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Katharine McPhee Picks Up The Poop

Yesterday, the paps caught the newly-blonde Katharine McPhee arriving back home to LAX Airport after spending the last couple of weeks in the NYC. And to celebrate her homecoming, Katie made her rat-dog leave a nice piece of hot stool on the LAX grass.

Marisa Miller Chocolate Chowdown

Here is a photo of Sports Illustrated model Marisa Miller stuffing a chocolate bar in her mouth. If there is one thing I find quite ironically sexy, it’s seeing a supermodel eating actual food. The only thing NOT sexy? The purging part with Mr. Finger.

Taylor Lautner Nabs Cover For Rolling Stone

Taylor Lautner is currently starring the #1 movie in the world (inexplicably, may I add) as the furry German Shepard in “New Moon” and now his beefiness is flexing and sexing the masses on the cover of the next Rolling Stone issue. In the same way that Adam Lambert’s homo-erotic Rolling Stone issue got snatched up by the fanboys on its day of release, the Taylor cover will sell out equally to the same group of guys.

Happy Birthday, Katherine Heigl

Today is the 31st birthday of everyone’s favorite big-boobed, shit-talking, back-stabbing, Asian baby-adopting blonde actress star Katherine Heigl. Happy Birthday, Katie, now SHUT UP.

Katie Price Gets Skanky Again

Katie Price did another skanky-ass photoshoot where she was all partially naked and whatnot. Not really surprising but, hey, at least the photo turned out nice.

Megan Fox – Step-Mom Of The Year

Here’s a photo of Megan and her soon-to-be stepson in Los Angeles late last week as they went to go shopping for furniture.

Y’know, if this kid ever does have Megan as his step-mom, I guarantee that all his friends would stop by the house EVERY single day. And not just his friends, but their dads, his teachers, and possibly their moms, too. And I would apply for the job as the nanny.

Rihanna Gets Racy At The AMA’s

Did she even win an award? Or did she just wanna flaunt her chi-chi’s?

Miranda Kerr Picks Up The Poop

No less than 48 hours ago, supermodel Miranda Kerr was strutting her sexy little ass on the runway for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and now she’s reduced to picking up a big steaming pile of dog shit on the streets of the NYC. This is blasphemy!

Miranda Kerr should NOT be picking up dog poop! That’s Orlando Bloom’s job!

Raphael Saadiq. Wait, Who?

In the late 80′s/early 90′s, Raphael Saadiq was part of a well-known R&B group called Tony Toni Tone and had a string of popular hits including, “If I Had No Loot”, “Anniversary”, and “It Never Rains In Southern California”. Towards the mid-90′s, Raphael parted with the group and started a semi-successful solo career beginning with his first hit, “All I Ask Of You” before forming another group in the late 90′s (Lucy Pearl).

Well, Raphael is back solo again and was seen last night performing at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles (not far from my house). Welcome back, Raphael!

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009

Hide the kids ‘cuz this is gonna be H-O-T! The 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held in the NYC last night and while the outfits this year aren’t as sexy as previous years, that doesn’t mean that VS didn’t try to pull a few racy numbers on us.

Let’s take a look at what kinda flesh spank party we got to look forward to!

The show will air on CBS on December 1st @ 10 PM, so tune in for all the fun and semi-nudity!

Chinese Chowdown With Megan Fox

Megan Fox and that boyfriend of hers were snapped by the paps leaving a Chinese Restaurant yesterday afternoon in LA. And for a brief second, she ALMOST cracked a smile. Sort of. Almost.

Hey, at least Megan wore a yummy Victoria’s Secret push-up bra on a chilly day!

[Credit to Megan-Fox.NET]

Supermodels Getting Kissy-Kissy

The coveted VS Angels, which included Alessandra Ambrosio, Marisa Miller, and Doutzen Kroes (minus a few absentee Angels) took to one of the VS stores yesterdau and simply hammed it up for the photogs like nobody’s business.

It’s anybody’s guess as to what they were doing there. Like it matters! For the record, YES, these girls do get into pink panty pillow fights at slumber parties. I think it’s in their contracts. FIGHT, GIRLS, FIGHT!

Happy Birthday, Kim Wilde!

British Pop singer from the 80′s Kim Wilde turns a fruitful 49-years old today! In the mid-to-late 80′s, Kim (no relation to Olivia) had a number of big New Wave hits under her belt including “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” and “Kids In America”. While Kim hasn’t had a hit since the late 80′s, we still have her music to take us back.

Let’s have an 80′s flashback, shall we?

Johnny Depp – People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2009

People Magazine has named Johnny Depp as their Sexiest Man Alive 2009 (again), beating out other contenders such as R-Pats, Hugh Jackman, and Daniel Craig. Hey, homeboy definitely deserves it (again)! Congrats to Johnny from Celebutopia!

Victoria’s Secret Invades Times Square

If you were in Times Square earlier today, then you probably saw a big ol’ smorgasbord of Victoria’s Secret supermodels hanging around and getting all kissy-kissy. Or maybe you didn’t.

So what were they all doing there besides being all hot and whatnot? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

John Stamos Gets Star of Hollywood Walk of Fame

“E.R.” breakout star John Stamos, who played the infamously mulleted Uncle Jesse from 90′s TV show “Full House”, received his Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame earlier today. Congrats to John Stamos from Celebutopia!

Brittany Murphy At the Airport

Here’s a nice little photo of “Uptown Girls” star Brittany Murphy and her husband (?!?) at LAX Airport earlier today.

Yeah, she’s actually married to THAT guy. But hey, whatever makes Brittany happy, then who am I to judge, right?

Sienna Miller Picks Up The Poop

And that is exactly what “G.I. Joe” star Sienna Miller is doing in the photo below from earlier today. Picking up dog poop and throwin’ it in the trash. I’ll never understand how dog-owners put up with this crap. Literally.

Happy Birthday, Ronnie Devoe!

Today is the birthday of one New Jack Swings’ pioneer musicians from the 1990′s, Ronny Devoe of the group Bell Biv Devoe! Ronnie was the main Rapper of the group while Ricky did the slower tracks and Biv was the in-betweener. New Jack Swing in effect, baby!

Let’s have a 90′s flashback, shall we?

“Twilight: New Moon” Premiere in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles premiere of “New Moon” was held earlier tonight in Westwood and all the big stars (finally) showed up for the event. R-Pats, K-Stew, and Tay-Laut were on hand alongside Ashley, Kellan, Jackson, Dakota, Edi, Christian, Noot, Elizabeth, Jamie, and any other Twi-hard cast member I didn’t name from the Twilight Wiki page.

But it seemed the night belonged to Team Jacob as K-Stew and Tay-Laut were the ones getting all touchy-feely and stealing the spotlight. Sorry, Team Edward, but K-Stew ain’t givin’ you any love because you all SUCK! Get it?!! Whew-wee, that was too easy.