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Posh Brits – Beckham & Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale and Victoria Beckham were spotted at a birthday party over the Memorial Day weekend at Gwen Stefani’s house. Very rarely do you see a bunch o’ posh British girls hanging out together but, hey, why not?

According to photog description, Posh Spice was a little too under-dressed and spent the majority of the time trying not to flash her DVB undies. Well, come to think of it, it WAS a hot day and if Megan Fox needed to flash some flesh for comfort, then why the hell not Posh, right?

Hot Sweat For Megan Fox

It was about 90 degrees in Los Angeles today and Megan Fox needed to cool off the hot sweat! Megan was inside LAX Airport to catch a flight and just couldn’t keep her blouse closed. Yes, it was THAT hot today!

Now THIS is somethin’ I don’t see everyday from this woman! Thank god for warm weather.

[Photo Credit: Megan-Fox.NET]

L.A. Lakers Eliminate Phoenix Suns, 111-103

Just like they did with the Utah Jazz, my Los Angeles Lakers took on the Suns and defeated them on the Suns’ homecourt. With the Suns faded out of the picture (and their bullshit Zone defense backfiring), the Lakers now advance to the NBA Finals where they will play a virtual historic rematch against the Boston Helltics, err…excuse me, Celtics for the trophy.

With the Lakers having thunderous momentum leading into Game 6 following their nail-biting Game 5 win, Kobe and Ron Artest took control of the game in all four quarters of play. While the Suns were able to rally in 16-2 run after an (obviously intentional) flagrant foul by Sasha Vujacic to Goran Dragic, the Suns cut the 17-point lead down to five but failed to close the deal because of ONE man: Kobe Bryant.

With Kobe at the helm, he took THREE super-tough shots in the remaining two minutes against excellent Phoenix defense and banked every single one causing Phoenix to resort to fouling at the end of the 4th quarter. With no other Hail Mary play’s left, Phoenix folds and goes home a bunch of OLD and decrepit LOSERS. Now onto Boston! GO LAKERS!!!!

Oh, and just to add insult to injury to all you Phoenix fans, here’s the video of Ron Artest’s game-winning shot at the end of Game 5 that sealed the Suns’ doom.

Dennis Hopper Passes Away

The legendary Hollywood actor known for playing villains, Dennis Hopper, passed away earlier today from prostate cancer. He was 74.

Even in his frail state, Hopper still trotted out onto Hollywood Boulevard to accept his Star on the Walk Of Fame earlier this year. Throughout the last two decades, Hopper played many memorable villains for films like “Speed” and “Blue Velvet”.

Heidi and Spencer Split. YAWN.

So says TMZ. Ooh, look at the baby Wallaby! Aww, that’s cute.

Gary Coleman Passes Away

After suffering through a major bleeding brain hemorrhage within the last 48 hours, TV actor Gary Coleman was placed on life support. Unfortunately, due to Gary’s unstable condition, doctors couldn’t operate on him and was later taken off of life support. He was 42 years old.

Adriana Lima Wears Guyliner

Y’know, I would think that the highest paid supermodels in the world would at least have the best make-up team in addition to stylists and whatnot. For Adriana Lima, NOT SO MUCH.

The Brazilian anomaly appeared at the opening of a new Swarovski diamond store in Madrid yesterday afternoon and was sporting some Adam Lambert-inspired hella-homo-erotic guyliner.

I hope she FIRED her team of make-up artists for this half-assed attempt at androgyny.

Dr. Dre – Ripped & Shredded!

So while 50 Cent is out looking like a skinny Dave Chappelle with a minor crack problem, his mentor Dr. Dre ain’t got no problems. The might, mighty D.R. was spotted in the NYC last night looking all ripped and ‘roided out like a titanium subliminal subterranean mutherfucker!

Built to last!

Megan Fox Versus Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

A lot of movie columns and gossip blogs (not including this one) are on fire as to what’s going to happen with Megan Fox’s role from “Transformers 3″ and my question is: Is the Ferrari going to show up in the movie? Because that is one seriously sexy car.

