Megan Fox Starts Work On “Knocked Up” Spin-off

I seriously do not understand why Megan Fox has been keeping a low-pro for this long. Ever since the massive failure of “Jennifer’s Body” back in 2009, Megan’s only been spotted doing a few things here and there (and the occasional movie project), but it’s good to see her enormously lazy fatass getting back to work on a filmset.

The paps caught Megan and her pumped-up cleavage on the filmset of the flick , “This Is Forty” – the spin-off movie featuring the Leslie Mann & Paul Rudd characters from the Judd Apatow flick, “Knocked Up” – looking quite…..pasty. But still hot!

At least they’re putting those babies to good use. Hell, Michael Bay couldn’t get her to show that much cleavage in “Transformers”, so BRAVO to Judd Apatow!

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