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Adriana Lima & The $2 Million Fantasy Bra

Is Adriana Lima and her breastesses worth $2 million? Her employer seems to think so. Rumor had been swirling through the Lima message boards for the past year that she was going to acquire the infamous Fantasy Bra (to wear at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show).

With Heidi Klum now stepping down as the chief VS Angel, it looks as though the new chief Angel baton has been passed on to Adriana. And to crown her achievement, she’s being awarded the Fantasy Bra. Again.

UPDATE: Here’s the official promo shot of Adriana wearing the Fantasy Bra.

According to the description by Adriana, she describes the new Fantasy Bra:

“The Fantasy Bra cost two million dollars. Has sixty carats of white diamonds, eighty-two carats of topaz’s [sic] and sapphire. Each one of them was hand-pieced in place. I mean, a really a work of art [sic].”

SIGH. When will this woman EVER learn to speak English correctly?!?

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Heidi Klum Finally Resigns

Last month, I pointed out how much damage Heidi Klum has done to her supermodel body. After four pregnancies, Heidi is just not the same German piece of cake that we all loved. Well, news has emerged from Paris Fashion Week from Heidi herself that she is QUITTING Victoria’s Secret! Now, keep in mind, she’s quitting the company but she’s still gonna do her other projects.

The 36-year old finally admitted (indirectly) that she is just too old for the younger generation and wants leave her role as the chief Angel.

“Models have a sell-by date. There are certain jobs I don’t do anymore, like the young, sexy, cute things for teenagers, or even 25-year-old girls. I go in a different bracket now”.

Speculation now is that the honchos over at the lingerie conglomerate now have to choose a new Angel to take over Heidi’s chief position. Will it be everyone’s favorite Brazilian, Adriana Lima? Or will it be everyone’s other favorite Brazilian, Alessandra Ambrosio? To be honest, as long as Marisa Miller is not in this list, I could give less of a shit! Choose both!

Miranda Kerr – Pregnant But Still Employed

A few articles ago, I mentioned that supermodels were going to be overtaking Paris Fashion Week (which is currently underway). Well, now you can count the pregnant ones, too! The newest rumor sliding down the hill is that everyone’s favorite Aussie supermodel, Miranda Kerr, will be doing a catwalk show exclusively for the Balenciaga brand! She’s walked for them in previous seasons but this time, she’ll do it while pregnant!

And the proof is in the pictures. Miranda and Orlando were spotted earlier today on the streets of Paris, which pretty much confirms this rumor.

Screw you, Orlando Bloom!

UPDATE 09/30/2010: See? Miranda followed through on the rumor and walked her big pot-bellied ass down the Balenciaga runway yesterday!

Christina Hendricks’ Cancer Break

I don’t know whether I should feel bad or feel happy for “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks. What’s a girl supposed to do when she’s on the set of “Mad Men” and is constantly surrounded around packs and packs of cigarettes and hard liquor? Well, she just joins the party!

Esquire’s Best Looking Woman in America was spotted at Dick’s Liquor (!) in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon getting herself a big ol’ carton (not a pack) of cigarettes and some good ol’ fashioned vodka. I LOVE this woman!!!

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz Save Japan for Last

Between the domestic grosses for “Knight & Day” versus Angelina’s “Salt” flick, Angelina clearly wins by a landslide. But overseas, it’s a different story because, apparently, Tom Cruise can still pack theaters with his name alone.

Last I checked, the international gross for “Knight & Day” and “Salt” were neck-and-neck by about $10 million ["K&D" with $152 million versus "Salt" with $162 million].

It seems Japan was last country in the list of countries that still hasn’t shown Tom’s movie yet, so it was only obvious that both Tom and Cameron finally premiered the flick for Japanese audiences last night.

If everything goes well for the movie in Japan, Tom will end up the clear winner for international grosses over Angie. I guess Tom is actually smarter than he looks!

Supermodels To Overtake Paris Fashion Week?

