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Candice Swanepoel Has a B.O.B.

One thing we can all agree on is that this girl has got some major badonkadonk and, goddamn it, she will flash it! She will flash that ass and you are going to stare at it!

Candice along with her supermodel co-horts, Erin Heatherton and Chanel Iman (as if that’s a real name) were in the Victoria’s Secret store in the SoHo District this morning promoting the release of the new “Incredible Bra”.

Butt wait…..if Candice is promoting a new bra and is flashing her big ass to photographers, does that mean I have to buy it now?

Roxette In Concert

If your mind can go far back, maybe you’ll remember way, way, WAY back in the late 80′s and super early days of the 90′s, a little known Swedish band emerged onto the Pop music scene with a hit song called “The Look”. That band was called Roxette. Based on the popularity of that first hit song, their follow-up singles (“Listen To your Heart”, and “Dangerous”) also garnered the band international success in the U.S.

And then, of course, came the hit single “It Must’ve Been Love” from the “Pretty Woman” soundtrack that transformed the band into worldwide sensations.

Since then, Roxette has never had any success in the US that matched “It Must’ve Been Love”. That being said, Roxette is back together and rocking out! In fact, the band held a special pre-concert over the weekend in their hometown of Sweden to kick-off their latest tour in support of their upcoming reunion tour!

In case you don’t remember their biggest hit single, watch the video for a nostalgic trip back to the early 90′s….

It just brought a tear to my eye…..

Happy Birthday, Anna Kendrick

My favorite actress with the biggest head in Hollywood (literally), Anna Kendrick, celebrates her 25th birthday today! And isn’t a big co-winky-dink that her birthday coincides in the same week that her latest flick, “Scott Pilgrim VS. The World” opens in theaters? I don’t think so!

If I got my facts correct, Anna is probably the only cast member from the “Twilight” movies that has been nominated for a Golden Globe AND an Oscar. Suck it, K-Stew bitch!

The Santa Monica Place Re-opens – FULL REVIEW

If you live in southern California and are a frequent visitor to the sunny and breezy Santa Monica area, then you probably already heard about the newly re-opened mall. The Santa Monica Place re-opened it’s doors to the public on Friday after an extensive 2-year remodeling development phase and from a mallrat standpoint, it’s only semi-impressive. I got to visit the newly re-opened “open-air” mall yesterday afternoon amidst the hundreds of curious locals and tourists and saw firsthand what kind of atmosphere and ambiance a place like this will do to you. Let me give a breakdown of what to expect:

The area used to be a typical cramped mall with typical run-of-the-mill stores. But as newer and more sophisticated malls were being built in other areas of SoCal, it was only a matter of time before this place would fall victim to mediocrity. The NEW Santa Monica mall is not as cramped and is, in fact, an “open-air” mall. By that, it means that there is NO roof above which allows for lots of cool breezy wind to come flowing from the beach. To be honest, this was the one feature I enjoyed the most. Unlike some other open-air malls that I’ve visited (the Hollywood & Highland mall comes to mind), the breeze of the Pacific Ocean does make this place less stuffy and hot. Although, I shudder to think what’ll happen when it rains.

So far, you will only find clothing stores and few big name chain stores in this mall. There are NO electronics stores, no videogame stores (aww, boo!), no bookstores, and no movie theaters. If you’re looking for those stores (or a few others not in the mall), you’ll have to cross the street to the Third Street Promenade. For example, if you were aching to get some new lingerie at Victoria’s Secret (and who hasn’t had that feeling), you’ll have to leave the mall and go up the street to the Promenade. It’s a bit of a stretch to do all that walking, but I guess it gives shoppers a reason to get out and explore.

The new mall contains three floors of stores and the third floor is strictly all for food. With that said, don’t expect too many typical fast food joints. There is an outdoor area with lots of fancy glass tables and sofas and an indoor area that contains some fast-food places, although only three of them (a pizza place, a sushi bar, and a BBQ chicken joint) were open as of this writing. Aside from that, there are also separate themed restaurants on the third floor and I got to try out the Japanese-themed restaurant called “Ozumo“.

