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Britney Spears – Shopping Does A Body Good!

Brit-Brit was out shopping in Beverly Hills earlier this afternoon and I gotta say, she was looking mighty fine! Well, everything except for that big scar on her chest and the giant grandpa glasses. But other than that, GOD-DAYUM!

At least she looks better than Nicole Eggert.

The “Glee” Cast Nab Rolling Stone Cover

“Glee” has been a runaway hit ever since it first debuted last Fall with it’s ULTRA-annoying rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” (can we PLEASE stop it with that damned song?). Some of the show’s cast mates are gaining a bit of popularity although nothing near the popularity of the cast of the abysmally low-rated “Gossip Girl”.

Well, the “Glee” cast has managed to win over the masses enough to score the cover of the latest Rolling Stone cover (much to the chagrin of the Rolling Stone readers) with Leah Michelle exposing her fat ass as if everyone wanted to see it. I sure didn’t need to see it.

And let me say this: Leah Michelle is NOT as hot as everyone makes her out to be. For some reason, various media outlets are making her seem like this bubbly sexpot kitten, but she’s not. This chubby bitch may be a talented singer, but to me, she’s just another Kaley Cuoco. RUN, CORY MONTEITH! RUN, YOU SUNNUVABITCH!!!

David Spade’s Next Baby Mama?

David Spade was at a nightclub last night. That’s not news. But what IS news to me is that he was scuttling around with a lovely young busty, blue-eyed brunette inside the club!

So who is this mystery brunette? Model? Actress? Playmate? It’s definitely not his baby’s mama, Jillian Grace. And it’s not actress Nicky Whelan, either.

Either way, it’s still a big honkin’ mystery how David Spade can score these women. Hey, not even Clooney is scorin’ that much poontang…..or is he?

Elizabeth Hurley Opens A Bikini Shop

British actress and former model Elizabeth Hurley has opened a new store that sells bathing suits. As of yesterday, her line of bikini-wear was only available on her website but now she’s expanded her empire! Liz was at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for her new store yesterday and was flanked by some (much hotter and younger) models in swimwear.

You can now purchase the swimwear from her new store located at the Factory Outlet Center in Ingolstadt Village, Germany. Wow, that’s just a short 17-hour plane ride from my house!

Lindsay Lohan Ain’t Dead Yet!

Yesterday, news broke out about various media outlets already typing up Lilo’s obituary column and, while it isn’t unexpected, it was a bit…odd. Even Lilo’s dumbass dad held a press conference to try and get her some “help”.

Well, here’s a photo of Lindsay from yesterday afternoon looking healthy and somewhat sober.

Of course, I expect to see pictures of her passed out tonight, but that’s besides the point!

UPDATE 03/31: Speaking of passed out, here’s a photo of Lindsay scrawled into a fetal position of her designated car as she left the Star Magazine Party last night (her head is buried on the bottom left).

Stone Temple Pilots In Concert

Scott Weiland and the boys of STP have a brand new self-titled album coming out in May and if you haven’t heard the track called, “Between The Lines”, do yourself a favor and search it out. If there’s one thing these guys know how to do, it’s keep a winning formula sound and the new song is exactly the reason STP still rocks – unlike another 90′s band that hasn’t sounded good in years *COUGH pearl jam COUGH*.

Speaking of which, Weiland and the boys started off their latest nationwide tour last night over in the city of…wait for it…Louisville, KY! I wasn’t aware that anybody in the Midwest listened to Grunge/Alt Rock, but hey, what do I know?

I’ve had the chance to see STP in concert back in 2008 and these boys definitely know how to rock out! If you get the chance, go see these guys, it’ll be like being back in 1992 all over again!

Robert Pattinson Is A Cheap Stiff!

One piece of advice to all you ladies that are trying to snag yourself a piece of this vampire diva: R-Patz will NOT pay for your drinks if you meet him at the bar! Rumors are swirling from The Sun newspaper that a few patrons at a local UK bar called Lyric saw the infamous R-Patz getting friendly with an unknown girl (the photo below is him leaving that particular bar).

When the two ordered some cocktails, R-Patz was reluctant to bust out his “Twilight” dollars, in which his lady friend had to pay the bill. Oh, you cheapo bastard!

