Jenna Jameson Used To Be The Hottest Woman Alive…..

Boys and girls, there used to be a time in America when former Pornstar Jenna Jameson wasn’t getting into car crashes or getting DUI’s or getting into scuffles with her husband. There was also a time when Jenna didn’t look like a surgical nightmare, too. But, in her defense, at least she hasn’t gotten all God-head or become some Born again Christian cuz she still seems to enjoy the flaunting her poontang (or whatever’s left of it anyway).

Case in point, Jenna was in Las Vegas over the Labor Day weekend hosting a party at the Crazy Horse III, a special little Gentlemen’s Club that specializes in VIP service, wink wink. It’s just too bad she doesn’t strip anymore, unlike her other peers like Tera Patrick. Maybe one day…..


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