Ozumo is very similar to another SoCal favorite restaurant of mine, Katsuya, although Ozumo is more stacked. Ozumo features a super-large dining area with fancy tables and chairs as well as TWO sushi bars that are right next to each other. Of course, the food is pricey but the service is quite excellent and much more attentive than at Katsuya. Give this place a try and you might like it (unless you’re a total cheapo).

Just like every mall you visit, expect to bump into lots of people and limited places to shop (if you’re not a clothes guy like me). But the ONE thing I will give a big recommendation is the large outdoor patio on the third floor. The patio offers spectacular views of the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Ocean and, if you’re lucky enough to score one of the fancy lounge seats on the patio in the evening, you’ll get to witness a beautiful sunset. Let’s see your mall do that!

Should you visit Santa Monica Place? YES, absolutely! It may end up being a favorite hangout of you and your friends or family….or not. The list of stores is impressive for the clothes shopper but nothing else. To be honest, I was a tad bit disappointed at the fact that over $260 million was spent for this renovation and I only feel like I experienced HALF of that investment with this new mall. That being said, I can’t say enough good things about the third floor outdoor patio. The ocean view is definitely worth the visit and the outdoor restaurants are worth a try……if you can find a parking space, that is!!!!

Maxim Cover Girl September 2010

I can’t tell if this is a step UP or a step waaaay DOWN for Maxim because their cover girl for September is none other than everyone’s favorite homicidal jailbait whore, Lindsay Lohan! I’ve looked through her editorial and it seems these pictures were taken a long time ago. Not surprising considering that Lilo looks way too healthy in the photos and we sure as Hell know that ain’t the case.

Click on the scan to view the bigger version!

Either way, Maxim wins, we lose because we don’t get any nipple and no firecrotch shots (unlike other magazines she’s shot for). Damn, that reminds me, Kelly Brook is on the cover of the latest issue of Playboy! Hold on, I’ll find a copy and be back in a sec…..

New Trailer for “Jackass 3D”

Here’s the awesomely awesome new trailer for Jackass 3D. Don’t ask, JUST WATCH!

Marisa Miller Is Officially OLD

But I’m not saying that in a bad way. Or maybe I am! Supermodel Marisa Miller turns a hearty 32-years old today and that is considered a bit weird considering that this woman constantly LIED about her age during the first couple of years of her modeling career (she always claimed to be 2 years younger than her real age).

Even when she was doing nudie shots for Perfect 10 Magazine, she was already lying about her age. Speaking of nude, ever since Marisa decided to get a manager, they’ve done everything they can to thwart the hardcore fans from ever knowing about her sordid nudie past. But why hide the truth? Marisa looks as good topless and naked than she does in a bikini and we all deserve that! I’m sick of looking at the photos that don’t show anything!

As of late, Marisa’s been getting minimal (to almost zero) work for Victoria’s Secret and she’s stopped doing shoots for Sports Illustrated. So what the hell does she do now, you ask? Well, she sells herself basically. Check it out, homegirl is featured on the cover of the latest issue of FHM UK and here’s the kicker: the whole thing was orchestrated by her management. That means that FHM never really came to her and asked for her to pose for them. Instead, her management set-up the photoshoot, took the pictures, and then had them passed around to various men’s magazines and FHM was the one to take the bait. That’s just sad. Oh well, Happy Birthday, FATSO.

Look at What Seal Did To Heidi Klum

It’s official: supermodel Heidi Klum is no longer “super”. She’s become a shadow of her former self and after four pregnancies (three of them courtesy of Seal) and hackneyed attempts at dieting, the supermodel magic is long gone. Heidi and her clan were spotted somewhere off the coast of France earlier today and the 36-year old mother decided to show off her HIDEOUSLY disfigured body. Everything from deflated breastesses to a partially reassembled tummy, it’s a miracle she still got to do last year’s Victoria’s Secret show (in a body-hiding corset, mind you).