Not that there was any confirmation about what else happened after that meeting, but I’m sure that girl still got to bang Edward R-Patz. Lucky prick.

Angelina Jolie = Mistress Of All Evil?

According to reports from the LA Times, the Disney company is currently underway with greenlighting a new spin-off flick which will feature the evil fairy godmother from “Sleeping Beauty”, Maleficent. That’s right, the cloaked witch from the “Sleeping Beauty” series is getting her own film, chronicling the events from her perspective (in the vain of the Broadway hit, “Wicked”) , and the lead name to play the evil witch is none other than Angelina Jolie!

Although nothing has been confirmed in ink, I would love to see Angelina play an evil witch! OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!! Oh wait, wrong movie.

Miranda Kerr – Off To Another Exotic Country

Where in the world is Miranda Kerr is jetting off to today? The Aussie hottie and her happy scrappy hero pup were spotted at the baggage security checkpoint at LAX yesterday afternoon as they were leaving for the exotic country of…wait for it….New York City! Woo!

Oh dear, just what she needs, MORE First Class international jet lag!

Ian Ziering Trying To Outdo Brian Austin Green?

Last month, Ian Ziering (AKA the not-hot one from “Beverly Hills, 90210″) got engaged to some hussy brunette nurse. Remember, this guy USED to be married to former Playboy Playmate Nikki Schieler! I hadn’t seen photos of Ian’s new blushing fiance and after new photos surfaced today of them shopping for wedding rings in LA, I’m completely convinced that Ian is trying to one-up his fellow 90210 castmate, Brian Austin Green, by having a young hot brunette Megan Fox wannabe in his arms.

I don’t know anything about this brunette woman, but one thing is definitely certain: she ain’t no Megan Fox. Seriously, am I the only one that can see thru this 90210 rivalry bullshit? SCREW YOU, IAN ZIERING! Nobody tries to out-Megan Fox Megan Fox, bitch!

Ricky Martin – Gay And Loving It!

It only took Latin Pop singer Ricky Martin ELEVEN whole years to finally confirm what everybody already knew: HE’S GAY. Hey, I’m a self-professed Ricky Martin fan and even I knew about it! This news comes as a surprise to….nobody really.

The singer posted the official news on his website stating, “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.”

Good for you, Ricky! Now we just have to wait for Enrique Iglesias to confirm his sexuality as well.

Lady Gaga – Happy Birthday To ME!

Well, it was inevitable but it happened. Yesterday was the 24th birthday of “Bad Romance” star Stefani Germanotta AKA Lady Gaga! To celebrate, the Gagster posted a photo of herself (partially nude) on her website to celebrate herself. I mean, what else was she gonna do, right?

I never thought I’d say this but ever since the emergence of the artistically shallow ke$ha, I’ve come to actually enjoy Gaga more than I did before. She may not have a big dick inside her pants like everyone says, but I gotta say, she’s got my support. Happy Birthday, Gaga!

Hot Coffee With Alessandra Ambrosio

Nothin’ says “rest and relaxation” like a nice cup o’ joe with a supermodel. Obviously, Alessandra was just SO tired of posing in bikinis on hotel rooftop pools all day long with Miranda Kerr.

Girlfriend went to the local Malibu beanery to grab some caffeine after spending most of the day at the park with her baby and baby daddy yesterday afternoon.

What’s a supermodel to do? Think about that while you sip that morning coffee.

Alicia Keys VERSUS Kim Kardashian – Photog Face-Off!

It was a battle of the two divas last night at Alicia Keys’ concert in Miami when photogs that were brought in to take photos of Alicia onstage were more interested at one of the celebrities sitting in front row. Sex tape phenom, Kim Kardashian, just happened to be sitting in front row and, according to photog description, got more attention than Alicia herself! They started snapping away at Kim while Alicia was performing, completely forgetting about her.

Alicia’s management were reportedly not too happy at this little turn of events and had the photographers “thrown out of the stadium” but not before “man-handling a few of them”. The photogs that got thrown out claim that they got last laugh because “Kim’s photos are more marketable than Alicia’s”. Oooh, BURN!

