Whatever Happened To BabyFace?

Remember when BabyFace used to do good music? Remember when he wrote all those popular songs and produced all those great albums back in the 90′s? Remember when New Jack Swing dominated the musical landscape?!?

Well, apparently, BabyFace doesn’t remember any of it because he turned his back on us NJS-lovers. By the mid-90′s, he switched to a more acoustic guitar sound for his album, “The Day”, and did away with the R&B sound that HE made so popular and it pretty much spelled the death of New Jack Swing (which he is almost solely responsible for).

All the success that he had disappeared by the 2000′s and it’s safe to say that NOBODY (including myself) remembers the last time that he had a big hit or produced a big hit. For the record, I have heard and listened to his last three records and they…all…SUCK.

What happened to the man that sang “Whip Appeal”, “For The Cool In You”, and “Two Occasions”? And what happened to the man that produced R&B classics such as “End Of The Road”, “Every Little Step”, and “Red Light Special”? Don’t let New Jack Swing die, BabyFace!

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