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Free Lindsay Lohan from Prison?

Some tanning salon in New York that Lilo had been visiting for years decided to drum up some publicity the other day for itself by holding a rally to show that they support the boozing, cocaine-sniffing, crack-swigging, pill-chugging, beer money-blowing, half wit known as Lindsay Lohan. Oh, let’s not forget that Lilo is currently incarcerated in southern California and this rally was held in New York! Sorry, girls, but she can’t hear you!

Free Lindsay Lohan? Here’s the answer: NO!!!!!

Hot British Girls in Los Angeles

Two of the hottest women from the UK were spotted in Los Angeles today! It was kinda sad, though, that they couldn’t bump into each other since they were both spotted at LAX Airport yesterday afternoon. One of them departed from LAX in the afternoon and the other arrived into LAX in the evening.

Check it out, UK actress Kelly Brook and her boobies spent a few days in Hollywood before leaving yesterday. God knows what the Hell she was doin’ here but I’ll be goddamned if the paparazzi didn’t snap as much photos as they could. Hey, it ain’t often that you see imported UK goodies, y’know? The other hottie was UK singer Cheryl Cole. I have no idea what her malaria-stricken ass is doin’ here, but I expect to see lots of paparazzi photos in the next 24 hours.

Ali Larter Is Bootyliciously Pregnant

“Varsity Blues” star Ali Larter made the announcement a couple of days ago that she was knocked up. That’s old news already. The REAL news is just how many curves and bumps this girl got over the last month! Check it out!

Ali was spotted earlier this afternoon getting some coffee in Santa Monica alongside fellow actress Amy Smart and was sporting dangerous curves all over the place.

Just by this pic alone, you can see that Ali’s got herself three (or technically, FOUR) large bumps on her body! She’s got those massively swollen boobies (trust me, those weren’t there before), she’s got a baby belly, AND….she’s got a giant badonkadonk for days! I sort of got wood now.

What’s that Smell? Oh, it’s Britney Spears!

Sniff, sniff! Oh my god, it smells like teen spirit. Check it out, Brit-Brit tweeted a photo on her Twitter account of her newest fragrance called “Radiance”.

The tagline says “Choose Your Own Destiny”. Well, I say, “Choose something else to buy!”

Megan Fox’s T-Shirts Are Too Small

A few very eagle-eyed Megan Fox fans took notice of some pictures of Megan Fox that appeared on the ‘Net yesterday.

She was out in Studio City with her husband and was wearing a green-colored “Voltron” t-shirt. Apparently, that T-shirt musta been mixed in with her Victoria’s Secret laundry because it belongs to her step-son, Kassius! WTF?!?

Notice something vaguely strange and oddly sexy about this? I sure do!

Captain Jack Sparrow’s New Ship (?)

Some new photos have emerged from the set of the fourth “Pirates Of The Caribbean” movie. From the looks of it, Johnny Depp and the boys haven’t technically started filming yet but, as you can see below, the ships are getting cranked out and ready for battle.

It’s highly unlikely that Captain Jack would sail this kind of highfalutin’ expensive ship, but you never know! He probably “borrowed” it.

Wet & Wild with Adriana Lima

Last week, Alessandra Ambrosio was the one rolling around in the white sandy beaches of St. Barths and now it’s Adriana Lima’s turn! Unlike Alessandra, Adriana was looking crotch-tastically flexible and didn’t seem to care that she was spreadin’ those legs all over.

But let’s get one thing straight: homegirl is curvy but she’s definitely NOT lookin’ as slim as before. Ever since this woman gave birth to a baby from some basketball player (who LITERALLY wasn’t good enough to stay in the NBA), she’s become a chunky monkey. But I mean that in a good way.

With rumors flying rampant that Miranda Kerr is pregnant, Marisa Miller getting no work, and Doutzen Kroes out of the picture, will there be any Victoria’s Secret Angels left to pass around for this year’s lingerie fashion show? I don’t know….I’m still staring at the crotch shots.

[Photo credit: Forum]

Paul Walker on the “Fast & Furious 5″ movie set

The movie won’t be out until mid-2011 but now that all the parts are assembled (haha, I’m funny) and most of the original cast are intact, Paul Walker was already seen on the set of “Fast Five” (that’s the name of the movie for now), currently filming in Puerto Rico.

Let me guess, the fifth movie involves….fast cars and hammy acting. Did I miss anything?

“The Avengers” Officially Assembled @ SDCC!

I never thought I’d see this day, but it finally happened! Marvel’s superhero elite team known as “The Avengers” finally got unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday and held a panel to discuss about the upcoming film.

Just so you know who’s who, let me refresh your knowledge of who the main players are.