Let me remind you that this woman is a former Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated model, okay? Compared to how she looked back in the day in the early 2000′s, you wouldn’t be able to tell this was the same woman. And it’s all Seal’s fault. GODDAMN HIM TO HELL!!!

The Scent of Khloe Kardashian

The genetically deficient sibling of the Kardashian klan known as Khloe has made the announcement that she and her husband, Lakers superstar Lamar Odom, are going to be releasing a new Unisex fragrance on the market!

That’s right, the fragrance will be called “Unbreakable” and will be available next year on Valentine’s Day! Pre-order your bottle today and maybe YOU can smell like either roasted Tabouleh or a stanky men’s locker room!

Forbes’ Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses

The people at Forbes have come up with another prestigious list, this time chronicling the highest paid actresses of the year, so far. The top ten ladies listed were ranked in order of how much they were paid per movie, profits from back-end deals, endorsements, and other revenue streams.

Here’s the Top 10:


How the Hell does Jennifer Aniston rank higher than Angelina? Aniston can’t even open a movie by herself without it flopping horribly yet Angelina is about to have another $100 million blockbuster for “Salt” in her hands yet Aniston ranks higher??!!!!??? SCREW YOU!

Kelly Brook is Promoting Shoes….

….or maybe not! The British boobshell was out in London to unveil her new billboard for a new Reebok shoe. Of course, in typical Kelly fashion, the billboard shows her fully naked wearing a pair of Reebok shoes…..

….huh, What? What was I talking about?

Note To Taylor Momsen: Nobody Cares!!!

Am I the only reasonable person here that doesn’t buy into the whole “I’m an emo-goth lost soul that can’t express her feelings because my puppy-dog got ran over by a car” bullshit that “Gossip Girl” starlet Taylor Momsen has been pulling everyone in on? Seriously, anyone that thinks that this girl is some cutting edge artist is fuckin’ kidding themselves. Let’s not forget this girl is only SEVENTEEN years old and stars in a TV show and gets paid millions of dollars yet she wants us to think that she’s some “misunderstood artist”? BLOW ME!

She continued her juvenile charade earlier today by bringing in her stupid band to perform a short set for the release of the new “Material Girl” fashion line at Macy’s in New York and was pulling the whole “I’m an outcast, nobody gets me” hippie bohemian bullshit into overdrive. At this point, I’ve taught myself to stop paying attention to this girl, but that doesn’t mean I can’t expose her for the FAKE that she really is. If her ass crashes and burns on a speedball and then OD’s and lives to tell the story, then maybe I’ll change my mind.

Olivia Wilde Gets Naked in her Latest Movie

This is probably the best headline I’ve ever written. A website called The Realm Casting got to interview Olivia and one of her castmates from the set of the new Harrison Ford comic book flick, “Cowboys & Aliens” and they both confirmed that there will be lots o’ hot naked flesh all courtesy of Olivia herself.

“Last night, we did a scene where I’m naked in front of a group of couple hundred Apache. Pretty amazing, pretty interesting.”

But according to Olivia’s co-star Adam Beach, he says that while Olivia was fully naked for the scene, it’s probable that the edited scene in the movie will NOT feature all the goods. One question: WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PAPARAZZI PHOTOS??!!??

The Eva Mendes Sex Tape (Not Really)

Here it is: the Eva Mendes Sex Tape! Just not the one you expect it to be.

Gisele Bundchen’s Breasts Of Steel

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen gave an eye-opening though not-quite-preposterous statement about the state of American women’s breasts and vaginas compared to hers. She was being interviewed for the UK edition of Harper’s Bazaar and gave two very bold statements, the first one involving her breasts:

Some people here (in the US) think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?’ I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.

And her next quote involves her vagina.

