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Too Many Kardashians!!!

As if a reality show featuring Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe and then another one with just Kourtney and Khloe wasn’t enough…..NOW a site called Gossip Cop has gotten secret word that the E! Channel is making another deal to film ANOTHER Kardashian reality show, this time featuring the antics of Khloe and her husband, Lamar Odom!


“Eclipse” Eclipses Box Office @ Midnight Showings

In what looks to be an assault on the faltering summer box office, “Eclipse” raked in a staggering $30 million just in midnight showings on Wednesday (beating out the midnight screening grosses of “New Moon). Reviews for the film have all been split down the middle between top critics and regular critics but all of them agree on one thing: the third time’s the charm! Good luck trying to score some good seats this long 4th of July weekend!

Larry King To Leave His CNN Show

Unless you are over the age of 40, there’s absolutely no real reason to watch “Larry King Live” on CNN except for the comedy factor. If you watch it for real news, then this news will come as a shock. Or not.

Turns out, after over 25 years of professional broadcast journalism, Larry is stepping down from his podium at CNN to focus on spending more time with his wife and kids. According to King himself, he wants Ryan Seacrest to take the position because “He’s curious, he’s interesting, he’s likable. If he has a great interest in politics, I would recommend him”. While King’s departure won’t happen until the Fall, he will still participate in various TV specials for CNN.

Read Larry’s full statement here.

Marisa Miller Now Endorsing Alcohol!

Supermodels? Check. Liquor? Check! Model-Actress-Whatever and Victoria’s Secret Angel Marisa Miller has been chosen by Captain Morgan’s Rum to endorse their liquor in their latest advertising campaign. So not only does Marisa ride a Harley, she tips one back at the same time! Expect to see her promos in “digital, point of sale, advertising, social responsibility communication and event appearances”. Great, now I have a reason to get more drunker!

Just when you thought there were no other avenues of lowly advertising a supermodel could do, THIS happens. Next thing you know, she’ll be endorsing the sale of condoms and birth control!

Back To The Future Trilogy Blu-Ray Set Announced!

One of the best movie trilogies in recent memory finally has a release date for its Blu-Ray debut! The “Back To The Future” movies which starred Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, Christopher Lloyd as the immortal Doc Brown, and the one and only appearance of the iconic DeLorean car will have it’s 1080p High Def release on October 26, 2010, so mark those calendars! Expect a ton of cool new documentaries and extras as well. Click here to see the complete list of extras.

Oh, this is gonna be a LONG four month wait.

Forbes Magazine Celebrity 100 Power List

Forbes Magazine has released their annual list of the most powerful celebrities in Hollywood. Of course, it won’t surprise anyone that Oprah Winfrey took the top spot because….well, she’s Oprah! Unlike the other lists that Forbes releases, the Power list consists of famous people but does not rank them by earnings. Instead, the celebrities listed are all numbered according to how much attention they garnered through “print, TV, radio and social media”.

Here’s the Top TEN list of the Most Powerful Celebrities in Hollywood.

#1: OPRAH WINFREY – $315 million
#2: BEYONCE KNOWLES – $87 million
#3: JAMES CAMERON – $210 million
#4: LADY GAGA – $62 million
#5: TIGER WOODS – $105 million
#6: BRITNEY SPEARS – $64 million
#7: U2 – $130 million
#8: SANDRA BULLOCK – $56 million
#9: JOHNNY DEPP – $75 million
#10: MADONNA – $58 million


There’s the list! YOU were the ones that made these people rich, so if you don’t agree with this list, kick yourself in the ass!

[You didn't seriously think I was gonna post a photo of Oprah, did you? Silly rabbit.]

Megan Fox Officially Unavailable

To all of the men and women who are still fans of Megan Fox after the whole Transformers 3/Jonah Hex disaster, she is officially off the market! That’s right, People Magazine has reported that the brunette bombshell got hitched to that guy from “90210″ at a super-secret wedding in Hawaii. So do we have to call her “Megan Fox-Green” now?

The photo below was taken a day after the wedding. As you can see, Brian Austin Green can’t be bothered by his new wife.

The nuptials were held over the weekend on the Big Island with a reported assload of security guards to protect Megan from the one guy who wanted a refund from her after he saw “Jonah Hex”. Okay, maybe not but why all the security? She’s not royalty here! She’s Megan Fox! She eats boys for energy and kisses girls!

