Emily Van Camp Heats It Up For Cosmopolitan USA May 2012

You wanna know something that is really FUCKED UP? The editors of Cosmo had two choices for the covergirl of the May issue: “Revenge” bad girl, Emily Van Camp or Reality-starlet-sister-to-a-whore Khloe Kardashian. And who did they choose? That’s right, the Yeti! In case you aren’t aware of it, Emily is on the hottest show on TV but, instead, got screwed over for Chewbacca. Once again, it’s an EPIC FUCKIN’ FAIL, COSMO!

Anyway, Emily makes an 8-page appearance in the May issue of Cosmo showing some sizzling skin (as well as some horrific Photoshopped cleavage). Scope out the goods!


Click on the pics to view the bigger version!

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