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Zac Efron Wants To Be The Next Travolta

Zac has just recently admitted that he would love to play Danny Zuko in a remake of the 1978 film “Grease”. Great another greasy haired stud to take all the hot women away. Can’t you guys just go disappear?? Zac, the first musical you where in, scored you one hottie (Vanessa Hudgens), you played along side another hottie in Hairspray (Amanda Bynes), Who do you want next? You better stay away from Megan Fox, I will have to hurt you! Good luck on your endeavor to be like John Travolta. He is a star in his own right and I believe that you can too, be that damn good.

Diddy caught with his “fly” down

The world has been truly punished by high gas prices. Not the crisis in the Middle East. No, not the decreasing ability of people to, you know, get to work. Or that the price of everything is up as a result. Nah.

It’s because P. Diddy has to fly commercial. Per his YouTube post last week, the man of many names has let his private jet sit idle. Instead he’s made the economic sacrifice of flying first class on a commercial flight instead.

"That’s how high gas prices are. I’m at the gate right now. This is really happening, proof gas prices are too high. Tell whoever the next president is we need to bring gas prices down."

Does he practice to be such a douche? This can’t come naturally…

Pioneer of Wrestling “Killer” Kowalski dies at 81

“Killer” Kowalski died early Saturday from the effects of a massive heart attack. He was 81. Killer died at Whidden Hospital in Everett, 12 days after his family tookhim off life support. He had been in critical condition in the hospital since his heart attack on Aug. 8. R.I.P You will be missed.

Jeff Gordon’s Wife is An Amazing Wife and Mother

Why this makes the news I have no idea but I am here to report to you that Jeff Gordon is whipped and has no cojones. I mean loving your wife is one thing, but singing her praises just to make the news is beyond *ussy whipped. Jeff is quoted as saying, “You’ve got to have a wife that’s very understanding. I’m lucky to have that.” Please dude, grow some huevos!!

Dark Knight Makes History

Dark Knight has made history by being only the second film in history to break the half a billion dollar mark. The film hit that mark in just over six weeks, half the time it took “Titanic,” which reached $500 million in a little more than three months. “Titanic,” the biggest modern blockbuster, remains No. 1 on the domestic charts with $600.8 million. Despite the sudden and fast rise of Dark Knight to this status, it is not expected to surpass Titanic as the number one earner in modern history. To this date I still have not seen this movie. I will see it as soon as I get some spare time.

James Gandolfini Gets Married

James Gandolfini and fiancee Deborah Lin got married Saturday in her hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii. “There was a nice big kiss at the end with both hands on the cheeks” as The Sopranos star and Lin officially became husband and wife.” As a group of their closest friends and family looked on, Gandolfini, 46, and Lin, a former model, 40, exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony surrounded by white lilies and rhododendrons on every pew at Central Union Church. Congrats you two. James, hide your wallet.

August 31st Happy Birthday To….

Happy Birthday to rapper Joe Budden, Vines singer Craig Nicholls (1977), “Rush Hour 2″ star Chris Tucker (1972), singer Deborah Gibson (1970), Winger guitarist Reb Beach (1963), prolific actor Richard Gere (1949), Irish singer Van Morrison (1945), actors Noble Willingham (1931; d. 2004) and James Coburn (1928; d. 2002), comedian Buddy Hackett (1924; d. 2003), composer Alan Jay Lerner (1918; d. 1986), actor Richard Basehart (1914; d. 1984), and Roman Emperors Commodus (161; d. 192) and Caligula (12; d. 41).

Johnny Depp Brings Down the House For a Good Cause

Johnny Depp went back to one of his first loves playing the guitar at a benefit concert in Pompano Beach, Fla., Friday night. The Oscar nominee played a 90 minute set with his bandmates from The Kids, a power pop group formed in 1978 when Depp was a South Florida high schooler, at the 2,800-seat Club Cinema. And Depp had two of his biggest fans in the audience watching him: girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and their 9 year old daughter Lily Rose, who sat together in the venue’s box seats as Depp smiled up at them from the stage (son Jack, 6, was not at the show). Lily Rose cheered on her dad during the performance, and the proud daughter even snapped some photos of him with a disposable camera.

August 30th Happy Birthday To…

Happy Birthday to Panic! At The Disco guitarist Ryan Ross (1985), tennis star Andy Roddick (1982), Reel Big Fish guitarist Radhi Jaidi (1975), “Gangs of New York” actress Cameron Diaz (1972), Rancid guitarist Lars Frederiksen (1971), British deejay Paul Oakenfold (1963), actor Timothy Bottoms (1951), comedian Lewis Black (1948), actress Peggy Lipton (1947), actor-turned-politician Ben Jones (1941), The Mamas and the Papas singer John Phillips (1935; d. 2001), “My Three Sons” actor Fred MacMurray (1908; d. 1991), actress Shirley Booth (1898; d. 1992), actor Raymond Massey (1896; d. 1983), and “Frankenstein” writer Mary Shelley (1797; d. 1851).

