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Nicole Eggert In Real Life

Nicole Eggert was one of my favorite girls on the show “Baywatch”. I even saw her go softcore in that movie, “Blown Away“! And let’s not forget that she was the hottie from “Charles In Charge”!

Well, Nicole was spotted in Vegas last night where she hosted a gig at the Tabu Ultra Lounge at the MGM Grand and she was looking….a little rough for her age (38 years old, to be exact) compared to what she used too look like. What the Hell happened to her???

Eva Mendes On Your Table & Bedroom

Eva Mendes was at the Macy’s at South Coast Plaza in Orange County yesterday morning to present her new line of home furnishings. Apparently, she has a new line of kitchenware and bedroom comforters called “Vida“. Hey, if Cindy Crawford can do it, why not Eva, right?

Yes, if you buy the comforter and close your eyes and think very,very hard, it will be ALMOST like sleeping with Eva!

Christina Hendricks @ The DGA Awards

The 62nd Annual Directors Guild of America Awards were held last night in LA. What-Ever with that! All that mattered was that Christina Hendricks emerged to the event with her giant breastesses all over the place!

Marisa Miller Returns To Victoria’s Secret (?)

After so much hoopla surrounding Marisa Miller and her supposed “termination” (which I announced way back in December), the busty blonde model has indeed renegotiated her status with Victoria’s Secret and is now supposedly BACK as an Angel.

Although it was never officially announced that she was fired from VS, it is quite odd that VS would reconfirm her status to the media IF she was never at odds with them to begin with. I smell a heaping pile of horseshit about all this!

Anne Hathaway Loves Pot

Yesterday, “Havoc” star, Anne Hathaway, received an award called the “Hasty Pudding Pot Woman Of The Year Award” from Harvard University.

I don’t know what this award is about or why she won it, but all I know is that there better some pudding and/or POT inside that little golden teapot!

Happy Birthday, Andrew Ridgeley!

Today is the 47th birthday of former 80′s popstar, Andrew Ridgeley! You’re probably asking youself, “Who the hell is Andrew Ridgeley?”, right? Andrew Ridgeley is known primarily as the “other guy from Wham!” alongside George Michael.

All of the big Wham! hits that you know and love from the early 80′s like “Club Tropicana”, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”, “Careless Whisper”, and “Last Christmas” were co-written and composed by him so you probably owe your 80′s livelihood to this guy!

Let’s have an 80′s flashback, shall we?

Oh dear god….where did the last 25 years of my life go???

President Obama Loves The Lakers

That’s right, our Democratically-elected President loves MY hometown team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe and the boys were invited to the White House and met with the President to celebrate their championship…..which they won LAST summer, oddly enough.

Sure, the Lakers are getting a tad bit soft here and there, but just remember this, our President doesn’t like your team as much as he likes mine, so SUCK IT.

Gary Coleman Is Funny

Whatever Happened To BabyFace?

Remember when BabyFace used to do good music? Remember when he wrote all those popular songs and produced all those great albums back in the 90′s? Remember when New Jack Swing dominated the musical landscape?!?

Well, apparently, BabyFace doesn’t remember any of it because he turned his back on us NJS-lovers. By the mid-90′s, he switched to a more acoustic guitar sound for his album, “The Day”, and did away with the R&B sound that HE made so popular and it pretty much spelled the death of New Jack Swing (which he is almost solely responsible for).

All the success that he had disappeared by the 2000′s and it’s safe to say that NOBODY (including myself) remembers the last time that he had a big hit or produced a big hit. For the record, I have heard and listened to his last three records and they…all…SUCK.

What happened to the man that sang “Whip Appeal”, “For The Cool In You”, and “Two Occasions”? And what happened to the man that produced R&B classics such as “End Of The Road”, “Every Little Step”, and “Red Light Special”? Don’t let New Jack Swing die, BabyFace!

Supermodels On The Beach II

Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr are doing their God-given duty: being hot on the beach.

The two VS supermodels were spotted over the weekend doing red-hot photoshoots in, where else, St. Barths where they just made me realize that I need to move my ass to the West Indies.