So many names were thrown out of the blue to replace Megan and, now, the definite winner for the role is a British supermodel that I NEVER expected to see anywhere else other than a sex tape: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. With her cartoonishly giant lips, wonky UK accent and a penchant for smoking out of bongs, Rosie will be everyone’s newest whipping girl for body image criticism. Congrats, Rosie, you have NO idea what you’ll be getting yourself into.

Once the news is 100% confirmed that Rosie is the new Transformers girl, we will celebrate her victory by posting a nice selection of hard-to-find topless photos of her photoshoots. Trust me, Rosie won’t be angry about it as Megan was with hers.

50 Cent Loses 50 Pounds For New Role

What the fuck do you take Fiddy for, huh? For his new movie role as a cancer-stricken patient, Fiddy had to lose damn near 50+ pounds of muscle, ironically, for a film directed by Mario Van Peebles. New photos of Fiddy in his disturbingly frail state surfaced today and we’ve got a sneak peek. He certainly don’t look like a muthafuckin’ P.I.M.P.

Will this win Fiddy some awards for this extreme transformation? I don’t know, Christian Bale didn’t receive any accolades for his role in “The Machinist”, so probably Best Actor.

The New (And Final) American Idol 2010

Throughout this season, the predicted American Idol winner was supposed to be Crystal Bowersox. Turns out, NOT SO MUCH. This year’s winner is the other guy that nobody cared for, Lee Dewyze. Good for you, Lee Dewyze, whoever the fuck you are.

Congratulations, America, you voted for him. And now that Simon Cowell is scot-free, we can officially consider this show OVER.

Armani Xchange Party Is NOT Epic Fail

Last week, Maxim Magazine held it’s annual Hot 100 party and the guests that showed were just a total EPIC FAIL. No big-time hotties showed up, so whatever with them!

But last night, the Armani Xchange store in Los Angeles and Elle Magazine held a disco-themed party and mini-concert and had a nice group of hotties in attendance including AnnaLynne McCord, Eva Amurri, Gabrielle Union, Keri Hilson, Laura Elena Harring, Mel B, and of course….the three ladies pictured below.

Y’see, Maxim? Next time put some EFFORT and MAYBE the ladies will flock to your silly-ass party!

VS Angel Tweets [05-26-2010]

Alright! Another week, another set of fascinatingly thought-provoking Tweets from your two favorite Victoria’s Secret supermodels! Let’s see what they got to say.

–After watching sex in the city , I had to go buy some new stunning shoes!! That movie is so inspiring…..

–It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. -Blair Waldorf

–Can’t really see then!! Too many flashes!!!!

–It’s kind of insane outside!!! Just got in to my seat… Ready for the SATC 2!!!!

–Saudades mega de vcs duas!!! Saudades tua….

–Road trip!! Back from cannes with Re!!!


–Still got chills from the Flamenco show. Thank u Adriana Lima & Frankie who invited us. I was a Flamenco dancer in past life u know

–Shooting a new commercial for VS today in NYC, bright and early;)

–Thank you Cannes for this amazing experience once again! L’oreal invited me on the day with the best weather, I’m taking the Sunn with me;)

–Hahaha this is a cat by the way….

–Let’s support WWF I love what they are doing for the world a beautiful way to give back;)

–Perfect weertje om een beetje hout te hakken! Hahahaha… Hey you have them behind the elbows…


And that’s all the Tweets for this week! I can just feel the brain cells in my head rapidly increasing as I read these Tweets, WHOO-WEE! Make it stop!

The Most Offensive Lingerie Commercial. Ever.

If you are a Victoria’s Secret fan, this “commercial” will offend you. If you are a Lane Bryant fan, this “commercial” will offend you.

Either way, I find it funny as Hell. It’s one of the best stabs at lingerie models I’ve seen since…..umm…..MTV’s House of Style.