–IRON MAN: Robert Downey, Jr.
–THOR: Chris Hemsworth
–NICK FURY: Samuel L. Jackson
–HAWKEYE: Jeremy Renner
–BRUCE BANNER (AKA The Incredible Hulk): Mark Ruffalo
–BLACK WIDOW: Scarlett Johansson

Notably missing from the team are Spider-Man, Antman, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, She-Hulk, and Wolverine. Hopefully, future sequels will allow for these superheroes to make their return to the big screen but, for now, let’s just ogle at the current team!

Courtney Cox-Arquette On The Set of “Scream 4″

Now that Courtney’s terribly low-rated TV show “Cougar Town” got the lickety split from ABC, she’s free to go and get her abysmal film career back in gear! I mean, seriously, the only other big movie role I remember her from was in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”!

Anyway, the paps got a glimpse of Courtney (looking like a dead-on impersonation of Janice Dickinson) on the set of “Scream 4″ over in, wait for it….Plymouth, Michigan! Go MSU Spartans!

Rage Against The Machine In Concert

The last time that the guys from Rage played a full show in Los Angeles, it was just outside of the Democratic National Convention in Downtown LA in 2000. Of course, we all know about the public break-up and the reunion and, now, Rage got their shit together and played their first full show last night at the Hollywood Palladium.

The show was a benefit concert to raise awareness about the new Arizona SB-1070 Immigration Law. Read all about it here. Of course, the decision for Rage to protest this law has brought their fans to a 50-50 decision. Some of them are turning their backs on them for “turning against America” and the rest are joining in on the fight to voice their opinions as citizens. As for me, I’m just glad Rage is doing music again. Time for a Rock revolution!

New “Machete” Redband Trailer

Apparently, the new redband trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s latest flick, “Machete”, was deemed “too hot” to show to the crowd at the San Diego Comic-Con. Other than the fact that the trailer contains nudity, decapitations, gut-ripping, and lots of bloody stabbings and gunshots, what’s the big deal? It’s the typical Robert Rodriguez fare!

Check out the IGN-exclusive redband trailer right here. And before you ask, NO, that is NOT Eva Mendes nude in the trailer.

And before you ask, YES, that is Steven Seagal in the trailer.

Images From SDCC 2010 – Day 1

San Diego Comic-Con is currently underway and if you’re like me and didn’t score tickets, then…..we suck. BUT….although we aren’t there to enjoy all the latest comic book paraphernalia, movies, TV, and games, at least we don’t have to stand in crowded areas with a bunch o’ World Of Warcraft/Magic The Gathering/Star Wars ugly sweaty fat fucks with self-elitist attitudes.

Anyway, there was so much hellish activity that not everyone could see or partake in all the chaos that was happening on opening day. Here’s a few pictures of the panels and celebs you might’ve missed on Day 1 of SDCC.

The “Megamind” panel with Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Brad Pitt (sort of)

The “Salt” panel w/ Angelina Jolie and Liev Schriber

Seth Rogen to discuss about “The Green Hornet”

Aaron Eckhart

Simon Pegg

The “Tron: Legacy” panel with Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges

And this was only yesterday! Imagine all the crap Day 2 will have!

Wet & Wild With Alessandra Ambrosio

Face it, it’s the middle of summer and it is just too damned hot outside! If it’s too hot in the area where you live/work, then take a quick gander at these pics below. It should cool you down.

So while half of the Victoria’s Secret models are off either getting pregnant (Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes) or getting screwed over (Marisa Miller), the other half are hard at work. And when I say “hard at work”, I mean frolicking on the beaches of France!

Alessandra was spotted at St. Barth’s yesterday doing some new bikini shoots for Victoria’s Secret on the warm beaches. And getting all wet and wild and doing a few Cindy Crawford-esque poses (by that, I mean, lying on the beach with sand on her hair with legs spread apart). Goddamn it, why isn’t Candice Swanepoel rolling around with her???

[Photo credit: Alessandra's Beijos Forum]

Miranda Kerr Is Probably Pregnant *UPDATE*

In the words of the almighty Beavis and Butt-head: THIS SUCKS. Last week, I announced that Dutch-born Victoria’s Secret supermodel Doutzen Kroes was expecting her first baby and now……news from the Herald Sun in Australia is reporting that Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr will release a personal statement tomorrow regarding some “personal matters”.

That can only mean two things: Miranda Kerr is pregnant with Orlando Bloom’s child OR…..nah, that’s probably it. Goddamn sunnuvabitch!! Why must these assholes ruin perfection?

