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The Psycho Mike Update PART 3

The 12th season of Dancing With The Stars got underway last night and the Loveline Loverboy, Mike Catherwood, finally strutted the Fox Trot onto the dance floor with partner Lacey Schwimmer. Check out the screencaps below.

Unfortunately for Mike, his Fox Trot was a bit on the awkward side with a bit of questionable moves in between. Even with yawn-worthy dances from Petra Nemcova and Chris Jericho, Mike was just not flowing with the music nor with his partner which resulted in poor scores. All three judges awarded him a score of 5, 4, and 4 for a total of 13 out of 30 which puts Mike DEAD LAST on the scoreboard.

Does this mean we’ll see the last of Mike this season on Tuesday’s Vote-Off show? I hate to say it, but more than likely, YES. If Mike does survive the first week, then I’ll be quite surprised. And if he does make it through Week 2, then I know he’s got something going but, until that happens, it’s a no-brainer. Sorry Mike!

Wonder Woman Gets Suited Up for TV

Hey, I didn’t know Halloween was already here! The folks at Entertainment Weekly got their paws on an exclusive shot of Adrianna Palicki donning the new Wonder Woman outfit and so far…..NOT WINNING. Seriously….blue tights???

Let’s not forget that Wonder Woman is supposed to be tough, built like an Amazon, and can kick your ass the same way she kicked Superman’s ass. This photo exudes NONE of those characteristics! If this is just a test shot, then it’s understandable but if it’s not, then let’s just hope Adrianne doesn’t rip those tacky tights with her fat ass and funky FUPA.

Katherine Heigl Gets Wet In Miami

Wow, it’s quite obvious to see that Katherine Heigl hasn’t been hitting the gym! Last I recall, the last time Katherine looked sexy was when she was featured on the cover of Maxim WAY back in June 2000! Eleven years later, this saggy out-of-shape funion pudge is all that’s left of her……sad face.

The shit-talking diva-actress was spotted in Miami with her husband (sans the Asian baby) earlier today where she flaunted her less-than-impressive body in a black two-piece bikini to the paps.

Hey, at least it’s not as horrific than those bikini pics of ke$ha!

Charlie’s Angels Are Back In Business

The reboot is underway! The new ladies from the “Charlie’s Angels” reboot (Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly, Annie Ilzoneh) were spotted in Miami earlier today filming scenes for the show.

Aside from the fact that the show is produced by Drew Barrymore (which can only guarantee that it’ll be teen-friendly), I just hope these girls can get down and dirty and gritty with the action scenes. If this show has boobs and butts and bloody body parts flying, I’m in!

Kim Kardashian & A Lollipop

Kim K was out somewhere yesterday doing something or other at some place in some city while wearing some designer clothing while sucking on a lollipop….I don’t know, WHATEVER.

Sorry, couldn’t think of anything interesting to talk about.

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Sandwiched at the Lakers Game

Oh YES, she did! If you haven’t heard or seen by now, Vanessa Hudgens has ANOTHER nude picture scandal hanging over her head. New private photos were posted Online yesterday featuring more gratuitous nudity (including a very up-close look of her cootch) BUT…..I find this picture below to be much sexier.

Vanessa and her “Sucker Punch” co-star, Emily Browning were at the LA Lakers game last night and it just so happened that they were seated directly behind the Laker Girls. And there’s nothing sexier like squeezing Vanessa Hudgens in between two camel-toed hotties.

Emma Watson Struts for Lancome

Now that Emma doesn’t have to worry about playing the pesky role of Hermione anymore, she can start doing more adult things like cutting her hair into a pixy-style and attending some Ivy League school. And doing commercials for Lancome!

The pixy-haired actress was spotted filming a sexy little commercial on the streets of Paris for the Lancome company looking quite minxy. I bet she wishes she never cut her hair, though.

Eva Amurri Is Sexy But Too Smart For You

“Californication” actress Eva Amurri makes an appearance in the April 2011 issue of Maxim wearing some PG-13 type lingerie.

Click on the pics to view the bigger version!

