Yvonne Strahovski Busts Out For Maxim (And Esquire) October 2011

The Australian hottie and “Chuck” starlet makes her very first appearance on the pages of Maxim and she’s REALLY busting out for it. I do find it a bit unfortunate that Maxim felt the need to Photoshop the cleavage of her breastesses in most of these pics, yet….I find it strangely hot. Unlike what Cosmo does to their covergirls, Yvonne looks so much better with faked cleavage!

Check it out!

Click on the pics to view the bigger versions!

Considering that Yvonne isn’t really that much of a busty chick, I’m actually proud that Maxim amped up her rack, it looks amazing! And speaking of “rack”, Yvonne also makes a special boobified 1-page appearance in the October 2011 issue of Esquire for their monthly “Funny Joke From A Beautiful Woman” article. Check it out!

That’s a lot of Strahovski right there!

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