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SPLITSVILLE: Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubrey

Halle Berry and model Gabriel Aubrey have parted ways. What shoulda been a perfect marriage between two beautiful people just wasn’t gonna happen. RadarOnline reports that Gabriel was the one that pulled the plug on the marriage.

Sources claimed, “[He] is a really nice, decent guy and he would never cheat on her, but I suspect that he had become attracted to someone and that he felt he needed to break it off with Halle before anything developed any further.” Apparently, the couple already settled on custody of their 2-year old daughter and neither will receive any alimony. Well, at least that wasn’t so ugly.

New Photo of “Thor” Emerges Online

The people over at Paramount Pictures have released a brand new on-set photo of Chris Hemsworth in the Thor costume (minus the mighty Mjolnir hammer)!

Yahoo! Movies got hold of the photo of the God of Thunder and, from the looks of it, the movie is aiming for the recent ironclad armed look of Thor rather than the classic sleeveless look. Either way, I just fuckin’ pissed my pants in anticipation.

All that’s left is Captain America.

Hot Coffee With Katy Perry

Katy Perry. NFL t-shirt. Hot coffee. Yummy.

More Scarlett Johansson “Iron Man 2″ Stills

I’ve been reading lots of advanced reviews of “Iron Man 2″ from Rotten Tomatoes and the outlook seems pretty grim in terms of critical favor. Critics seem to like the movie but not as much as they loved the first film. Sure, it’s obvious that the new sequel will make a ton o’ dough, but it won’t be in the same vein as “The Dark Knight”, critically speaking.

But one thing you can count on is seeing Scarlett Johansson in tight black leather and also in her skivvies and I’ve got the preview stills right here!

Scarlett in her underwear. We need to see a little less clothing that, IMO.

Martin Lawrence Loves The Fried Chicken

For real! “Death At A Funeral” star, Martin Lawrence, was spotted at the Atlanta Hawks game last night alongside fellow fat-ass Chris Tucker and George Lopez (not pictured). Aside from the courtside seats, Martin also got himself some spicy chicken wings to go along with his Colt .45.

I….am hungry for some reason.

Eva Longoria Loves The Soldiers!

So while Eva Longoria’s husband, Tony Parker, was getting his ass handed to him by the Dallas Mavericks the other day, she was at her restaurant in Hollywood getting some soldier boy meat. It must make Tony so happy to NOT see his wife NOT supporting him during the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

Eva was promoting her new fragrance at Beso and she invited a throng of more-than-willing army boys to….do something?? Check out Freemyer getting ready to cop a feel!

Rob Pattinson Does “Eclipse” Re-shoots

K-Stew and Taylor Lautner flew to Vancouver a few days ago (of course, we have the awesome photos of K-Stew getting beeped by security) to start filming reshoots for “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. Rob Pattinson just followed suit by arriving in Vancouver early this morning.

With less than a month and a half left before the “Eclipse” release, isn’t it a LITTLE late to be doing reshoots?

Adriana Lima Makes Her First Comeback

In case you missed it (which I’m absolutely sure you did), Supermodel Adriana Lima did her first official photoshoot yesterday afternoon and the whole thing was streamed on UStream.

The hourlong session was mostly a behind-the-scenes trip as photographer Russell James took viewers on a tour of the studio followed with some short conversations with Adriana followed by the photoshoot with Adriana posing against some branches.

It didn’t take long but High Def videos from the stream are slowly popping up on Youtube and here’s a video of Russell and Adriana looking through old photos just prior to the photoshoot.

And before you ask, YES, Adriana still can’t speak English properly. Goddamn this woman!

Robert Downey Jr. To Play Hugh Hefner?

A little website called Hollyscoop was able to flag down Playboy’s Editor-In-Chief, Hugh Hefner, at the “Iron Man 2″ premiere the other day and got some choice words from him.

When asked who would be the perfect choice to portray the Playboy mogul, Hefner said Robert Downey Jr. was the “definite possibility”.

While no screenplay or biopic has been optioned as of yet, it looks like Downey has already got Hefner’s seal of approval. I’m sure it’ll be called “Iron Man 3″.

Kate Hudson (Almost) Has A Wardrobe Malfunction!

A nice collection of big-named celebrities were on hand last night at the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of a flick called, “The Killer Inside Me” including Abbie Cornish (who looked like a younger hotter version of Kim Cattrall), Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and Casey Affleck. But the story of the night belonged to Jessica and Kate.

For a split second, a huge gust of wind wanted to take a peek up at Kate Hudson’s gams but, unfortunately, Jessica Alba stepped in and saved the day. Booooo!!!