In her article, she boldly proclaims that she HATES videogames. For a good-looking girl like her who graduated from an Ivy League school, she doesn’t seem shy of the fact that she doesn’t hang out with the geeks and nerds (and why would she?). Booooo!!!

Just when I was starting to like her, she shoots us all down with her nerd hatred! But that’s okay, I can just watch her slut-tastic performance in “Californication” with her big drooping stripper titties in slo-mo and cry with my pants down.

Playboy’s Sexiest Female Celebrities of 2011

The folks at Playboy have released a (somewhat) comprehensive list of their choices for Sexiest Female Celebrities of 2011. 27 ladies were chosen ranging from the hottest “It” girls to the veteran ladies who just won’t age. The list can be found in the April 2011 issue of the magazine (with a less-than-enthusiastic Taryn Manning on the cover). Some of the choices are no-brainers while the rest warrant a response of “Who?” and possibly “You gotta be shittin’ me!”

Here’s the 27 chosen ladies (in no particular order):





And lastly…..


It’s obvious that that you won’t agree with most of these choices (where’s Odette Yustman or Ashley Greene???) but, either way, some of these ladies should consider a pictorial for them. I wouldn’t mind!

Maxim Cover Girl April 2011 – PART 2

Here’s the full set of High Quality scans of Brittany Snow’s editorial from Maxim.

Click on the pics to view the bigger version!

If only she chose to wear Victoria’s Secret, I’d be less bitchy about the whole thing. The issue will be on newsstands next week, so pick it up if you feel so inclined.

Maxim Cover Girl April 2011

If you haven’t heard about it by now, actress Brittany Snow is the April ’11 cover girl! Last month, it was that fake-ass skinny ho’ Michelle Trachtenberg and now we get this broad!

As far as I know, Brittany was actually the first Maxim cover girl in a long while to actually leak her own pictorial on television! But it still doesn’t hide the fact that Maxim’s last batch of cover girls have been all bland yawn-fests. There are other actress/supermodels/whatevers out there that are far more buzzworthy (like Mila Kunis or Amanda Seyfried or Irina Shayk!) yet Maxim decides to go for THIS. Another disappointing cover for another disappointing month. EPIC FAIL!

**As a side note, the April cover girl for last year was newcomer Alice Eve. She was hot for the moment and was a perfect choice to nab the cover unlike Brittany who’s NOT a newcomer and has yet to find that ONE good role (excluding her role on the new Kathy Bates NBC show that no one’s watching).

“Fast Five” Trailer #2

To be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with the fourth F&F flick (far too much whiney drama and not enough action), but judging from this new trailer, the action takes a cue from the fast-paced action of “2 Fast 2 Furious” and forgoes the drama for more cars and more…..umm, cars.

I just hope this movie doesn’t pull the “awesome trailer, shitty movie” tactic that “Mission: Impossible 2″ had all those summers ago.

Happy Birthday, Jon Hamm!

Let’s take a few seconds to give props to one of the hottest and prettiest men on Television. No, I’m not talking about Charlie Sheen, it’s Jon Hamm! The fantastically dapper actor from the show, “Mad Men” celebrates his 40th birthday today and we at Celebutopia are more than delighted to wish him the best B-Day!

Oh, and before I forget, it’s also Olivia Wilde’s 27th birthday as well.

And, YES, the private pics that her ex-husband posted online SUCK.

The Psycho Mike Update – PART 2

Where in the world is Psycho Mike? No less than a week after the announcement was made that Mike would be part of the DWTS crew, it was also announced that his dancing partner would be Lacey Schwimmer (who is practically a dead-on ringer for Khloe Kardashian).

Mike and Lacey had been making multiple Tweets (plus posting Twitpics) on their own Twitter accounts about each other for the last couple of days BUT…..

….as of the last 48 hours, the Tweets have gone silent. And now, new paparazzi photos of Lacey outside the DWTS rehearsal studios have popped up online where she’s B-ballin’ with Romeo (who isn’t partnered with her)! What happened to Mike??? Is there some bad blood between the two already? The goddamned show hasn’t even aired yet!!!

Eva Mendes Goes Reebok!