It happened earlier this year over at Paris Fashion Week and, now, the word on the street [from a little Dutch boy by the dike] is that the big-named designers are going to do it again! Yeah, it turns out that designers like Givenchy, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, and Emanuel Ungaro are planning on using even MORE supermodels for their shows. Oh, the fashionista HUMANITY!

Milan Fashion Week sort of had the big supermodel names for the Dolce & Gabbana show held last week (pictured below), but none as big as the ones being prepped for Paris FW!

And when I say SUPERMODELS, I mean the likes of Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros, Bar Refaeli – y’know, the busty CURVY ones? Usually, these Haute Couture shows use top models like Lily Donaldson, Natasha Poly, Lara Stone [and other girls that nobody cares about], but it looks like the top brands are finally seeing that maybe SUPERMODELS are the way to go!

To be honest, I don’t really see the big deal of keeping this rumor a secret. SERIOUSLY, who loses out on this info being leaked? That’s right, NO ONE! Spread the word!

Megan Fox Versus Odette Yustman

Now I can make an unfair comparison between both beauties! Check it out, both of the girls were spotted attending different fashion shows in different cities (Odette was at New York Fashion Week and Megan was at Milan Fashion Week) and they pretty much mirrored each other in terms of looks. It’s almost uncanny!

So who wins this round between the two foxy ladies? Well, BOTH of them, of course!

Lindsay Lohan – Back to JAIL!

It’s official: Lindsay’s back in the hoosegow! After the whole cocaine rollercoaster ride in the press, the judge in Lilo’s case simply had enough of her highfalutin’ bullshit and DENIED her any bail for her drug test failure – which meant that as soon as the hearing was done, Lindsay immediately got handcuffed and thrown behind bars.

And by the judge’s order, since she was denied bail, she has to stay in jail until her next hearing which is on October 22nd! So if anyone wants to keester a nail file for Lilo, better do it now!

UPDATE: Since there were no photographers inside the courtroom, sketches from the proceedings were just released showing Lilo getting hauled away in handcuffs.

Jessica Alba’s Nude shot in “Machete” (?)

Bootlegs of the Robert Rodriguez flick “Machete” haven’t been so easy to find but one place found them and posted the oh-so-fake shot of Jessica Alba’s nude shower scene in the movie. Mind you, I have not seen the movie but I already know that what I see is NOT what I get.

Click on the pic to see the full picture.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but it’s obvious as Lindsay Lohan’s coke problem that Jessica’s head was CGI’d onto some naked body double. Don’t be fooled by your eyes! If you’ve seen Jessica Alba’s other attempts at fleeting nudity (remember the underwear scene in “Fantastic Four”?), you’ll know that this girl is NOT stacked with big breastesses and she definitely is NOT ripped like a fitness fiend as seen in the pic above! Sure, you’re probably thinking, “Who cares, I’ll take what I can get!” and I’m saying, “Don’t be a moron!”

You want real Jessica Alba nudity? Then go to Netflix and rent her straight-to-DVD flick “Paranoid” and you’ll see the closest thing to REAL onscreen nudity she’s ever done.

Odette Yustman & Kristen Bell @ the “You Again” Premiere

Did you know that it’s been nearly TWO years since Odette has starred in a film that will actually be in theaters? She had an impressive debut with “The Unborn” in early 2009 and then we never saw her on the big screen again.

In Odette’s defense, she HAS been steadily working but the last few flicks she did have all been instant clunkers that went straight-to-DVD (“Operation: Endgame”, anyone?). But now she’s back and starring in a new flick with Kristen Bell called “You Again” and both girls were at the flick’s premiere held last night in Hollywood.

Odette was doing her best Megan Fox impression while Kristen was…….ghostly. Oh, and not to add insult to injury, but Odette’s next flick “And Soon The Darkness” (with Amber Heard as her co-star no less!) is ALSO going straight-to-DVD. Man, this girl can’t get a break yet Kristen gets to have “When In Rome” in theaters! Where’s the justice, man??!

