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Eliza Dushku Announces Next TV Failure

No less than a year after “Dollhouse” got the axe after two horrendous seasons on FOX, TV Guide has announced that Eliza has landed ANOTHER TV series in the works for TNT where she plays a…wait for it….COP in the Pacific Northwest!!! Oh, sweet Jesus, someone stop her!

I’m gonna be honest and just say it: Eliza Dushku just doesn’t belong on TV. Seriously! How many goddamn times does she need to do a TV show that just can’t “find an audience” before she finally figures out that nobody buys her in the roles she does!

Let’s make it clear: she’s good at doing one thing onscreen – being a heinous bitch. Kevin Smith knew it and the “Bring It On” people knew it, so why does this woman keep getting TV projects that cast her against type?!? STOP IT, ELIZA!

UPDATE 12/07/2010: As of yesterday, Eliza has announced that after only ONE week of filming, she is quitting the show! Yes, now that is the best decision she’s made so far.

Date Night in Paris with Brad & Angie

Brad and Angelina are currently in Paris to promote “Megamind” and both were seen having a date night at the Champs Elysee earlier tonight.

How is humanly it possible that Angelina can juggle 16 kids, direct a movie in war-torn Bosnia (under extreme protest), and start promotion for her new flick “The Tourist”…..and STILL look as incredibly and stunningly gorgeous as she does in the photo above? I will never ever know.

Victoria’s Secret Hot Chocolate

Yup, you read that correctly. If you were in the SoHo District in New York earlier this morning, you probably saw supermodels Erin Heatherton and Chanel Iman inside a Victoria’s Secret Ice Cream truck giving out free cups of hot chocolate to local passer-bys.

Or maybe you didn’t.

Anne Hathaway & James Franco to Host 83rd Oscars (?)

The peoples over at are claiming that possible Oscar contenders, Anne Hathaway and James Franco, are being touted as the possible hosts for next year’s Academy Awards.

If it turns out to be true, then it looks like AMPAS is going for a younger audience. Here’s the thing: all this talk about these two all seems to be nothing but hearsay. One guys tells one guy one thing….and they tell two friends….and they tell their friends….and so on and so on and so on.

So far, nothing from AMPAS has been confirmed so, until the announcement is made, take this news with a grain of salt.

Harry Potter & Hermione Get Freaky

I haven’t seen a full Harry Potter movie since the very first one back in 2001. Since then, I’ve purposely ignored the other six flicks, but for the last week and a half, I’ve been hearing lots of talk (even from the stars themselves) about a hot lesbian make-out scene with Harry and Hermione in the new “Deathly Hallows Part 1″ flick.

I wasn’t aware that these two were freaky-deaky but I guess since its the last movie of the franchise….why the Hell not, right?

A couple of super crappy cellphone pics were snapped of the make-out scene and posted on the Internets. Apparently, it looks like there’s a Peyote-induced drug haze that occurs where Harry and Hermione get naked and start sloshing tongues. Activate that Nimbus 3000, I say!

Leslie Nielsen Passes Away at 84

Legendary screen actor, Leslie Nielsen, known for his (early) dramatic roles as well as his late comedic roles from flicks like “Naked Gun” and “Airplane!” passed away today at the age of 84.

The New York Times reports that the actor died at a Ft. Lauderdale hospital where he was being treated for pneumonia. Surely, he will be missed. And, NO, his name is not “Shirley”.

Gisele Bundchen’s Got A B.O.B.

Yeah, even after splitting with Victoria’s Secret nearly four years ago [and also spitting out Tom Brady's kid], supermodel Gisele Bundchen still has the backside booty poppin’.

The highest paid supermodel in the world was spotted earlier this week in St. Barth’s doing some fashion photoshoot and was flashing some ass cheeks as paparazzi snapped away.

“Bombshell” McGee & The Nasty Bits

Remember Michelle “Bombshell” McGee? She was the tattooed Nazi-loving Ho’ that destroyed Jesse James’ marriage to Sandra Bullock earlier this year, remember? Yes? No?

Well, she’s back in the news because she was seen over in Aussie land for the opening of the “Sexpo” Expo in Melbourne yesterday. And, like a pro, she stood for a photo-op in between a giant 20-foot dick and…..something else. Oh, Jesse should be so proud!

Black Swan = Jennifer’s Body?

The new Darren Aronofsky flick “Black Swan” is being touted as a “psycho-sexual thriller” starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis as ballerinas that get all touchy-feely and artsy-fartsy on each other. Sounds sexy, right?

In an interview with Collider, Mila describes her sex scene with Natalie as “a little uncomfortable, whether its the same sex or the opposite sex. The great thing about this is that Natalie and I were actually lucky enough to be friends prior to production, which made it all a lot easier“.

Here’s the thing I noticed about Mila’s quote, though. There was another movie that came out last year that was touted as a “psycho-sexual horror” flick where the stars of the film also did a same sex tongue-wagging liplock. That movie was called “Jennifer’s Body” and it starred Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried.

In an interview that Amanda Seyfried gave prior to that flick’s release she claimed that her scene with Megan Fox was “difficult to do, because just on one end, I was uncomfortable, because I kiss men. Even in front of people – to kiss someone for the first time, female or male, is still awkward. And then – also, with a female, I was worried that she would judge me. Or, it was just awkward, because we were kind of pals, and then we had to make out with each other“.

