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Zoolander 2: Magnum!

Paramount Studios has confirmed reports that Ben Stiller will return to the big screen as everyone’s favorite male model, Derek Zoolander, in “Zoolander 2″!

The movie will be directed by Stiller and co-written by Justin Theroux (who also co-wrote “Tropic Thunder”). Owen Wilson will also return as Hans, and newly added to the cast will be Jonah Hill as the new fashionista villain (replacing Will Ferrell’s immortal character, Mugatu). I don’t see how casting Jonah as the baddie will work, but I hope it does!


AnnaLynne Feeds It!

Attention to all budding Hollywood starlets! Yes, I’m talking about you Hilary Duff, Rachel Bilson, Kristin Cavallari, Jessica Alba, and Megan Fox! Be a good citizen like AnnaLynne McCord and PAY for your parking!

Honey girl was spotted yesterday afternoon using the leftover change from her hefty “90210″ paycheck to pay for, GASP, a Parking Meter!?!

Imagine that, someone actually following the rules. Take a hint, MEGAN FOX!

Alice In Monarchyland

The new “Alice In Wonderland” flick, starring Johnny Depp, got to have its London Premiere yesterday night but, hold on, it wasn’t no ordinary premiere, no no no! The movie was given a “Royal Premiere” as the main guests of the event were….oh, just Prince Charles and the Duchess Of Cornwall, Camilla Bowles.

The entire cast (Johny Depp, Mia Wasikowski, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, and Tim Burton) got to bathe in royalty as the future king and queen greeted the entire cast!


Eva “Decolonial” Longoria!

It’s not so often that a restauranteur like Eva Longoria decides to ditch her high-priced grub pub and make a dash for for some fast foods (she does own a trendy little place for celebs to dine called Beso, after all). Such is the case in the photo below from earlier this afternoon, where honey love was spotted with some Wendy’s grub and a really intellectual book!

BTW, the book Eva’s reading is called “The Decolonial Imaginary“. Nothin’ says lunchtime like reading a good book about “theory which rejects the colonizer’s methodological assumptions and examines new tools for uncovering the hidden voices of Chicanas who have been relegated to silence”. Wow, that was a mouthful!

Supermodels For Prada

The Prada fashion clothing line isn’t the kind that hires the big-named supermodels for their campaigns. If you look at the advertisements for last season’s campaign, it was all a bunch of high fashion models that nobody knows.

Well, Milan Fashion Week is currently underway (just after London Fashion Week) and Prada is flaunting their new digs on the catwalks and, lo and behold, who did I see flaunting their million dollar tushes for them?

Why, it’s Victoria’s Secret Angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr! I can guarantee that all the fashionistas must be just shitting themselves seeing icky supermodels treading on their haute couture bandwagon!

Sade Is Still Queen Of The Charts

In it’s second week of domestic release, Sade’s latest LP, “Soldier Of Love” witnessed a steep 62% decrease from it’s first week sales, but still managed to stay at the Number One spot on the Billboard charts. The album still sold a massive 190,000 copies (694,000 sold as of last week) keeping Country group Lady Antebellum in the #2 spot.

If you still haven’t purchased the album, what are you waiting for?!? Christmas? Go out and get it!

Where In The World Is Brooklyn Decker?

Another Sports Illustrated Swimsuit event is just another reason for Brooklyn Decker to not show up. Last night in the NYC, SI held another party/signing event to help raise funds for the CFDA’s Fashion for Haiti initiative at Rothman’s Union Square. Girls in attendance: Julie Henderson, Irina Shayk, and Jessica White. Absent: Brooklyn Decker.


Hot Coffee With Angie

Here’s a photo of Angelina from yesterday afternoon. Sipping coffee. At a cafe. In France.

Meanwhile, Brad is the one handling the 25 kids while Angie sips on the hot coffee.

Wesley Snipes Is Back!

Wesley Snipes is making his first dramatic return to the big screen in the new Antoine Fuqua flick, “Brooklyn’s Finest”, where he plays a role very similar to his breakthrough role in 1991′s “New Jack City”. And that’s a good thing! Homeboy’s been gone from the big screen for too long.

In case you forgot, Wesley was a big action movie star and then his career zoomed head first into the “straight-to-DVD” crapper after the failure of “Blade Trinity” (DAMN YOU, RYAN REYNOLDS!). But it looks like Wesley is back to what he’s good at: character drama. For reference, go and rent “Jungle Fever” or “One Night Stand” and you’ll see Wesley at his dramatic best.

There has also been confirmed news that Wesley IS considering suiting up for a FOURTH “Blade” movie. Hopefully, they don’t re-hire Ryan Reynolds. DAMN YOU, RYAN REYNOLDS!!!


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit train continues to chug along without it’s main model, Brooklyn Decker. What is up with this girl?!? There have been various SI events in the past few weeks that she has NOT participated in, yet she’s the cover girl! Isn’t SHE supposed to be the one flaunting her ass out there???

To make up for her unexplained AWOL, other ladies featured in the issue have been filling in her place. Late this afternoon, FIVE SI models (Hilary Rhoda, Jessica Gomes, Irina Shayk, Genevieve Morton, and Jessica White) were at the New York Stock Exchange to ring the Closing Bell.


Rachel Leigh Cook Is Still All That!

Remember a cutie brunette actress named Rachael Leigh Cook? She’s one of those actresses that totally could’ve been a big star but instead decided to do small TV and movie projects and lots of voice-work on the low-key (unlike the dreadful Jennifer Love Hewitt).

