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Bugs Bunny Is The #1 Toon Character of All-Time

An interesting Top 10 list was released earlier this week by where they compiled the Top 10 Cartoon Characters of All-Time. Of course, we all know only one can win and that honor goes to BUGS BUNNY!

How do ya like him now, bitches! Bugs Bunny has always been the sly devil. With a witty and dry sense of humor, Bugs always won his battles against the bad guys with bone-crunching cartoon violence and a nice juicy carrot. Suck on that, Mickey!

Here’s the rest of the Top 10:


Christina Ricci Reveals Her Bikini Body

Christina Ricci went for a nice cool swim in Miami Beach yesterday and the paps took some snaps of Ms. Ricci’s little pasty bod in a purple bikini. To be honest, she ain’t lookin’ too bad at all. Sure, it ain’t the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but it’s good enough!

Mos Def Gets Most Deaf!

Mos Def wasn’t quite in the mood for partyin’ as he was snapped by the paps at LAX this afternoon catching a flight out only to end up getting into a screaming match with a shady-lookin’ cameraman. According to onlookers, Mos had to be restrained by his buddies to keep him from busting a cap in his ass!

Malin Akerman’s Near Crotch Shot

A few photogs caught Malin Akerman exiting her car and flashing her under-goodies. Or at least they think they did. I stared closely and saw NOTHING.

Taylor Swift Zooms on Taylor Lautner

There’s absolutely NO way in Hell that this one will last!

If it doesn’t, maybe she’ll write a song about it.

Adam Lambert Unveils New CD

The official artwork for American Idol Runner-up Adam Lambert’s new album, “For Your Entertainment”, was just released to the media yesterday and, YES, it really is as gay as it looks.

Olivia Munn – The Queen Geek

There are two hot ladies in the world of television named Olivia. The first one is Olivia Wilde. The other one is Olivia Munn. Now you probably MAY think you know Miss Munn, but if you don’t, I don’t blame ya. Little Miss Munn is the co-host of a daily TV show known as “Attack of The Show” on G4TV where she talks about all things techie from videogames to electronics.

Also, you may know Miss Munn from her B.S. Playboy pictorial from a few months ago where she appeared in the issue but was not naked in any of the photos! And it worked in her case because she ended getting a cameo in the “Iron Man” sequel. But unlike all the techie geeks out there that worship this woman, I don’t find her quite as attractive but she is quite nice looking.

To be honest, I do think that she tries a LITTLE too hard to be known as the “thinking-man’s-geek-girl” and, frankly, we don’t need that because we already have Megan Fox.

Katie Cassidy Is A Tri-Sexual?!?

“Melrose Place” ingenue star Katie Cassidy made an in-studio appearance on Tuesday morning on the “Kevin & Bean Show” on 106.7 KROQ-FM in Los Angeles. Not much about Katie’s personal life was revealed but she did go on to say that her character in “Melrose Place” was “tri-sexual” (she was kidding, of course). That’s pretty much it!

Click on the link below to stream Katie’s entire interview (left-click the link and then click OPEN).

Audio clip courtesy of the Kevin & Bean Archive

Alicia Keys Has Bad Acne!

Alicia Keys was spotted by the paps yesterday afternoon arriving at LAX Airport and tried to hide her face as she zoomed as fast as she could past the paps. What was the hurry, you ask? Well, it turns out that baby boo has a bad case of horrid acne! Sorry, Alicia, but that ain’t sexy.

Audrina Patridge Rips On The Wheels Of Steel

Just down the street from my house at the Key Club in Hollywood, the makers of the new videogame “DJ Hero” and Rap group Public Enemy held a special launch party and the only reason why I got so excited was because Audrina Patridge (looking more dead behind the eyes than usual) was there scratching on the 1′s-and-2′s! SERIOUSLY! Okay, not really.

Metallica In Concert

The metal gods of thrash, Metallica, rocked a sold out show in Canada last night. ‘NUFF SAID.