Michael Jackson Turns 50, Still feels young

Michael Jackson turns 50 today and he is not throwing a major bash. He has decided to stay home with his kids and have a little get toghter.”I’m having a wonderful time, just relaxing,” he told ABC’s Good Morning America. On his agenda: “A little cake with my children and we’ll probably watch some cartoons.” The reclusive singer has three kids, Prince Michael, 11, Paris, 10, and Prince Michael II, 6.”I feel very wise and sage,” he said of turning 50, “but at the same time very young.” Plus, the King of Pop assures that he can still perform all his famous dance moves and “more.” I wonder if the real reason why he is not having a major bash is because he cannot afford it anymore. Michael Jackson turning 50 is a milestone. He is a great artist and performer, someone should have done something for him.

Jessica Alba at the DNC Last Night

Apparently Jessica Alba is another one of the celebrities that are attracted to the phenomena called Barack Obama. Here she is enjoying herself at the DNC presidential nominee acceptance speech last night.

Oprah Says Obama Made Her Cry

According to People, Oprah cried so hard her fake eyelashes came off…HAHAHA I do not understand how so many people where crying last night at his nomination acceptance speech. Now, I know it was a great speech, but not enough to make so many people cry. I guess it is just how he moves people. “I’ve never experienced anything like this. I think that what he had to offer the country tonight will make us all better. Also caught up in the moment was Kanye West who said It changed my life. Well I am glad it did something for you Kanye, I am sure that was his goal. Let’s change Kanye’s life was is campaign motto. NOT! Do you realize that no one really gives a crap about you?? Get it through your head.

August 29th Happy Birthday To…

Happy Birthday to Simple Plan bassist David Desrosiers (1980), actress Carla Gugino (1971), singer Me’Shell NdegeOcello (1969), Cocteau Twins singer Elizabeth Fraser (1963), actress Rebecca De Mornay (1962), King of Pop Michael Jackson (1958), tv host Robin Leach (1941), film directors Joel Schumacher and William Friedkin (1939), actor Elliott Gould (1938), Arizona senator John McCain (1936), singer Dinah Washington (1924; d. 1963), musician Charlie Parker (1920; d. 1955), “The Jeffersons” star Isabel Sanford (1917; d. 2004), actor George Montgomery (1916; d. 2000), and “Casablanca” actress Ingrid Bergman (1915; d. 1982).

DMX pleads out Florida drug case Awaits Extradition

Rapper DMX has pleaded out a Miami drug case and now awaits extradition to face more charges in Arizona. DMX pleaded guilty Wednesday to attempted marijuana and cocaine possession and was sentenced to time served. His lawyer Bradford Cohen says DMX is still in custody, waiting for Arizona authorities to pick him up on drug and animal cruelty charges there. Cohen says DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, decided to plead guilty when he was denied bail earlier this week due to the outstanding Arizona warrant.

Diane Farr Gives Birth to Twin Girls

Former “Numb3rs” star Diane Farr has had two little girls. The actress and her husband Seung Chung welcomed twin girls into their family on Wednesday at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Sawyer Lucia was born first and weighed 4 lbs., 12 oz., while her sister Coco Trinity entered the world a minute later, weighing 5 lbs., 14 oz. Both were 19 inches long. Diane tells People, “I’m so thankful that my midwife and doctor paid such wonderful attention to me and the little ladies. And I’m really glad that I got to 36 weeks with multiples.” Happy birthday to the twins.

Halle Berry Engages, or Married???

Recently Halle Berry has been spotted out and about flashing a shiny new ring. It looks peculiarly close to some sort of an engagement or wedding ring. No sources have been able to confirm anything yet. Whatever the ring is, it sure looks expensive.

Lindsay Lohan’s Grandfather Passes Away

According to E News, Richard Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s paternal grandfather, died Thursday after a battle with colon cancer. In an interview Tuesday, dad Michael Lohan told E! that his 73-year-old father’s declining health as the “real reason” he wasn’t making a big deal out of his recent engagement to longtime girlfriend Erin Muller. Richard had been in failing health for some time. I have never lost anyone to cancer, but I have lost people to other sicknesses, and I feel for the Lohan’s. My condolences to you and your family Lindsay.

Jennifer Hudson Belts The National Anthem at DNC

I am one of those people that think that Jennifer Hudson should have won American Idol. She was and still is by far the best singer to have come from that talent show. Her performance tonight was spectacularly awesome.

David Duchovny Addicted To Sex

According to People, David Duchovny has checked himself into rehab for being a sex addict. WTF??!! I mean, is that a serious condition? Something you really need treatment for? The only way I thought you would need treatment is if you didn’t wear a raincoat. Why would any man put himself out there like that. That is the most embarrassing thing a man could do. Shy of crying rape.

New Salma Hayek Ad For Campari

What an incredible ad. She is looking fine as anything in this ad. Do you think she has gotten something done with her “girls” I do.

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