We can all breathe a SIGH of relief, gentlemen! It turns out the press statement was NOT to announce a pregnancy! Instead, the statement released to People Magazine was to confirm that Miranda married her girlfriend, Orlando Bloom, in a secret wedding. HAH, as if that’ll last.

I guess I spoke too soon. Now there are rampant rumors flying all over the Miranda Kerr fan boards that she MAY be indeed pregnant with Orlando Bloom’s baby after all! SIGH.

Ashley Greene Is A Sweaty Girl

Ashley was out at the gym yesterday morning. That’s not new. And then later that day, she went to an athletic store to get a new gym workout tank top. That’s new.

But if I’m not mistaken, I don’t think Ashley is supposed to be “sweating” from up there. Judging solely from the pic above, I’d FIRE my workout trainer if I found all the exercises I was doing were making me sweat from that area!

Chris Isaak – 4th American Idol Judge?

The folks over at the Hollywood Reporter have gotten word of a few choices that the “American Idol” producers are seeking to sit in Simon Cowell’s recently vacated seat.

Simon is currently judging auditions for the latest season of “The X Factor” in Britain and, meanwhile, auditions for the tenth season of “Idol” have already gotten underway (minus Simon). Two potential names that have come up in negotiations are Chris Isaak and Harry Connick, Jr. To be honest, I do think either one would make great additions, but neither seem to possess the acerbic wit and fearless nature that Cowell is known for.

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, “Idol” will still need to fill the fourth judge slot as quickly as possible because of Simon Cowell’s other show (he’ll judge the Americanized version of “The X-Factor”) is also looking for judges and “Idol” may lose that bid due to Cowell having a bit more leverage in his part.

I just have one suggestion for “Idol”: LET. IT. GO. After the horrid season “Idol” had with Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox, overkill will only make Cowell’s new show the hotter ticket!

It’s All About Jennifer Aniston….

The chick who played Rachel on “Friends” all those years ago (and has played the same exact role in EVERY movie she’s appeared in since) has a way of distracting you from the big picture.

Check this out, Rachel from “Friends” made a rare promotional appearance in Paris, France earlier today to debut a new fragrance called “Lolavie”. Normally, I wouldn’t bother with this but I did notice that this subtly coincides with the release of Angelina Jolie’s new flick, “Salt”.

Rachel from “Friends” has been away from the spotlight for the past few months but is it a coincidence as soon as Angelina started up the “Salt” promo tour, Rachel is trying to overshadow the movie’s publicity by having this whole “stalker” story and fragrance come out in the same week? I DON’T THINK SO!!! Go Angelina!

“Batman 3″ In Full-blown IMAX?

The 2008 mega-monster blockbuster hit “The Dark Knight” did the unthinkable and presented portions of the movie’s most memorable scenes in exhilarating IMAX. If you did not see TDK in full IMAX that year (I’m talking the full 70-foot screen and elevated stadium seating), then you missed out on a mind-blowing experience!

And now, Chris Nolan and his Director of Photography, Wally Pfister, are in talks to possibly film the third Batman movie in full IMAX. In an interview with MTV, Pfister states, “I must say I’m a huge IMAX fan. I like IMAX more than I like 3-D. Chris’ films are so densely layered and have so much going on visually in every way that IMAX helps enhance that because of the scope and the scale of it – it becomes a much larger canvas to paint on. That’s what we found on ‘Dark Knight’.”

Pfister also gives his opinion on the state of movies being done in 3D claiming that he and Nolan are not big fans of the format. “I’m not a big fan of 3-D. Are you really getting more out of the story with 3-D? When you separate those different planes and you’re creating artificial depth, it looks phony to me.”

Either way, after seeing how Nolan made TDK work, it would be an absolute no-brainer to film the third installment in IMAX. DO IT, NOLAN!

The “Salt” Premiere In Los Angeles

You know what would be funny? If the spy movie “Salt” ended up making a ton of money for it’s opening weekend (let’s predict $50 million), it would slaughter the whole box office intake of the other spy film, “Knight & Day”. Here’s the funny part: Tom Cruise was originally supposed to play the lead character of “Salt” but backed out instead to film “Knight & Day”. So if Angelina’s movie makes a ton of dough, then that means Tom Cruise pretty much brain-farted himself.

Anyway, there only TWO things you needed to know about the “Salt” premiere which took place at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater last night: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. ‘Nuff said!

Other celebs in attendance included Angie’s dad, Jon Voight, her creepy sibling James Haven, Liev Schrieber and Naomi Watts, Kristin Cavallari, and…..the one and only Amber Heard.

And speaking of Kristin Cavallari, take a look at the side-boob she was flashing at the red carpet! Were she more famous than Angelina, then maybe this woulda made headlines. Oh well!