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Olivia Wilde Flaunts Her Curves For “Flaunt”

The Olivia Wilde Flesh Party continues! This time Olivia is featured on the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine (one of those artsy-fashion mags) and she gets more naughty by finally flashing off her phat booty that she’s been touting for the past couple of months. Take a look-see!

Click on the pics to view the bigger version.

Now THAT is quite the impressive ass! In the issue, Olivia discusses mostly about her political beliefs (of all things) and her disdain for the non-vegetarians (aww, C’MON!). Not really a reason to buy the issue but, if you do, get it just for the picture of her ass!

Bar Refaeli Is Still Hot & Chunky

Well, it turns out that Bar Refaeli is STILL trying to get a suntan out in Mexico while flaunting that chunky body of hers. And because I have to, let’s ogle at some close-ups of those chunky Jewish knockers, shall we?

That Brooklyn Decker bitch ain’t got nuthin’ on this!

Ana Ivanovic Works Up a Hot Sweat

Tennis hottie Ana Ivanovic is currently in Australia to prepare for some tennis tournament and the paps got pics of her getting all hot and sweaty during a practice round the other day.

Seriously, I don’t think even Kournikova and Sharapova ever break a sweat!

Lorenzo’s Milkshakes Are Better Than Yours

That guy that played the main character on the TV show “Renegade” all those years ago (known as Lorenzo Lamas) was at the Millions Of Milkshakes shop in LA yesterday afternoon and concocted his brand new shake – the “My Ex-Wife-Is-A-Money-Grubbing-Whore” Shake!

Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Party On a Yacht

Was it any coincidence that VS supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were BOTH spotted partying up at some rich fucker’s yacht in St. Barths last night?

NO, IT WASN’T!!! Goddamn, it sure does make me wish I were a supermodel.

[Photo Credit: Alessandra's Beijos]

Where In The World Is Miranda Kerr?

It’s a simple question. The Aussie supermodel has gone AWOL and it’s all goddamned mutherfuckin’ sunnuvabitch Orlando Bloom’s fault! First, this dumbass impregnates her and then what’s he do (other than tending to her supermodel needs)? He wastes all of his free time biking up hills, motorcycling around LA, getting into scuffles with paparazzi, and drinking coffee in public ALL while his supermodel wife sits and gets fatter by the hour!!!

A little less Orlando Bloom in the news and little more Miranda Kerr!!!

Pixar To Release Postage Stamps

The US Postal Service has released a press statement regarding some of the new 2011 postal stamps and the characters of Pixar (among others) were chosen for the bunch!

Selected characters from the “Toy Story”, “Ratatouille”, “Cars”, “Up”, and “Wall-E” flicks are going to be adorning your letters starting in August 2011, so save up those pennies!

Bar Refaeli Is Hot & Chunky

What the Hell happened here??? Sports Illustrated supermodel Bar Refaeli is far removed from the toned body she had over a year ago. Since then, it looks like she packed on the El-Beez and is flaunting a bod that’s been stuffed with Peanut Butter Oreo’s and Ho-Ho’s.

The paps snapped some bikini pics of Bar and her family in Mexico and she was looking quite thick. But, now that I think about, is it wrong for me to think that she’s still hot even though she’s become a chunky monkey?

I don’t know whether to be disgusted or be typing with my pants down.

Megan Fox Outscores Kim K. In Magazine Sales

According to reports from Women’s Wear Daily, Megan Fox’s March 2010 cover of W Magazine sold the most copies for the publication for 2010. Nearly tying Megan’s issue in sales numbers was Kim Kardashian’s Nude issue from November.

Let’s make it clear, Kim’s nude issue could’ve easily been the top seller (in fact, it was practically purchasable to ANYBODY) but that didn’t stop the hardcore Megan fans from beating out the Kardashian bandwagoneers. Go Megan!

[Scan courtesy of Megan-Fox.NET]

Natalie Portman Is Pregnant

“Black Swan” star Natalie Portman has confirmed to People Magazine that she is indeed expecting her first child with her new fiance Benjamin Millepied (some dude she co-starred with in “Black Swan”). Congrats to Natalie!

Amber Heard Is Too Hot For The Geeks

The Angelic Amber made an appearance on the geekfest known as “Attack Of The Show” on G4TV to promote her newest straight-to-DVD semi-softcore flesh flick, “And Soon The Darkness” (co-starring Odette Yustman). Watch it below!

The movie is out on DVD on Tuesday, December 28th (tomorrow!), so queue it up on your Netflix or zoom down to your local Redbox and snag this movie and watch it in gratuitous slo-mo!

Teena Marie Found Dead

Rumors had been spreading throughout the day that 80′s Pop/R&B songstress Teena Marie was found dead and, unfortunately, CNN has reported and confirmed that the songstress has indeed passed away today at the age of 54. Marie was found dead in her sleep earlier this morning, according to her manager.

