Ashley Greene Goes Pink For “The Apparition” Premiere

I like Ashley Greene. In Pictures. I’ve yet to like her in any of her movies, though. For her new flick, “The Apparition”, Ashley plays some girl in some horror movie who has to do a few scenes in her underwear. Cuz no horror movie would complete without the blatant and unnecessary bits of female semi-nudity, right? Hey, even if the movie stinks (which I’m very sure it will), I can just freeze frame the good parts of her ass and ignore the rest of this movie.

In an unusually uncommon move, Ashley’s premiere for her newest scare flick was held last night at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, a full 24 hours before the flick’s nationwide release. But, then again, it’s probably common that the movie will still suck. Bring on that next Twilight movie!


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