Sublime W/ Rome Debut New Track on Jimmy Kimmel Live

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past 15 years, you have to know about the band Sublime! Well, the newly reformed group made their first TV appearance EVER on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last Friday and performed a brand spankin’ new track that LITERALLY sounds like vintage Sublime. Add a hint of Reggae with small dash of Punk and you’ve got the new song “Panic”.

Here’s the video for it.

The band has been touring stateside for a while now and if you haven’t seen them yet, DO IT! Normally, a band will play a majority of their hits and then a few B-side tracks, but if you go to a Sublime concert, I guarantee the crowd will know EVERY single word to every song. It’s a feeling that I got to experience for the first time and, trust me, it’s a great feeling to sing a song about date rape with 20,000 people!

[Just be aware that Rome does tend to mix up lyrics and mess up a few verses for some songs. Trust me, the crowd notices it very well when he does.]

LOL = Lots Of Lautner

Here you go, Twi-hards. Pictures of Taylor Lautner shirtless in “Eclipse”.

George Clooney’s Big Booty

And by “big booty” I’m referring to the phat ass of George’s current girlfriend and Maxim’s #7 Hottest Woman, Elisabetta Canalis. The Italian superstar was spotted yesterday with a couple of her girlfriends (in bikinis, of course) and rolling around Lake Como in a speedboat. Hey, that’s how I spent my weekend, too!

Supermodel Mom Of The Year

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Alessandra Ambrosio should be voted for the Mother Of The Year Award. The constantly tweeting mother of one was out spending some quality time with her baby girl (and baby daddy) out in the park somewhere in Malibu yesterday afternoon. Aww, isn’t that cute? Supermodels taking responsibility and being grown-up!

Well, I beg to differ at the same time because just 24 hours before that, the Victoria’s Secret model was spotted looking a bit loopy as she exited the Trousdale Nightclub in short-shorts and a hat. Now THAT is what you call responsible parenting!

I hope this woman pays her baby’s nanny a ton of overtime for the kind of antics she pulls on a daily basis. Again, Mother Of The Year? Goddamned right! It’s not like that selfish prude supermodel Adriana Lima is proving herself to be a good party-time mother like Alessandra!

Selena Gomez Busts Out

Would this photo of Selena Gomez (who turns 18 next month, mind you) in a bikini be considered racy? Not as racy as Miley flashing her naughty bits, that’s for sure!

The “Wizard Of Waverly Place” starlet is currently filming a new flick with Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester (hey, why aren’t THEY in bikinis?) in Paris, France and was snapped by photogs wearing this skimpy two-piece bikini showing off her goods. Shit, why hasn’t she turned 18 yet???

UPDATE: Here’s the photo of Leighton Meester in her bikini!

The King Of Pop: One Year Later

Today marks the first anniversary of the tragic death of the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. Coverage of his anniversary will surely be covered in every aspect throughout the world. Expect lots of TV specials, public tributes, radio station dedications, and much more throughout the day.

Remember, today is a celebration so celebrate it by cranking out your favorite tunes from the King. It’s the least you can do as a fan.

“Eclipse” Premiere In Los Angeles

The “Eclipse” premiere was held in Downtown Los Angeles at LA Live (across the street from the Staples Center) earlier this afternoon and there were only three things you needed to know: R-Patz, K-Stew, and Taylor Lautner. ‘Nuff said!

And would I be considered crazy if I confessed that I found K-Stew’s sideboob to be….hot?

Ashley Greene Is Tricking You!

WARNING! To all of you Twi-hard fans or Alice fans out there, take caution! Ashley Greene (pictured below from earlier today) is the latest cover girl for the July issue of Women’s Health Magazine and she is featured on the cover in a sexy little blue bikini.

Here’s the problem, the actual editorial inside the magazine does NOT contain any photos of Ashley in a bikini! The pictorial (which also features Kellan Lutz) features her fully clothed. No skin, no bikini, NOTHING! In fact, the photo posted above shows a lot more skin than the photos used in the issue!

I’m telling all of you Twi-hards to NOT be fooled by the cover! In the same deceptive way that Ashley tricked her fans into buying her bullshit Maxim issue (which also didn’t show anything), she’s tricking them again into buying this one! If you still wanna buy the issue, then do so. But you’ve been warned! Trust me, your boner will thank me.

