Glee’s Tribute To Corey Monteith To Be Name “The Quarterback”

Cory Monnteith

Cory Monteith

Since the death of Glee megastar Corey Monteith the Gleeks around the world have been wondering how the execs at Fox would handle his untimely death. The episode titles The Quarterback has begun being filmed and according to Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez), the mood on set is somber. Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) has reportedly said that when she received the script that is was the most beautiful thing she had read. Ryan Murphy and the staff had tossed around the idea of Finn’s death to mirror his real life death but have changed their minds. Apparently it will be an episode dedicated to his character but it is still unsure how they will handle his on screen death. I am thinking that they might have him commit suicide. Being that Finn was always down on himself with a lack of a clear future, they might play that into his death. That is just a guess though since nothing has been released about it. I for one cannot wait for Season 5 to start. It won’t feel the same without Finn. I still think there is a lot to do with it and a lot of talent that can take the show in a different direction. Who knows? Only Ryan Murphy knows exactly what is going to happen.

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