Coincidence? I think not. The Megan Fox flick tanked at the box office (even with Diablo Cody’s name attached to it) and if “Black Swan” (with Aronosky’s named attached) follows the same fate, then it’s surely no coincidence.

Marisa Miller Wants To Sex U Up

Aside from watching the New England Patriots smother the Detroit Lions yesterday for Thanksgiving, there was another reason to watch TV yesterday night. Actually, two reasons. Everyone’s favorite former VS model, Marisa Miller, made her second appearance on the Conan O’Brien show and proved that she ain’t gone soft… to speak.

Marisa walked out onstage wearing bright red lipstick and a slut-tastically racy little red dress with cleavage to burn a hole in your HDTV. And, YES… is the first time on national television that Marisa has ever shown this much breastesses.

To be honest, I was getting quite tired of Marisa’s tradition of not showing anything outside of wearing a bikini [hence my growing hatred for her], but this was actually quite BONER-RIFFIC! So what did Marisa talk about with Conan? I don’t know, who gives a shit!

[HD screencaps courtesy of VampireHorde]

Happy Thanksgiving From Celebutopia!

It’s a great day to be with your family and stuffing your face with all the hot foods and cold drinks you can digest. We at Celebutopia wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

Take a cue from Keira Knightley and shove that turkey leg in your fat face like a rabid pig! YUMMY!

Chat With the Victoria’s Secret Angels!

Want another chance to chat with the Victoria’s Secret Angels? Yes, you do! If you missed the last chat they had back in September, then worry not because they’re doing it again!

The Victoria’s Secret UStream page is holding a special Pre-show chat on Tuesday, November 30th @ 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific (just prior to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show @ 10 PM) and will feature Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, and (the insufferable) Chanel Iman talking about stuff that guys are totally not interested in. Tune in and chat away!

No More Batman For Christian Bale?

Christian Bale is a loyal servant to “Batman” director, Chris Nolan. So much so that he’s willing to give up the cape and cowl if Nolan told him to! Christian gave an interview to E! News and pretty much told them that “…unless Chris says different, this will be the last time I’m playing Batman“.

So far, Christopher Nolan has only revealed the new title of the third Batman film. No details of the villain or story were given out, although a few other sites have already speculated the basis of the film’s storyline.

Gore Verbinski To Helm “Lone Ranger” Flick

Johnny Depp has been attached to the “Lone Ranger” film adaptation to play the role of Tonto for quite awhile now but, until yesterday, no details of a director or lead actor were named.

But worry no more! The lads at have announced that Johnny’s pal, Gore Verbinksi (who directed the first three “Pirates Of the Caribbean” flicks), will helm the new Western! No lead actor has been cast for the title role but I have one suggestion: PAULY SHORE.

John Travolta & Kelly Preston Are New Parents

Congratulations to John Travolta and Kelly Preston! People Magazine has announced that the lovely Scientologist duo are once again parents to a new baby boy named Benjamin late yesterday night.

Kim Kardashian Needs T.P. For Her B.H.

Hey, for the right price, Kim Kardashian will promote just about anything. And when I say “anything”, I mean even doing an event where she promotes Charmin Toilet Paper in the NYC. The dark-haired ingenue was at the opening of the new Charmin Store in Times Square where she was awarded the official “Bathroom Key”.

Looks like Kim and her sisters won’t be having any problems needing T.P. for their bungholes!

Happy Birthday, Kelly Brook!

Today is the 31st birthday of the boobalicious Kelly Brook! To be honest, I really don’t have any clue as to why she’s famous (other than her slut-tastic performance in “Piranha 3D”), but her Wiki page says she’s famous so I’m just gonna run with it.

But let’s not kid ourselves….it’s all about the natural 34E breastesses. Big ol’ thingies! So let’s skip the retrospective and peruse some photos of Kelly on the set of “Piranha 3D” getting all touchy-feely with Riley Steele.

And check out this hip new Funny Or Die video featuring Kelly and her airtight crotch!

Supermodels Lip-Syncing to Katy Perry

Since Katy Perry performed “Firework” at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it was only shamelessly modest for the supermodels to show their support by doing a tribute video!

All the VS Angels do their best lip-syncing to Katy’s latest song (to promote the show). Some pull it off and the others….maybe not so much. But, hey, it’s a lot sexier than watching a ke$ha video!

[Video courtesy of Modelinia]

Miley Cyrus Turns 18 & Everyone’s Celebratin’!

Miley Cyrus officially turns 18-years old TOMORROW. Now everyone can officially stop bitching about Miley and focus their hatred on Taylor Momsen. Wow, do I hate Taylor Momsen.

The “Hannah Montana” star held a pre-birthday bash over at the Trousdale Nightclub in Hollywood yesterday night after the American Music Awards and kept it quite low-key…..that I know of.

Olivia Wilde In A 69 Position

Olivia Wilde knows how to sex up her photoshoots and nothing could be hotter and wilder than seeing Olivia wearing Daisy Dukes and a super-small football jersey with the number “69″ emblazoned on it. The “Tron: Legacy” starlet appears in a new editorial for the latest issue of Details Magazine (with Matthew Morrison on the cover) and flashes a few boner-worthy curves and a smile.

Click on the pics to view the bigger version!

Take note, Maxim Magazine! This is how you do it!