Well, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the elusive Rachael has been tapped to star as the female lead in the TV pilot episode of a new FOX sitcom called Nirvana, where she plays the heathen white girlfriend to a Native American lead character (who has yet to be cast). Oh, I can just see all the hi-larious white girl-red man humor now….

Let’s just hope the concept is funnier than it sounds.

Karolina Kurkova Is FAT

Speaking of Angels, former VS Angel Karolina Kurkova is letting her retirement get the best of her. Ever since she left the Victoria’s Secret elite in 2008, she got pregnant and then got fat. Now most of her time is spent wearing thick clothing and then rushing down to the local gym to try and burn it off (as seen in the photo below from earlier today). Why did it have to be this way?!?

Even with that said, Karolina is still probably the only VS Angel with the biggest and meatiest ole’ butt of them all. Yes, even more so than Tyra’s. Case in point!

Those were the good ol’ days of jelly, I tell ya!

Miranda’s Got A B.O.B.

When you think of Big Ole’ Butts, you probably think of girls like Kim Kardashian or J-Lo. One thing you shouldn’t discount is the supermodel booty. Sure, they’re not as meaty and junk-filled, but they are shapely and quite stylish than anything else you’ll ever see. Such is the case with VS Angel Miranda Kerr!

I can guarantee that the next ten women you encounter at the local mall won’t have a badonkadonk as curvy as Miranda’s. Trust me, flat butts are a sacrilege to the Baby Jesus. Just ask Sir-Mix-A-Lot.

Travis Barker Can Kill You

This is the last known photo of Travis Barker just 24 hours before he went on a paparazzi-killin’ rampage. Homeboy took his kids to a self defense class over in Los Angeles and seemed calm and serene with the paps.

If you haven’t heard yet, just click on over to TMZ to read the whole story about Travis and the flimsy chickenshit photographer that tried to cause a big scene against him. My vote goes to Travis! Kill that muthafucker!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is OLD

Today is the 31st birthday of “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt. To celebrate her leap into maturity, she and her friends dressed up as trashy 80′s queens and went out for a big birthday lunch earlier today. Yeah, the irony is quite subtle with that one.

You know what’s kinda sad about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s life? She’s been in Showbiz for nearly 20 years, yet homegirl can’t catch a break. Now THAT is really sad. This girl should be a bigger star yet she can’t get the same opportunities to star in big-screen movie blockbusters as other actresses. Sure, she’s currently the star (and executive producer) of the somewhat-successful TV show “The Ghost Whisperer”, but that show is already past its prime.

If you look at her filmography, the last successful big-screen movie she did was 2004′s CGI flick, “Garfield”, which isn’t really a plus in my book. AND…on top of that, she’s dating Jaime Kennedy! Other than that, Happy Birthday, oldie oldster!

Richard Marx In Concert!

It’s a blast from the past! Pop singer Richard Marx, who was popular in the late 80′s to early 90′s with hits like “Don’t Mean Nothing”, “Angelia”, “Hold On To The Night”, “Hazard”, “Now And Forever”, and of course, “Right Here Waiting”, was seen performing a concert in…wait for it…INDIA! That’s right, tricky Dick was the final performer at the Rock ‘n’ India international music festival where I’m sure he performed all the songs I just mentioned.

In other news, the BAFTA’s are currently being held in London. Like anyone cares about that!

Supermodel Vs. Reality Star

While all of the Media is focusing their attention on the six-foot dick known as Tiger Woods and his yawn-worthy scandal, how about we focus on a different sports athlete’s love life! Here’s somethin’ to ponder: New York Jets quarterback player Mark Sanchez is either taking a step UP or step DOWN in the girlfriend department, depending on who you ask.

US Weekly reports that the former NFL rookie dumped his Sports Illustrated supermodel girlfriend, Hilary Rhoda, and is now baggin’ on…”The Hills’ star, KRISTIN CAVALLARI! The magazine goes on to say that the two have been “getting very close”.

First of all, how does this douchebag have the balls to dump a Sports Illustrated/Victoria’s Secret supermodel? And then turn around and stick it to some F-lister hack-tress?? Mark Sanchez & Kristin Cavallari = EPIC FAIL!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Dre!

Dr. Dre, the one-man musical force behind such genre-busting records like N.W.A.’s “Straight Outta Compton” and “EFIL4ZAGGIN”, as well as “The Chronic” and “Chronic 2001″ celebrates his 45th birthday today!

As of late, Dre is rumored to STILL be working on his much-delayed follow-up record, “D-Tox”, with no release date in sight. But I guarantee that once that album does get unleashed, the West Coast will be back where it belongs – at the top!

Twilight: Eclipse Goes Softcore?

So far, the “Twilight” series have been heavily marketed towards younger teens. But judging from the new stills of the third movie, “Eclipse”, the series may end up being a little racy than expected!

The new set of photos from the film show R-Patz and K-Stew just completely snogging softcore on each other. Not exactly the PG-13 romance that the Twi-hards are used to. You Twi-hards better get those fake ID’s ready!

Sade Rules The Charts!

The chart-busting first-week sales of Sade’s new album, “Soldier Of Love”, is a sign that good music is still what people want. In its first week, the critically-praised album (which I also recommended highly) sold a whopping 502,000 copies, easily placing it on the Number ONE spot on the Billboard charts where it rightfully belongs!

All stemming from a strong grassroots effort, publicity of this album has been scarce and limited to soft-rock and smooth Jazz radio stations, but that didn’t stop the older music crowd from pursuing the veteran singer’s latest effort.

Congrats to Sade from Celebutopia!