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Soccer Practice with Jennifer Garner

You gotta give props to Jen-Gar for giving up a big portion of her career to raise her baby daughters. While Ben is out making the money, Jen’s the one taking her girls to soccer practice. Speaking of soccer, Jennifer was at a soccer park with one of her daughters in Beverly Hills yesterday and gave the paps a big ol’ flash of her crack!

And much to my surprise, she didn’t really seem to care! This is why Jen is such a cool chick. Now if only she’d wear some underwear or a G-string or SOMETHIN’……

Julian McMahon Is a Sweet Transvestite

Well, just for last night. An all-star cast that included Julian, Nicole Scherzinger, Jorge Garcia, Jack Nicholson, and a few of the cast members from “Glee” took part in a special 35th anniversary event for the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” over at the Wiltern Theater yesterday night where Julian took the stage as the infamous antagonist.

Unlike the movie counterpart, Julian’s version of Dr. Frank-N-Furter seemed a little bulky with a dash of Joker rip-off to me. But other than that, he is the best-looking tranny I’ve seen in a while.

More Mango for Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is still hawking Mango products. Yeah, I know, right?

Pop Starlet gets Trashy

Remember a little female Pop singer named Jojo? She emerged onto the music scene around 2004 and had some minor Billboard hits (none of which I liked) and then she tried her hand in acting (though it didn’t really lead to anything). Guess what? She’s baaack!

As expected, Jojo did the usual thing that every C-list attention-seeking whore does and Tweeted a trashy photo of herself onto her Twitter page! Although there was no specific date of when the photo was uploaded, it shows a completely different look. Not that I was fan of hers but judging from the photo with the new brunette hair and (obvious) breast implants……I just got a boner. Good work, Jojo.

Taylor Swift On Wax (…?)

There have been a lot of celebrities in the past couple of months that have gotten immortalized in wax at the Madame Tussaud’s Museum (some not so deserving, if you ask me).

Yesterday, Country singer and all-around boyfriend basher, Taylor Swift, showed up to unveil her new wax figure and let me tell ya….it absolutely, positively 100% looks NOTHING Like her. Maybe she’ll write a song about it.

Daisy Marie Loves The Lakers

How often is it that you go to a Los Angeles Lakers game and see a slew of celebrities? Very often, actually. BUT… often do you run into adult film actresses at Laker games? Not at all!

In fact, one particular Latina porn starlet named Daisy Marie was spotted by some hawk-eyed photogs at last night’s Lakers/Rockets home opener (which also had stars like David Beckham and Denzel Washington in attendance) exiting the Staples Center!

Don’t know Daisy Marie, you say? Then you must not be a fan of Latina porn! Daisy has appeared in lots of hardcore scenes since 2007 and is known for two certain tattoos on her body: a giant angel on her back and a “Caution: Slippery When Wet” tattoo just above her cootchie.

Okay, so maybe Daisy isn’t as popular as other starlets like Riley Steele or Ashlynn Brooke or Tori Black….but goddammit, Daisy is one hell of a screamer!

Happy Birthday, Simon Le Bon!

Today is the 52nd birthday of Mr. Simon Lebon, lead singer of the popular 80′s New Wave band, Duran Duran! If ever there was a band that many New Wave artists copied after, it was always a mixture between Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet. But Unlike Spandau, Simon and the boys were more prettier to look at (androgyny was always part of their look) and they just happened to have a string of radio-friendly hits such as “Rio”, “Hungry Like The Wolf”, “The Reflex”, and the theme to the 1985 Bond flick called “View To A Kill”.

If you haven’t been on the Duran Duran wagon since ’85, Simon and the boys are STILL together and doing tours around the world to sold out crowds. I’ve had the chance to see the band in concert in 2005 and Simon has not lost a touch in his step nor in his voice. And for that, Happy Birthday, Simon!

And, of course, let’s have an 80′s flashback, shall we?

Chris Nolan Reveals third “Batman” Title

Many comic book geeks were already assuming that the third Batman movie (seventh overall) was going to be titled “The Caped Crusader” soon after Nolan chose “The Dark Knight”, but in an interview with the LA Times earlier today, director/writer Christopher Nolan shot down the rumors and revealed everything we wanted to know.

Nolan confirmed that the third film will be titled “The Dark Knight Rises”.