Rosie Progress Report #1

Time to keep track on supermodel Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s progress as she films the new Transformers sequel! Some new on-set photos of Rosie and Shia were snapped a few days ago and, so far, reports indicate that Rosie seems to be keeping up with Michael Bay’s antics while Shia seems to have taken a liking to her and has been seen giving her some “comfort” in her acting skills in their trailers. Riiiight……

More progress reports to come as more Rosie photos are snapped and posted.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Entertainment Weekly via On Location News]

Hangin’ With Manny Gonzalez

The young dashing 18-year old Latino gentleman seen in the picture above (wearing a Hot Topic Thundercats t-shirt) is Manolo Gonzalez. He was spotted over in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon helping his mom run some errands. Now you’re probably wondering “Who the Hell is Manolo Gonzalez?”, right? Yeah, that’s what I was thinkin’, too.

First of all, Manny’s a nice kid. You definitely want to get on his good side. If you do, you might get to meet Manny’s MOTHER. It’s not often that you meet a kid like Manny only to discover that his mom is someone you may have heard or seen somewhere. Yeah, I’m just as shocked as you.

VS Angel Tweets [06-23-2010]

Alright, time for another round of instantly amusing Angel Tweets! Speaking from experience, being a Victoria’s Secret supermodel can be difficult at times. For example, Doutzen Kroes tweeted that she was bummed that she couldn’t make it to a rave party in Ibiza! I know that feeling, too, girlfriend. That’s not a decision you make lightly, y’know!

–Working for Flare magazine today in NYC! Can’t wait to see Holland win again tomorrow!! Whoop whoop!!

–Altijd leuk nederlanders tegen te komen;)

–I love my ‘Blond Amsterdam’ cup for when I have my tea in NYC!

–Going to bed now, had a great day shooting VS in NYC! Early call time again tomorrow morning! NIGHTY NIGHT everyone;)

–I’m sorry but I hate ‘peephouse’! It’s that music that sounds like house, begins like that and then that stupid ‘peep’ ruins everything…

–Masquerade Motel Pacha Ibiza 21-06 – Aaah booh I have to miss this incredible, amazing party:( Next time;)

–Whoop whoop tomorrow Holland-Japan!!! What does everyone think? Moet lukken, makkie toch?

–Sometimes I buy something and wear it all the time, this is what happened with my new Cloe bag;)


–GO USA!!!! Yeahhhhhh….

–Getting ready for the new biofit by vs commercia!!! With shay and fulvia!!!

–Welcome summer!!!!! Feliz aniversario @lineambrosio!! E vo silvino!!!!

–Depois do jogo!! Relaxing na piscina!!


–Atlantic city was great!!! The party at Dusk rocked!!! Now ready to watch brasil x ivory coast!!!

–Happy father’s day ….

–Getting ready for dusk’s birthday party!!!

–Atlantic city… Here we go!!!!!

–Malas prontas,buy buy nyc! a caminho do aeroporto,para variar… parada no transito!aff boa

And there you have it! Another arousing rendition of tweeting supermodels with too much time on their hands and so much to say!

Adriana Lima In The Buff

A website called got hold of a brand new cover image of supermodel Adriana Lima all topless and whatnot. The topless image of the Victoria’s Secret model is part of a multi-cover issue for the Espana version of V Magazine (AKA Playboy For Supermodels).

So far, I’ve heard no word if the editorial will feature photos of Lima fully topless (other than the cover), but I’ll be goddamned if they don’t include something spankworthy to make this magazine worth an Ebay purchase!

[Photo from MODELS.COM via]

SPANK-BANK UPDATE: There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s been confirmed by the V Magazine website that the five-cover issue will feature “scratch-off” covers! That’s right, now you can scratch off that pesky logo from Adriana’s boobs! Oh, why hasn’t Maxim thought of this one before!

The bad news? Only 1,000 covers will be printed of each of the five covers (the other four cover models will also be topless), so you’ll have to search high and mighty for this one! Trust me, it will be worth it.

Please Acknowledge Olivia Munn!

Gee, I wonder what’ll happen if Olivia Munn sits on a bench pretending to talk on her cellphone, her hair all made up, while drinking a soda from a “Team Edward” bottle…..hmm? Oh, that’s right, NOTHING. Nice try, Olivia. Go back to talking about videogames!