Oh, and before I forget, here’s a photo of Abbie Cornish from the event. She definitely has traces of a younger, hotter Kim Cattrall.

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner – STRIPPED!

Well, almost. Both stars of the Twilight movies entered in to LAX Airport this afternoon and had to strip down to the bare minimum as they entered through the security metal detectors. According to photog description, Jacob Taylor was able to go through just fine, but K-Stew wasn’t so lucky.

K-Stew nearly had to hide her face from embarrassment because she had to keep peeling away almost all her clothing due to the metal detectors constantly going off. Seriously, how much teen angst can she carry in her pocket without getting beeped for it?

BRAVO to the LAX security! That’s the closest we’ll probably ever see K-Stew nearly naked!

Olivia Munn Strips To Support The Elephants

They’re at it again! This time, PETA was somehow able to convince Olivia Munn into getting all fleshie and naked to raise awareness for the mistreatment of elephants in the circus. Apparently, it’s not all fun and games behind the curtains.

“When you look at something like the circus and everyone is laughing and there is color and music and everything seems so great, but go right behind that door, they are in these crates all day long. They’re getting shocked and beat, just so that they can get up and dance around on a ball. It was just so sickening!”

Not to sound like I don’t care, but how exactly will photos of Olivia Munn all naked supposed to raise awareness for the pachyderms? If she were stripping to raise awareness against wearing animal fur, it’d make more sense. What the Hell am I missing here? I mean, thank god she’s naked again, but the message is completely lost on me.

UPDATE: Here’s a new photo of Olivia unveiling the billboard in front of a 7-11 over at Wilshire & Highland Avenue in Hollywood earlier today.

Lindsay’s Milkshakes Are Better Than Yours

Despite all the personal hullaballoo regarding Lilo and her troubles, she still made some time and scheduled herself to appear at the Millions Of Milkshakes store in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon.

Lindsay and her sister showed up and concocted a few drinks resembling milkshakes. And, NO, there was no alcohol mixed in. Goddamned smart ass.

“Iron Man 2″ Premiere In Los Angeles

After some silly little volcano in Iceland tanked the “Iron Man 2″ premiere in London, Paramount Pictures did the next best thing and moved it back to Hollywood. I mean, where else were they gonna go, New York? Not a chance! The Iron Man 2 premiere was held at the El Capitan Theater (which is right across from the Grauman’s Chinese Theater) in the heart of Hollywood.

All the Iron Man 2 peeps were in full attendance this afternoon including RDJ, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson, and Jon Favreau.

Paramore Raid The Magic Kingdom

The boys (and girl) from tweenie band Paramore were snapped over at Disney World in Florida this weekend. It’s anybody’s guess as to what they were doing there.

In other news, UFC fighter Tito Ortiz got arrested for beating up Jenna Jameson. Wait, how’s that any different than any other day with those two? IRONY.

KoRn In Concert

It looks like Jonathan Davis is still rockin’ the Hippie dreads. Jonathan and the boys from KoRn stopped by the city of Guatemala last night on the last leg of their national Latin American “‘Scape From The Studio” tour.

Here’s my question: KoRn is still around? Really?

“Letters From Juliet” Premiere In New York

Amanda Seyfried was on hand at the Tribeca Film Festival last night to premiere her THIRD movie in three months called, “Letters From Juliet”. In the movie, Amanda doesn’t make out with Megan Fox. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

Watch it, don’t watch it, whatever. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be watching my “Jennifer’s Body” Blu-Ray in slo-mo.

David Beckham And Tom Brady Are BFF’s?

It looks like there’s some sorta new bro-mance brewing! Beckham and his boys was spotted alongside NE Patriots QB Tom Brady and his boys over at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (just near my house) earlier this afternoon. What were they doing there, you ask? The Hell if I know!

But I’ll tell you what, this is gonna be the best male-to-male bro-mance since….um, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe.

Conan In Concert – PART 2

Coco continues his big city tour and arrived back to the scene of the crime for his latest stop: Los Angeles. Oddly enough, Coco performed at the Gibson Amphitheater @ Universal Studios, which is literally a short walk from where his previous “Tonight Show” studio was located.

The special guests in last night’s performance included Jonah Hill, Jon Hamm, Aziz Ansari, and Jim Carrey. In other news, Jay Leno still sucks.

Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Go Gardening

If you knew that Victoria’s Secret Angels Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, and Miranda Kerr were available to hire as landscaping professionals, you’d hire them, right? Sure, you would!

All three girls were in the NYC earlier this afternoon to promote a new line of Victoria’s Secret scented fragrances and dressed up as fantasy gardeners in cleavage-heaving designer threads.

Why can’t all landscaping gardeners be supermodels?