All the rumors that the Riddler was going to be the next villain have been shot down. Nolan confirmed that he will NOT be using the green-suited jokester. Nor will it be Mr. Freeze.

As I reported during the summer, Nolan confirmed that the movie will indeed be fully shot in the IMAX format but will NOT be converted into 3D.

Nolan hasn’t been one to squander rumors because for the last film he did reveal that Heath Ledger was to play the infamous “Joker”. Expect his next villain announcement to raise lots of questions and bring more expectations to the table. C’mon, Megan Fox as Catwoman!

LA Lakers defeat Houston Rockets 112-110

It was a nail-biter, boys and girls! After an up-and-down preseason for my Lakers, it looked as though the slump was about to carry over to the regular season. With the season home-opener against the newly suited Houston Rockets (and the return of Yao Ming), the Lakers had a miserable first half getting scored on by as much as 14 points! It seemed that the Lakers’ backs were against the wall UNTIL…..Mr. Shannon Brown. While Kobe, Pau, and Lamar led the way for most of the game, it was Shannon that brought the energy back into the crowd with a series of 3-point shots.

That’s right, the little shooting guard that ALMOST left the Lakers earlier this summer, got into a white hot groove and powered down 14 points within a span of five minutes in the 4th quarter to give the slumping Lakers a 9-point lead. With Shannon lighting up the crowd and his fellow Lakers, the boys were able to keep the lead until the last two minutes. With 1:30 to go, the Rockets were able to bounce back with tough scoops from Luis Scola, eventually giving the Rockets a 1-point 110-109 lead.

But, as Phil Jackson has been known to do, he didn’t call a time out and let Kobe decide the last play of the game. With only a few seconds on the clock, Kobe ran up the lane and threw a pass that almost seemed to be for Pau Gasol but, instead, was caught by newbie Laker guard Steve Blake at the three point line where he scored an instant trey. From there, the Rockets couldn’t measure up a last play and lost by a score of 110-112. Suck on that Miami!

[And speaking of Miami, the Boston Celtics took on the Miami Heat over in the city of Boston earlier in the evening with dismal results. As was predicted by so many analysts and observers, the Heat did NOT heat up the floor and ended up losing to a pitifully low score of 80-88. I'm not gonna analyze it, but let's just say that LeBron is still the same pathetic self-absorbed player that he's always been and it showed in tonight's game.]

“Back To The Future” Cast Reunites

Today is the day that the “Back To The Future” trilogy is released on to High Def Blu-Ray! And to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary, the cast and director of the trilogy (Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, Huey Lewis, and Robert Zemeckis) were on hand in New York last night to discuss the movie! [Notably missing from the panel were Crispin Glover, Thomas F. Wilson, Elisabeth Shue, and most notably, Eric Stoltz.]

So what is the significance of releasing the trilogy on Blu-Ray today? Well, let me explain it! As we all know, October 26th 1985 was the day (in the first film) that Marty accidentally drove the Delorean back into 1955! Yeah, I know, right?

And just because it’s necessary…..let’s have an 80′s flashback @ 88 miles an hour, shall we?

Don’t hesitate! Go over to your local electronics store and get yourself a copy of this movie on Blu-Ray! Great Scott!

What’s With Shia Lebeouf’s Infidelity?

Rumors had emerged about the Shia Lebeouf-Carey Mulligan split from a news story that Carey moved out of Shia’s pad and is shacking up at a Best Western motel somewhere in Los Angeles.

The big rumor for the split may be due to the fact that Shia Lebeouf can’t keep his dick away from hot girls. In particular, Shia seems to be taking a liking to his new Transformers co-star, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, hence the Mulligan break-up.

But the last I heard (and saw), Rosie was still snogging with Jason Statham! New photos had surfaced from the weekend of the Jason and Rosie exiting a restaurant in New York. So who’s zooming who? Either way, Shia needs to keep his goddamned dick away from my supermodels!

Marisa Miller Gets Artsy-Fartsy

Former VS model, Marisa Miller, is the cover girl for the October issue of a small publication called “944″. The issue is dubbed the “Art Issue” and to show how artsy-fartsy she’s become, Marisa did some daring things for her cover shoot. And by “daring”, I mean that she decided to finally get dolled up for the cameras (a rarity for her).

Unfortunately, all the make-up and Red lipstick is totally wasted in this “944″ editorial because nearly all of her photos in the issue are in black-and-white (except the Hamburglar photo above)! What kinda ass-backwards stupidity is going on here?!?