Eva Mendes is now hawking for Reebok. Reebok has named the actress as their “new brand ambassador of Reebok EasyTone”.

Take note, ladies! If you wanna look as good as Eva, then wear those shoes!

George Michael’s “Faith” Gets Remastered

I’m not afraid to claim that I am a big fan of Wham! and George Michael. Not in the least bit! The music from both of those acts is practically a time capsule of 1980′s Pop Music and it was only a matter of time before one of those albums got a spiffy remastering. Fast forward to 2011 and, lo and behold, George Michael’s 1987 Pop masterpiece, “Faith” finally got the audio overhaul it so needed. It seems George was able to settle his legal battles with the record company and now the final product is here!

But what’s more intriguing about the new 2CD/DVD combo pack is the newly “remastered” versions of George’s iconic music videos! According to the packaging, the videos were re-synched with the newly remixed audio but, from what I’ve seen, the videos themselves seem to have gotten a bit of a do-over as well.

Here, let me give you a few examples by comparing screencaps from the original 1987/1988 videos to the 2011 remasters. The screencaps below are UN-ALTERED from their original source. As you can see, the 2011 “remasters” have been toned down in terms of Contrast colors and don’t look as super saturated as the original version. In essence, the videos look less colorful but picture quality becomes a tad sharper.





Regardless, this newly remastered album is worth seeking out (it’s only available in a few stores) especially if you’re an 80′s music nostalgia lover like me! This is a great way to bring back the good ol’ days when Pop Music didn’t have Auto-tune and MTV still aired music videos. Fuckin’ ay, I miss those days……

The Psycho Mike Update – PART 1

As a listener big fan long-time them of the Kevin & Bean Show (for a shameless 12 years now) on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles, it’s been quite the shock to see K&B alum Mike Catherwood AKA Psycho Mike rise above the ranks of regular radio morning show personality to a nationwide TV pariah so quickly.

In case you didn’t hear, the cast of DWTS Season 12 was announced earlier in the week and imagine my surprise when local radio boy, Mike Catherwood got his name in the “Who the Hell is THAT?” category. And now, paparazzi photos are starting to emerge of the cast in rehearsals and here’s the first photo of the douchebag loverboy!

Will he be the first one voted out of the show? Betting sites are giving Mike 14-to-1 long shot odds of winning, so that’s a safe “YES”. Either way, this could be my first and only Psycho Mike update or just one of MANY……

Olivia Wilde Gets Disney-fied

Famed (and financially-troubled) photographer Annie Liebovitz got to hire big-time A-list actors such as Jeff Bridges, Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Olivia Wilde, and Queen Latifah to portray live-action characters from some of Walt Disney’s cast of beloved cartoon characters for a Disney-themed photoshoot to promote Disney Parks.

Jeff and Penelope appear as Beast and Belle from “Beauty & The Beast”…..

….Olivia and Alec appear as the Magic Mirror and the Evil Queen from “Snow White & The Seven Dwarves”…..

….and Queen Latifah appears as Ursula from “The Little Mermaid”.

If only they can convince Kristen Stewart to portray Ariel from the “The Little Mermaid”, my Disney fantasy would be complete!

Kate Winslet – #1 Glam Girl of 2011

According to the readers of Glamour Magazine, 50 female celebrities were chosen by reader vote and Kate Winslet emerged as top victor! So to top it off, Kate got the cover of the April 2011 issue.

Click on the pics to view the bigger version!

The article in the magazine talks about Kate’s post-Oscar win, her current lifestyle (she tries to exercise but sucks at it), and her new HBO TV mini-series entitled, “Mildred Pierce”. Oh… THAT’S the real reason she’s on the cover. Anyway, the issue should be on newsstands next Tuesday, so pick it up!

Victoria’s Secret Launches the Incredible Line

Actually, it’s more of a RE-launch considering that they had this line introduced last year. Anyway, a nice smorgasbord of supermodels, mainly Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, and three others that I could care less about were on-hand at the Victoria’s Secret store in the NYC this morning to relaunch the “Incredible” line of Bras, Panties, and Fragances.

Ah, who am I kidding, I just wanna see more of Candice’s tanline!

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