As much as I’d like to believe this story, I was a bit disappointed when ZERO photos of Kim in the front row surfaced yet photos of Alicia (seen above) were everywhere. I’ll follow up on this story to see if Kim’s photos from the concert do indeed show up.

Gemma Arterton Doesn’t Care What You Think!

British actress and “Clash Of The Titans” starlet, Gemma Arterton, has a big editorial in the April 2010 issue of GQ UK and in the article, she goes on quite a rant about not liking being part of the movie “system”. She goes on record saying that she finds being “made up” for Red Carpet events to be “utterly boring” and “doesn’t give a fuck about all that”.

The article goes on to say that Gemma has zero problems with movie nudity. Her next flick (called “The Disappearance Of Alice Creed”) features the actress bound, gagged and stripped naked for most of the film. “I’ve always been known for going for things. I’m quite passionate. Quite fiery. It doesn’t concern me at all”. TAKE A HINT, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba! And the actress says that if she doesn’t get along with a co-star, she won’t talk smack about them but she won’t pretend that she likes them, either. “There are people I’ve worked with who I’ve not particularly got on with but you have to be nice about them. I hate it, but it’s about protecting yourself”.

Y’know, for an actress like her that only has ONE high profile movie under her belt so far, Gemma’s already got a Megan Fox shit-talkin’ attitude about her own fame. Don’t get too full of yourself, little missy! All the chubby-girl nudity in your movies won’t save you from obscurity. We’ll be the judges of your career!

Dennis Hopper Receives Star On The Walk Of Fame

Legendary actor and all-around badass, Dennis Hopper, was in Hollywood this afternoon to receive his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Hopper looked damned near unrecognizable due to his cancer, but still trotted his weak bones out in the crowd. Why? Because he’s a bad-ass!

Dennis has gone on record saying that’s he ready to pull the plug on himself, which means this will probably be his last ever appearance. So from all of us at Celebutopia, we congratulate Dennis Hopper for his body of work. A reward well-deserved indeed.

Ashley Greene – Cold In The Hot Desert

“Eclipse” starlet Ashley Greene was seen by the paps yesterday afternoon on break from filming her latest flick in the hot desert community of Palmdale, CA. Temperatures in that area usually rise to the high 90′s on a typical sunny day. Which makes it understandable that Ashley would need a giant overcoat and Ugg boots to shield her from non-existent sub-zero temperatures.

But, hey, at least she waved to the camera.

UPDATE 03/28: Here’s another photo of Ashley on the set, using those vampire fangs to tear apart a green apple. I’m strangely turned on.

We Love Candice Swanepoel!

Let me make one thing absolutely clear: Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel is an absolutely gorgeous woman with an amazing body and the most exotic Megan Fox-like eyes you’ll ever see.

But is it wrong for me to also have a few qualms about her? New photos from a party she attended last night surfaced and after a closer look, Candice isn’t quite the flawless goddess of my dreams as I once thought.

For one, she seems to have a really serious problem with acne! And secondly, she’s rockin’ the lady ‘stache! C’MON! That’s a big dealbreaker for lots o’ guys!

Regardless of this little setback, I’m not gonna let a few measly pimples and upper lip hair affect my fantasies. No! I’m still keeping hope alive that my naked jacuzzi dream with this woman will one day happen! Or not.

Wednesday With Zac Efron

Here’s the latest on Zac: homeboy and his newly-grown five o’clock shadow was spotted earlier this week “spending the day” with his girlfriend out in Malibu, which included a stop on the curbside for a smoke break.

And that’s the latest on Zac!

Supermodels In A Swimming Pool

Here’s a nice little fantasy: a little swimming pool filled with Victoria’s Secret models in bikinis. That would seem quite impossible to have in real life, right? WRONG, SIR! It can happen! Having Miranda Kerr plus Candice Swanepoel plus Alessandra Ambrosio in a swimming pool with bikinis and daisy dukes short-shorts is what you call a “wet dream”. LITERALLY.

All three ladies were in Los Angeles today at the SLS Hotel to help launch the new Victoria’s Secret line of swimwear.

I don’t care, I’m buying one. Now all I need is a hot tub.

UPDATE: Here’s a few more sexy photos of the ladies (not) getting wet and wild and kissy-kissy.