Early in her career, Teena had a catalogue of hits including “Behind The Groove”, “Lovergirl” and a duet with Rick James titled “Fire And Desire”.

“Tron: Legacy 3D” REVIEWED

The legacy of “Tron” is kinda hard to describe especially if you don’t really know the full story. I’ve only heard and seen bits and pieces about the original “Tron” movie for years, so I at least have an idea what the movie is about. Even in the “Kingdom Hearts” videogames for Playstation 2, there was a full level featuring the “Tron” characters and their story. But for this movie, almost none of that matters. You could watch this flick and not have to know too much about the original film to know what happens. But let me tell you what this flick IS about….

“Tron: Legacy 3D” is all about state-of-the-art CGI technology and a less-than-stellar “sequel” story. The story works out like this – Son loses father in the 80′s, son receives message from beyond in the present day, Son enters the Grid, son finds father, son and father fight bad guys, Olivia Wilde, and Happily Ever After! Sorry, but its the best way to describe the thin plot of this movie! The special effects are quite the sight in 3D, but as a fan of videogames like Final Fantasy, its nothing that I myself haven’t seen. Future worlds and flying machines are SO 2001!

Jeff Bridges pretty much steals the show from under himself playing both old Kevin Flynn and his younger counterpart CLU. Anytime the old Flynn showed up onscreen, the movie pretty much stalls for exposition. It’s only when the young CLU shows up that the movie picks up steam and the story finally gets moving. CLU is a deluded badass and the CGI used to digitally “de-age” Jeff Bridges is quite impressive (although the CG looked like crap in the flashback scenes). The only thing that kinda turned me off was when Bridges would enter “The Dude” mode and say stoner lines like “Hey, check it out, man!” Funny, but distracting at the same time.

Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn does an okay job of being the protagonist and hero. As the main character, he essentially doesn’t end up being the crutch of the movie, so most of his scenes only hamper the time before the scenes with CLU appear. And even as the movie winds to its explosive finale, it’s CLU that still steals the show.

And as for Olivia Wilde as Quorra, her role is a mixed bag. Her character is quite naive at times but not really tough, either. The trailer and ads show her as some Ninja-type assassin but don’t be fooled! Most of the time, she just appears as eye candy and when she finally does show some toughness, her time gets cut short. And since there’s no love story between Quorra and Sam (just a few “bonding” moments), she ends up being just “there”.

The movie itself is technical marvel. Great special effects and groundbreaking facial CGI on Jeff Bridges are the real reason to see this movie. CLU steals the show from everyone and seeing young Jeff Bridges onscreen in his black-and-orange suit is all the movie needs. Forget about the story! Oh, and speaking of the story, while the story itself isn’t all that difficult to follow (though some may disagree with me), it really becomes more about the special effects than whether or not the good guys emerge victorious.

In the end, “Tron: Legacy 3D” is all about flash with little substance. Olivia Wilde is wasted as a character (she doesn’t even get objectified, C’MON with that!) and a young Jeff Bridges steals the show. Watch it for the special effects and don’t concentrate too hard on the story. If you can do that, then MAYBE this movie may be a nifty little 3D experience.

Happy Holidays 2010 From Celebutopia!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of our Forum members and to all the Blog readers!

[CREDIT: Alessandra's Beijos]

For All The Angelina Jolie Fans….

…this one’s for you! Chelsea Handler Haters Unite!

[Courtesy of Mr. Ralph Garman @ Hollywood Babble-On]

New “Red State” Teaser Trailer Online!

The new teaser trailer for Kevin Smith’s latest flick “Red State” got posted at his own Smodcast website and we got the preview right here!

Watch for all the creepy goodness!

TF3 Megatron’s New Look Unveiled

The boys at the JoBlo website got a hold of some pretty nifty pictures of the brand new toy prototype for Megatron based on the new look that he has for TF3!

Check it out below and see if it turns you on.

Apparently, Michael Bay has flipped Megatron into more of an Optimus Prime clone by switching his robot form from a bad-ass Tank into a flimsy-ass Tanker truck!

Unless Megatron shoots missiles out of the front or something, this is probably the most fucked up switch for the Decepticon baddie I’ve ever seen!

Lunchtime With Zac Efron

Newly single Zac Efron went to lunch at Subway yesterday. Mmmm, Tuna sandwich!

Ali Larter Pops A Boy!

Ali Larter finally gave birth to a little boy named Theodore last Monday, according to People Magazine. It is the first child for Ali and her husband. Congrats to Ali!

And let’s just hope the sexy new curves she got from this pregnancy doesn’t go away.

Candice Swanepoel Versus Megan Fox

If you pit Megan Fox’s killer body against Victoria’s Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel’s deadly curves, who would win?

It’s not a Poll or a contest, just a simple question for you to ponder…..