Supermodels Getting Kid-Friendly

Everyone’s newest favorite supermodel lush apparently has fans of the elementary level! VS model Erin Heatherton was at a Victoria’s Secret store event in Chicago yesterday afternoon and signed autographs for everyone from little kids to tweens to soccer moms.

I don’t know why but I am very envious of this little kid. Puberty just got a little less stressful for him, that’s for sure.

“The Breakfast Club” Reunite for 25th Anniversary

The former Brat Pack stars Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, and Judd Nelson got together last night (minus Emilio Estevez) in the NYC to celebrate the movies’ 25th anniversary and to pay tribute to it’s late director, John Hughes.

I dare you to find ONE person that didn’t identify with the characters from “The Breakfast Club”. It can’t be done! The reason is because no matter what kind of stereotype they were in high school, they’ve experienced first-hand the pain and joy of being a young adolescent. I, for one, can’t watch the movie without thinking of myself as both “the jock” and “the basket-case” at the same time.

Let’s have an 80′s flashback, shall we?

J-Woww to Strip down for Playboy?

Some positive “Jersey Shore” news just surfaced! If you are a fan of the big busty guidette named Jenni “J-Woww” Farley, well now is your chance to see her and those enormous Jersey balloons on the pages of Playboy! That’s right, the brunette that ISN’T Snooki is ready to bare all and reveal the goodies!

The New York Daily News is citing that the guidette will receive upwards to about $400,000 for her nude services, but all of it MAY be impeded because, apparently, the bosses at MTV have control of her business decisions, so we may or may NOT see those tanned Jersey nips just yet. But cross your boners and pray that it happens!

Kate Winslet gets friendly with Models

Ever since Kate Winslet left her husband and went single again, she decided to dabble in the Madonna pool and nab herself a hot young male model to suckle on her whims. She scored herself a male model named Louis Dowler and, now, she’s hanging around with models!

Kate was at a Mario Testino photo exhibition in Madrid earlier tonight and was seen canoodling with other top (and super tanned) models like Daria Werbowy, Jon Kortajarena (the George Michael-looking gent pictured above) as well as her male model boy-toy (pictured all the way to the left above). Of course, it would be even better if Kate hung out with supermodels!

“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” Premiere in New York

Shia Leboeuf’s new flick “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” held it’s official U.S. world premiere earlier tonight in the NYC and all the stars were decked out in their best best business suits. Everyone including Michael Douglas, Josh Brolin, and Carey Mulligan were on site for all the bells and whistles.

The funny thing about Carey Mulligan is that she actually had to get herself a girly haircut just for the premiere. I swear, if she wasn’t macking it up with Shia Lebeouf behind the scenes, I’da sworn she were lesbian. Honestly!

Supermodels Promoting Vodka

Sports Illustrated supermodel Irina Shayk promoting Grey Goose Vodka in Spain? Yes, PLEASE!!!

When you think about it, very few supermodels are ever hired to promote alcohol. Ever noticed that? Usually it’s actresses like Kate Beckinsale but now these liquor companies are finally starting to see that maybe supermodels are the way to go. Especially hot Russian ones. Mind you, I’m talking about supermodels promoting the classy liquor, not that bullshit Captain Morgan Rum with Marisa Miller.

Jessica Alba Energizes Friend’s Wedding

From the look on Jessica Alba’s face from yesterday afternoon, you can see that she is just HELLA stoked to be attending the wedding of a friend.

Weddings seem to make Jessica Alba woozy. The last time she attended a wedding, it was for Eva Longoria back in 2007 and about six months after that, she finally forced Cash Warren to marry her. Bitch.

Odette Yustman goes Goth for Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is just about done (I think today is the last day) but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t an abundance of stars! “You Again” starlet Odette Yustman attended a couple of shows and she even went all Goth at the Monique Lhuillier show.

Unlike Ashley Greene, Odette seems to be more attentive at these shows. And, YES, that is Jessica Lowndes sitting to Odette’s left.