Cocktails With Christina & January

Last night, the premiere for “Sex & The City 2″ was held in the NYC. Lots of big-named female celebs showed up to the premiere, but you know who WASN’T invited? Only “Mad Men” girls, Christina Hendricks and January Jones.

Instead, the blonde and the redhead were spotted in Los Angeles attending a cocktail party for Lionsgate yesterday evening.

It still amazes me how Christina’s boobs are so much bigger than January’s entire body.

Katie Cassidy Reveals Her Bikini Body

“Melrose Place” cutie Katie Cassidy appears in two pages of the June 2010 issue of Shape Magazine. In the pages, Katie shows off her airtight curves in homages to Farrah Fawcett and Brigitte Bardot.

Click on the scan to view the bigger version!

As much as I love Katie and her infectious blonde beauty, it does kill me inside to see how the top half of her body is just not akin to the rest of her curves. In case you didn’t notice it, homegirl is ridiculously flat-chested to the point where she looks like a guy! But I try not to let it bother me. Unlike fugsters like Ashley Tisdale or Jessica Szohr, Katie’s beauty far outweighs her boobies. WE LOVE YOU, KATIE!

WASTED: Alessandra Ambrosio

SIGH. I am so envious of supermodels. All they do is get paid millions of dollars to pose for pictures half-naked and then they just party all night long with booze and tons o’ blow. Such is the case for VS Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio, as she was spotted at a place called the VIP Room in Cannes on Saturday night. Girlfriend got wasted on champagne and partied the night away.

But to keep this conversation steeped in reality, let’s not forget that Alessandra is also a mother to a 1-year old baby girl. Mother of the Year, you say? Goddamn right!

Shopping With Mel Gibson

Mel was spotted doing some shopping at a local organic store in Malibu. While he may no longer be dating his Russian girlfriend/baby mama, I guess that doesn’t mean he still has to do the shopping for the baby. But he did. You’re a nice guy, Mel. I toast my drink to you…..oh, my bad, you don’t drink.

RANT: Where Are My High Def Channels?


I was unaware that such LIES were being given to me about my DirecTV subscriptions! I just found out through other sources that various channels that are NOT broadcast in real HD on DirecTV are broadcast in full honest-to-god 1080i HD on OTHER satellite providers!

For so long, I was under the impression that channels like E!, Travel Channel, G4, Fox Movie Channel, etc. were broadcasting 480p content up-converted to 1080i signals because they hadn’t switched to High Def, but I WAS WRONG. It turns out, I actually could be watching Olivia Munn on “Attack Of The Show” in real HD or watching Kim Kardashian’s fat booty on E! in HD!!! HELL, even the goddamned Lifetime Channel is broadcast in HD and DirecTV doesn’t carry it!

From the research I’ve done, channels like E! and G4 and Travel Channel (and so many others) are actually broadcast in HD on other satellite providers! Places like AT&T U-Verse and Comcast offer these channels in pristine HD yet I, as a loyal 10-year DirecTV customer, have been getting shafted in the ass with my HD channels! For example, I tuned in to the Chelsea Lately show earlier this week and saw Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Marisa Miller being interviewed. The quality on my DirecTV HD receiver was absolute SHIT but I didn’t mind. But when I saw that someone on Youtube posted an HD version of it, I flipped my fuckin’ wig! You mean I coulda seen Marisa Miller in full High Def?!? And just last night, I tuned in to the Fox Movie Channel to watch Keanu Reeves in “Speed”. The video quality was crap because I coulda seen it in crystal clear HD had I been using a different satellite provider!


Rob Pattinson’s New Hairdo

I had heard thru a lot of angry Twi-hards that R-Patz had shaved off his vampire locks for his latest film role. Now new photos have popped up and the new R-Patz hairdo ain’t all that blasphemous (it looks like a standard military haircut). Photogs got snaps of him filming his new period piece drama over in northern California and….looking a little less girly-emo.