Supermodels Playing Ping Pong

It was a supermodel face-off as two Sports Illustrated swimsuit models took on two Victoria’s Secret models in an all-out ping pong deathmatch! That’s right, SI models Julie Henderson and Hilary Rhoda took on VS models Selita Ebanks and Doutzen Kroes in a charity ping pong match to raise money for Haiti.

I love seeing supermodels whacking balls around back and forth!

Miranda Kerr Gets Naked in GQ Magazine

Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr is featured quite naked in a 4-page editorial in the February 2010 issue of GQ Magazine. Unfortunately, she didn’t score the cover (that honor went to Johnny Depp). In the article, she talks about how she looks good in racy lingerie and that you’re gonna LIKE it. You go girl, be all sexy and naked!

Click on the picture to view the bigger version!

Next time, GQ Magazine, don’t EVER bump a Victoria’s Secret Angel from obtaining the cover! Even if it’s Johnny Depp!

Sade – Return Of The Smooth Operator

Sade was spotted earlier today in London leaving BBC2 Radio and, to no one’s surprise, looks EXACTLY the same as she did twenty years ago!

There’s been ramblings about Sade’s newest album (called “Soldier Of Love”) and I, for one, am ecstatic! It’s about time we some REAL music back in the charts!

Secret Moments With Alessandra Ambrosio

Wanna party with Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio? I’ll bet a million dollars that you do! I’ve heard stories that when Alessandra gets buzzed, she can be quite loose and loopy in more ways than you can imagine!

The Brazilian supermodel was in the NYC last night celebrating the launch of a new Victoria’s Secret beauty line called “Secret Moments” and pretty much teased everyone with her supermodel-ness.

Chris Pine Zooms on Olivia Munn

It’s been under-the-radar for a while, but did you know that Chris Pine was dating “Attack Of The Show” hostess and January 2010 Maxim cover girl, Olivia Munn? Yeah, I bet you didn’t even know that, did ya? Well, since the romance was so under-the-radar, so was their reported break-up.

What, you didn’t know about that, either?

Mike Tyson’s Cancer Break

What would you do if you were working security at the Fiumicino Airport in Rome and saw former boxing champ, Mike Tyson, arriving at the terminal and lighting up a fattie-boom-battie cigarrillo where he isn’t supposed to?

Absolutely nothing! You just let him pass through and keep your head intact.

Pee-Wee’s Big Comeback!

Back in the mid-80′s, Paul Reubens made quite a name for himself as his alter-ego Pee-Wee Herman. He had a cult-hit movie under his belt and a kid’s TV show (which I was shamelessly a fan). Well, I’m sure y’all know about his legal troubles in the 90′s, but it’s been over 20 years since we saw last Pee-Wee and now he’s back!

Pee-Wee debuted his stage show comeback in Los Angeles last night and a lot of big stars came to the show in support and from what I heard, Pee-Wee killed it!

Ana Ivanovic Is A Sweaty Girl

I don’t know much about Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic, but judging from the pictures I’ve seen of her, she seems to be a much more openly gal about showing off her goods in the tennis court. And sweating profusely like a faucet.

Metallica In Concert II

Metallica continue their worldwide Thrash onslaught by starting off on their EIGHTH leg of the “Worldwide Magnetic” Tour. James and the boys made their first-time debut last night in the city of Lima, Peru (and melted the place down, I’m sure).

A few more shows will continue in South America before moving on to Europe where they will unite on the Thrash battlefield with Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax for an all-out sonic death romp! Oh, I wish I could be there….

Val Kilmer Is A Big Fat Fattie

“Top Gun” star, Val Kilmer, was spotted earlier today in Studio City hanging out with a lady companion and carryin’ around a skateboard with him. And from the looks of it, I don’t think he used it.

Remember when Val Kilmer used to be a hot and sexy and beautiful man? Remember when he used to do big movies like “The Doors”, “Tombstone”, and “Heat”? Remember when he used to be skinny??!

And to think, Val is only THREE years older than Tom Cruise and FOUR years older than Brad Pitt and look at how those two turned out! Don’t you waste away on me, Iceman!