Mel Gibson DENIED for “Hangover” Sequel

In what is probably the single-most hypocritical move I’ve seen in a long time, Warner Brothers has dropped Mel Gibson from his cameo for “Hangover 2″! In a statement released to the press by director Todd Phillips, he goes on to claim that the reason for dropping Gibson was due to extreme criticism from the cast and crew.

The big rumor was that Zack Galiafinakis was the one that had huge problems with Mel and had protested quite loudly while he was out promoting “Due Date”. Why do I get the feeling that HE was the only one that instigated this whole thing?

Either way, casting Mel Gibson for the sequel is NO different than casting Mike Tyson for the first film. Both men have had legal troubles (some more extreme than the other) and I don’t see how casting Mel will affect the film’s box office intake at all. In fact, I was looking forward to it! Zack Galiafiniakis is a whiny little bitch!

[UPDATE: Variety has gotten word that Bradley Cooper’s co-star in “The A-Team”, Liam Neeson, has been recast in Mel Gibson’ role and has already made the trek to Thailand to start filming it!

New “Tron: Legacy” Poster Revealed

The full one-sheet poster for “Tron” Legacy” has been unveiled and, WOW, does it take full advantage of Olivia Wilde’s assets! Not that the movie needed any sexing up, but the image of Olivia’s big ass is quite a sight.

“Sherlock Holmes” Sequel In Production

The first “Sherlock Holmes” flick with Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law was a surprise hit (despite being an average film) and was barely in theaters last Christmas. Of course, as with all hit flicks, Guy Ritchie has already reassembled the cast and started filming the sequel!

The movie won’t be out until Christmas 2011, so its just another 14 months before we see it!

Linkin Park In Concert

Chester and the boys started off their European tour by performing at the O2 Arena in Berlin last night where I ‘m sure they played songs from their “Thousand Suns” CD. I don’t know about you, but Linkin Park is a pretty rockin’ band. Of course, we know that they ain’t all that unless the “Glee” kids start doing fucked up renditions of their songs.

Adriana Lima Unveils New Fantasy Bra

Back in September, I announced that supermodel Adriana Lima was awarded this year’s Fantasy Bra from Victoria’s Secret. Well, the official unveiling was made TODAY in New York where Lima emerged from a top-down limo and was wearing a Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress (with the top half missing) along with the (cheap-ass) $2 million Fantasy Bra on her breastesses.

Why do I get the feeling that Alessandra Ambrosio was supposed to be the one to wear that bra this year? Who’da thunk that Lima would get second dibs! Supermodels confuse me.

Hot Coffee With Jackson Rathbone

The Showbiz Spy website has a really questionable story about Jackson Rathbone’s fan encounters at Starbucks. Jackson claims he can’t frequent Starbucks anymore because “Twilight” fans recognize him and start screaming. “Oh, BOO HOO HOO, the girls think I’m sexy when I’m really not. BOO HOO HOO! Let me be obscure!”. Hey, dickhole, grow a pair!

The 10 Hottest Lingerie Models

A website called Made Manual has chosen their list of the ten Hottest lingerie models in the world. Keep in mind, I said “ten hottest” not “top ten hottest”. It doesn’t surprise me that the list is comprised of mostly Victoria’s Secret models (NATCH), but it DOES surprise me that it was a woman that chose this list! Now this is where it gets interesting.

Since the author of the list couldn’t rank the girls (she listed them alphabetically instead), I will do her the favor and re-rank them as they should be ranked! It’s a biased list on my part, so if you don’t agree with me, then make your own list!

Here’s the author’s list rearranged by me:


The reason I chose Candice as #1 is simple: because she’s the youngest of the group! Adriana Lima and Alessandra are still gorgeous ladies but they are aging into the Heidi Klum/Gisele Bundchen/Tyra Banks columns.

On the other hand, Candice and Doutzen are in their prime and have a lot of years still ahead to get even hotter and sexier while the rest already had their time in the spotlight. Just add a sprinkle of Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Miranda Kerr and now we have a real party!

Jasmine’s Milkshakes Are Better Than Yours

Remember Jasmine Waltz? The Megan-Fox-wannabe that is quickly fading back into obscurity? No? Then it should help you to know that Jasmine was at the Millions Of Milkshakes store in Hollywood yesterday where she concocted her newest recipe shake: The Home Wrecker!