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Mel Gibson’s Giant “Beaver”

Mel Gibson is currently in New York filming a movie called “The Beaver”. The story is about a man that puts his hand inside a beaver puppet and then demands that people treat it like a real person. Oh, ANOTHER one of these movies again?

I am SO gonna be first in line when the flick gets released!

Plaxico Burress Goes To Prison II

Here’s the mugshot of former New York Giants player Plaxico Burress.

And, to think, all he ever did was shoot himself in the thigh! OH, THE FUCKIN’ HUMANITY!!!

Keanu Reeves Has A Beard

Hey, boys and girls, check out the celebrity who got snapped by the paps as he was seen leaving the Chateau Marmont in the late evening this past weekend! It’s either Keanu Reeves or a George Harrison impersonator! Whoa!

It’s Dave Chappelle, B*TCH!

It’s been six years since Dave Chappelle abandoned his mega-popular TV show on Comedy Central but, in our hearts, it feels like only yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, Dave was spotted and snapped by the paps outside a Santa Monica shindig doing god knows what. But you know what? It don’t matter because he’s Dave Chappelle!

Keith Sweat Keepin’ New Jack Swing Alive!

Check it out, the master of New Jack Romance AKA Keith Sweat was out doing his thing yesterday night at a concert in Paris, France.

It’s so awesome to be seeing New Jack Swing artists still kicking out the ol’ skool jams unlike OTHER New Jack Swing artists that have since turned their backs (I’m looking at you, BabyFace!) and have done nothing to keep the pulse of this long-lost genre beating. Keep doin’ your thing, Keith, we’re right there behind ya 100% of the way!

Kate Beckinsale To Be a Desperate Housewife?

Kate’s latest flick, “Whiteout” tanked at the box office with less than $10 million. But did that stop her from going out and shopping her pain away? HELL NO!!! Kate packed up and went shopping in Malibu yesterday and ended up bumping into Marcia Cross at one of the stores!

I’m just hoping the conversation was about Marcia convincing Kate to join the cast of “Desperate Housewives”. Will it happen? No way in Hell! But I can pretend that she will…..

Jessica Alba At the Salon. Again.

Hey look, it’s everyone’s favorite nobody, Jessica Alba! Little Miss Belligerent (sporting a fiery red hairdo) was snapped by the paps as she begrudgingly made her way into a nail salon in Beverly Hills late yesterday afternoon.

This seems to be Jessica’s daily routine nowadays – visiting nail salons, shopping at Whole Foods, bombing at the box office, and defacing public property. Just another typical Jessica Alba day. BULLSHIT. GO TO HELL!!!

Wet & Wild With Sophie Monk

Aussie hottie Sophie Monk was snapped by the paps enjoying some fun at the beach earlier today at a beach in Santa Monica. Or Malibu. And wouldn’t you know it? Sophie got a little too rough with the water and ended up exposing a bit of her right boobie!!!

Click on the pic to view the UNCENSORED version (NSFW)!

The Pacific Ocean is one lucky mutherfucker.

Odette Yustman To Appear in Weezer’s New Video

Earlier this year, there was this film called, “The Unborn” and it starred some little known actress named Odette Yustman. Remember her? A couple of publications compared her to Megan Fox and while the similarities are a bit, um, similar…..she’s still no Megan Fox!

Anyway, Odette was snapped by the paps yesterday on the set of the new music video for the band Weezer and was sporting a 50′s hairdo and a yellow sundress. Yeah, I know, right?

Brad Pitt Gets Political with Bill Clinton

The Demi-god and Man Of All Men known as Brad Pitt took some time off from sitting on his golden throne at Mount Olympus to hang out with mere mortals. Brad spoke with Ex-Prez Bill Clinton at the 5th Annual Clinton Global Initiative in the NYC about housing infrastructure for Hurricane Katrina victims.

See? Even a Demi-God like Brad Pitt can take time to serve us frail humans in a time of need.

Jon Hamm Gets Gritty with a Shotgun

“Mad Men” star, Jon Hamm, was spotted in Boston earlier today filming a scene for the movie, “The Town”, co-starring Ben Affleck and Blake Lively. For some odd reason, I’m strangely attracted to seeing Jon Hamm wear an FBI bulletproof vest and holding a big gun in his hands.

Amber Heard’s Night of Zombie Hotness

“Pineapple Express” starlet, Amber Heard, appeared at the “Zombieland” Premiere in Hollywood last night and was sporting a high hairdo and a REALLY short dress to accentuate her bronzed gams. My dream Angel!

Karina’s Milkshakes Are Better Than Yours

Karina Smirnoff and her “Dancing With The Stars” partner, Aaron Carter, celebrated their first victory by making their way to the Millions Of Milkshakes shop in Los Angeles and making, what else, milkshakes!

First of all, they have milkshake shops in Los Angeles?!? No fuckin’ way!!!

Audrina Patridge Supports Carl’s Jr.

Maxim’s current cover girl Audrina Patridge was spotted yesterday afternoon with her boytoy in Santa Monica eating at a place called “The Bread Bar”.

Wait a goddamned minute! Isn’t Audrina currently the spokesgirl for Carl’s Jr? She should stuffing a Superstar burger in her face (among other things)!

Mariah Carey Gets a Nice 90′s Weave

Mrs. Nick Cannon was seen leaving her NYC hotel late yesterday afternoon and the one thing that was more noticeable than her over-inflated ass? That indescribable perm-weave-whatever!

In case you forgot, Mariah used to sport a giant-ass perm early in her career and while the current perm doesn’t look as bad, it doesn’t look as good, either. Sorry, Mimi, but just let that one die!

Karina Smirnoff’s New Ad For PETA

The scourge of the animal world known as PETA released another one of their B.S. “I’d Rather Go Naked…” advertisements, this time with Karina Smirnoff from “Dancing With The Stars”. You know what? I say go and eat a big, fat juicy Cheeseburger and tell PETA to go screw themselves!

Anna Chlumsky Returns Again

Remember an actress named Anna Chlumsky? She was teh breakout 11-year old girl that starred in the 1991 flick called “My Girl” (and also in it’s less-than-impressive sequel “My Girl 2″). Remember her? No?

Anyway, Anna re-emerged last night in the NYC to attend the opening of the 125th Playbill and, from the looks of it, she still looks like the same 11-year old girl. Only older. And a little bit hotter.

Rihanna Is Fashionable

Rihanna took some time out of her schedule yesterday afternoon to walk the streets of the NYC in another outlandish get-up. This is the last time I talk about her fashion sense cuz it’ll just give me a goddamned migraine headache!

Dave Koz Gets Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Earlier today in the heart of Hollywood, legendary Smooth Jazz artist Dave Koz got a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame for his contributions to the often-ignored world of Smooth Jazz music.

With big hits like “You Make Me Smile”, “Life In The Fast Lane”, “Bada-Bing” and of course, “Faces Of The Heart”, it was only a matter of time before another talented Smooth Jazz artist (other than Kenny G) finally got his due. Big congrats to Dave Koz from Celebutopia!

Plaxico Burress Goes To Prison

Former New York Giants player Plaxico Burress made his way to the Manhattan Courthouse earlier this morning for sentencing and got TWO YEARS in prison for weapons charges!

Y’know, when you think about it all this unnecessary drama unfolded simply because this stupid-ass Neanderthal cretin dumbass shot himself in the thigh! Somewhere in Hollywood, OJ Simpson and Robert Blake are laughing their asses off.