You want to go into the most intense physical experience of your life unprepared? That doesn’t make any sense to me. I was ready and I thought OK, let’s get to work’. I wasn’t expecting someone else to get the baby out of me.

To put it simply, Gisele is saying that she has breasts of steel and a vagina made of iron. I can imagine that the minute she went into labor, she squatted on the gurney and shot that baby straight into the doctor’s arms within ten seconds without breaking a sweat. As for the breastfeeding comment, I say FEEL FREE to breastfeed your baby in public, my dear! No one’s stopping you!

Cheryl Cole Is Not A Fun Girl

Last week, I reported that two British girls set foot in Los Angeles. One was Kelly Brook and the other is Cheryl Cole. Now, since I don’t follow UK celebrity antics, I have no idea how popular these girls are but judging from their time in my town, Kelly is the clear winner.

Check this out, Kelly Brook spent a few days in LA and was spotted going around BY HERSELF to various networks and attending meetings. Everytime she went out, she was dressed up in sexy outfits and ready to flash a big smile. Now THAT is one confident girl!

On the other hand, you got singer Cheryl Cole. From the photos I’ve seen in the 48 hours that she’s been in my town, she’s been an absolute total BORE. Unlike Kelly, Cheryl is just SO high maintenance as a British celeb that she has her boyfriend drive her around town, covers up her face with giant aviators, never smiles for the cameras, dresses up like a bohemian-hippie Spice Girls fashion faux pas, and walks around with a bodyguard! Sunnuvabitch!

I’m sorry, but is this the kinda bullshit she pulls over in Britain? Hey, this is Los Angeles not London, sweetie! Pucker up and make us think you’re somebody, BITCH!!!

Free Lindsay Lohan from Prison?

Some tanning salon in New York that Lilo had been visiting for years decided to drum up some publicity the other day for itself by holding a rally to show that they support the boozing, cocaine-sniffing, crack-swigging, pill-chugging, beer money-blowing, half wit known as Lindsay Lohan. Oh, let’s not forget that Lilo is currently incarcerated in southern California and this rally was held in New York! Sorry, girls, but she can’t hear you!

Free Lindsay Lohan? Here’s the answer: NO!!!!!

Hot British Girls in Los Angeles

Two of the hottest women from the UK were spotted in Los Angeles today! It was kinda sad, though, that they couldn’t bump into each other since they were both spotted at LAX Airport yesterday afternoon. One of them departed from LAX in the afternoon and the other arrived into LAX in the evening.

Check it out, UK actress Kelly Brook and her boobies spent a few days in Hollywood before leaving yesterday. God knows what the Hell she was doin’ here but I’ll be goddamned if the paparazzi didn’t snap as much photos as they could. Hey, it ain’t often that you see imported UK goodies, y’know? The other hottie was UK singer Cheryl Cole. I have no idea what her malaria-stricken ass is doin’ here, but I expect to see lots of paparazzi photos in the next 24 hours.

Ali Larter Is Bootyliciously Pregnant

“Varsity Blues” star Ali Larter made the announcement a couple of days ago that she was knocked up. That’s old news already. The REAL news is just how many curves and bumps this girl got over the last month! Check it out!

Ali was spotted earlier this afternoon getting some coffee in Santa Monica alongside fellow actress Amy Smart and was sporting dangerous curves all over the place.

Just by this pic alone, you can see that Ali’s got herself three (or technically, FOUR) large bumps on her body! She’s got those massively swollen boobies (trust me, those weren’t there before), she’s got a baby belly, AND….she’s got a giant badonkadonk for days! I sort of got wood now.

What’s that Smell? Oh, it’s Britney Spears!

Sniff, sniff! Oh my god, it smells like teen spirit. Check it out, Brit-Brit tweeted a photo on her Twitter account of her newest fragrance called “Radiance”.

The tagline says “Choose Your Own Destiny”. Well, I say, “Choose something else to buy!”