“Jennifer’s Body” – The Fallout

It was one year ago today that Megan Fox’s hotly anticipated follow-up to her red hot performance in the second Transformers movie called “Jennifer’s Body” was unleashed into theaters. Has it been that long already? I remember how much build-up was made regarding Megan and whether or not she could carry a movie on her own. There was talk of everything from lesbian make-out scenes to paparazzi photos of Megan emerging from a lake topless (and what a nice pair they were) to Diablo Cody being the voice of a new generation, BLAH BLAH BLAH. All that mattered was that the movie had Megan Fox in it.

While 20th Century didn’t exactly do a great job selling the movie (the TV commercials made ZERO sense), Megan and co-star Amanda Seyfriend still went on a whirlwind promotional tour to promote the movie. From the San Diego Comic-Con to the Toronto Film Festival to countless magazine covers to TV appearances on “Good Morning America” and “Regis & Kelly” to even a hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live”, there was nothing that could go wrong with this movie, right?

Well, the movie opened with a dismal $7 million opening weekend and pretty much fizzled out and the fallout from that fateful weekend has destroyed a lot of the credibility that was (unnecessarily) placed on Megan’s shoulders. And with the bad box office of the movie came the (even worse) publicity regarding Megan’s comments towards Michael Bay. One of the magazine covers that Megan interviewed for called “Wonderland” published the controversial “Hitler” comments that Megan made and the negative press that came from both sides only made it worse for Megan.

In light of those comments and the horrible box office of JB, Megan pretty much went into hiding. She stopped attending the big Red Carpet events, she wasn’t doing a lot of TV interviews, and she certainly wasn’t mouthing off like she did before that.

In fact, I remember when Megan went to the Spike TV Scream Awards a month after JB flopped, she went to the event (without doing the Red Carpet) and accepted the first award of the night onstage and literally had to clear her name regarding the Wonderland comments. Of course, we all know that led to another Michael Bay fallout (more on that later).

Since then, 2010 has been sparse of the lovely Megan. If you look back at the last nine months, Megan has avoided a bunch of Red Carpets (except the Jonah Hex one), has only done a few interviews (mostly recanting her old ways), got FIRED from the third Transformers movie (maybe, maybe not), and then got MARRIED to Brian Austin Green!

But when you think about it, are there any positives to this story? Well, Megan did score a clothing campaign for Emporio Armani underwear but trying to find those adverts have been difficult. And…..that’s the only one I can think of. Shit!

To put it in perspective, if 20th Century Fox had promoted “Jennifer’s Body” properly (using both Megan AND Amanda in the promos) and had Megan not gotten too mouthy in the press, all of the events of the last 12 months probably would’ve transpired differently and, who knows, maybe Megan would be a much bigger superstar rather than the recluse that she’s since become. Regardless, I still love Megan Fox and we should get on our knees and suck whatever it is she wants us to suck.

Marisa Miller Plays Baseball Again

Can we just cut all the bullshit and confirm that Victoria’s Secret no longer wants anything to do with Marisa Miller? I say this because I guarantee that when Marisa went to AT&T Park to throw the first pitch for the San Francisco Giants last Wednesday, the loudspeaker announcer referred to her as “Victoria’s Secret supermodel Marisa Miller!“. STOP IT! Don’t call her that!

In the same way that some publications mislabel Bar Refaeli and Brooklyn Decker as Victoria’s Secret models (trust me, they’re not), let’s not call Marisa a VS model anymore. Why, you ask? Simple, because the lingerie conglomerate has pushed the 32-year old dinosaur off to the wayside and her image is no longer being used. Stores, catalogs, and even the VS website are all scarce of Marisa’s photos and, for that, it’s safe to assume that THEY don’t want anything to do with her any longer.

Now if she were referred to as “Sports Illustrated supermodel Marisa Miller“, then maybe I wouldn’t be as putrid about it because nobody remembers her as the cover girl from three years ago.