madonna, just to the person taking the shot in the first place and not standing in the right position at the right angle with the perfect lighting…you just cant get the staff these days can you?

Fergie to play a prostitute

Fergie (real name Stacy Ann Ferguson) is absolutely delighted to add the role of prostitute to her acting portfolio, the Grammy award winning singer has been cast as Saraghina in ‘Nine’, and will perform the song “Be Italian” with Guido, played by Daniel Daw-Lewis. She will be amongst a host of other stars including, Marion Cottilard, Dame Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson but to name a few, and she is hoping to pick up quite a lot of acting tips along the way…
She is also back in the studio working on a new album with the Black Eye Peas, their first new record since 2005′s “Monkey Business.”
All this work and she still finds time to launch a new range of shoes in Las Vegas, this girl gives new meaning to the word ‘Multi-tasking’

Sharon Stone threatened with lawsuit

The victims of China’s recent earthquake are reportedly going to sue Sharon Stone for $1 Billion after she claimed that it was ‘Karma’ that caused the disaster…she blamed the treatment by China to the Tibetans basically brought on the natural disaster which claimed more than 67,000 lives. She has since apologised for her outburst, but that hasn’t stopped some of the survivors and victims relatives to produce legal documents threatening to sue her, needless to say they are a little bit annoyed with her…

Mad Hatter Role for Depp

Johnny Depp is to play the Mad Hatter in a new version of the classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’, to be directed by his old pal Tim Burton (those two always seem to be in the same sentence), this will be the 7th time these two have worked together and we are likely to be seeing this film sometime in 2010.

John McCain Compares Barack Obama to Britney and Paris in New Ad

In a new ad out by John McCain’s campaign, he is comparing the stardom and the way paparazzi flock to Barack Obama, with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis explained in a conference call with reporters: “What we decided to do is find the top three international celebrities in the world, and I would say from our indications, Britney and Paris came in second and third.

“It is not our campaign that is trying to make him into an international celebrity,” Davis added. “It’s his campaign… I don’t know Paris Hilton and Britney Spears but they are international celebrities, so, you know, apples to apples.”

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Lance and Katie Call it Quits

According to Eonline, it is a sad day for Mr. Bicyclist Lance Armstrong. It seems his relationship with the lovely Kate Hudson is over. We all knew, or at least figured it would not last long, but I am sure losing a woman like that has got to hurt. Imagine what it did to his self esteem when he first hooked up with her. She did not care about him having one nut or two. Great gal, huh. Well Lance, guess you need to find another one that does not care about you, lack of manhood. Kate Stop changing men so fast. People are gonna start talking about you.. Oh, wait, we already are…..

July 30th Happy Birthday To…..

Happy Birthday to “Million Dollar Baby” star Hilary Swank (1974), “Dodgeball” actress Christine Taylor (1971), Canadian comedian Tom Green (1971), film director Christopher Nolan (1970), actress Vivica A. Fox (1964), “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow (1963), Food Network host Alton Brown (1962), “The Matrix” star Laurence Fishburne (1961), director Richard Linklater (1960), The Damned drummer Rat Scabies (1957), “Designing Women” actress Delta Burke (1956), singer/actor Frank Stallone (1950), “The Professional” star Jean Reno (1948), “Ghostbusters” actor William Atherton (1947), California Governor/”Terminator” star Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947), jazz musician David Sanborn (1945), Canadian singer Paul Anka (1941), director Peter Bogdanovich (1939), blues guitarist Buddy Guy (1936), actor Dick Wilson (1916), actress Wanda Hawley (1895; d. 1963), legendary baseball player/manager Casey Stengel (1890; d. 1975), and novelist Emily Bronte (1818; d. 1848).