Wet & Wild with Irina Shayk

The sizzling hot heat of Sports Illustrated model Irina Shayk was on display on the hot beaches of St. Barths earlier today. The Russian hottie was seen doing a wet and wild swimsuit photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret. Yes, THAT Victoria’s Secret.

Now if only VS could actually HIRE this girl to be part of their crop……

Marisa Miller & The $5 Million Dollar Bra

For the last month or so, Victoria’s Secret has teased the public as to who would be the VS Angel to wear this year’s coveted “Fantasy Bra” (Adriana Lima was last year’s girl) and, wouldn’t you know it? VS chose the obvious model to flaunt their wares: Marisa Miller! And why not, right? She’s got the perfect pair of hooteriffic cannon packers, so why not fill it out!

But let’s be honest, this year’s Fantasy Bra is a huge downgrade in terms of quality. Sure, the bra’s been encrusted with an assload of expensive diamonds, but that don’t make it look any less crappy! EPIC FAIL.

Wet & Wild With Julia Roberts!

Julia Roberts got all wet and wild on the set of her latest film, “Eat Pray Love” and was damned near close to flashing some boob! Since it didn’t happen, I’m not commenting any further.

Ashley Greene & Jessica Szohr Get Friendly

Ashley Greene attended some event last night hosted by Ed Westwick and she ran into “Gossip Girl” starlet Jessica Szohr. And I mean LITERALLY ran into her. You fill in the rest….

AnnaLynne McCord Gets a Little Too Comfy

“90210″ starlet Annalynne McCord spent her Friday afternoon at the hair salon straightening her curly locks. And you can instantly tell that she KNEW paparazzi cameras were watching her. So what does she do? She puts on a black robe, sits her ass on the reclining chairs, and flashes those meaty thighs while pretending to text someone! Oh, such a tease, you whore!

This is why Annalynne is a fun girl. I get the feeling that if she had the chance, she would’ve gladly given a peek-a-boo of her cootchie and you KNOW she would’ve loved it! Why can’t all girls that go to the hair salon be like this?

Marisa Miller PWNS Whitney Houston

A couple of nights ago, Whitney Houston performed on “The X-Factor” over in England and wore a shoulderless white gown for her performance. The one thing she probably didn’t count on was that someone ELSE wore that same dress a few months earlier! A-ha!

In fact, it was Victoria’s Secret supermodel Marisa Miller that wore that dress FIRST at the ’09 Espy Awards back in the summer! Whitney Houston, EPIC FAIL.

Chris Botti For Real

This is Chris Botti. Chris Botti is a Jazz musician known primarily for playing the trumpet. Not very many well-known trumpters out there. Chris Botti has sold lots of albums and plays lots (and I mean LOTS) of concerts. In fact, Chris Botti even played the opening number at one of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows a couple of years ago. Quite an accomplishment if you ask me. I’m surprised Chris Botti didn’t end up dating one of the supermodels!

The Top 10 Most Searched Female Celebrities

Here’s something that’ll make you blow chunks outta your ass. A top ten list of Internet searches for female celebs was just recently released and, to be honest, I am stunned at the woman that got the #1 spot. It’s obvious that Megan Fox is the breadwinner of the batch, but not according to this list. Here’s the Top 10:





If I were being tortured in Guantanamo Bay and was asked to name the last memorable thing Mandy Moore did to get the #1 spot on this list, I would be DEAD AS FUCK. This list is EPIC FUCKIN’ FAIL!

Bone Thugs N’ Harmony Reunite!

Look who’s back! All five original members of 90′s Rap group Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony got together for the first time in nearly ten years and held a press conference in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon to announce their full reformation. Although the band never technically broke up (they’ve been releasing their albums independently for a while), Bizzy Bone (left) was out of the band while Flesh (right-center) had legal troubles of his own, leaving the group as three-man group for the last couple of years.

Now that the group is back, hopefully they can bring back the hardcore rap style they made so famous in the mid-90′s and rule the charts again. Rap Music has been lacking any good rap acts as of late (for the record, Reggaeton and Crunk are absolute BULLSHIT) and it’s time for the innovators to innovate again!