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Ja Rule Goes To Prison


Oh, NOW I remember! The funny thing is that I don’t remember a single thing that Ja Rule’s done since 2001. Except maybe go to jail for two years for weapons possession. Dumbass Rapper.

Lindsay Lohan – Back to JAIL!

It’s official: Lindsay’s back in the hoosegow! After the whole cocaine rollercoaster ride in the press, the judge in Lilo’s case simply had enough of her highfalutin’ bullshit and DENIED her any bail for her drug test failure – which meant that as soon as the hearing was done, Lindsay immediately got handcuffed and thrown behind bars.

And by the judge’s order, since she was denied bail, she has to stay in jail until her next hearing which is on October 22nd! So if anyone wants to keester a nail file for Lilo, better do it now!

UPDATE: Since there were no photographers inside the courtroom, sketches from the proceedings were just released showing Lilo getting hauled away in handcuffs.

Jessica Alba goes to Prison

Okay, that didn’t happen, but little Miss Personality-on-a-stick thought she was above the law and decided to go into a speeding frenzy in her GMC Yukon Hybrid car in Beverly Hills. Of course, the CHP pulled her ass over and gave her a little bit of a pep talk.

The unfortunate part? The sissy cop fell for her FAKE charms and let her off with only a Warning!!! What the blue fuck!!? Did he just wave his finger at her and say, “Okay, Miss Alba, don’t you be speeding next time or else! Now have a nice day.” SCREW YOU, MR. SISSY POLICEMAN SONOFABITCH!!

Not only should he have given her a goddamned speeding ticket, he shoulda hauled her ass to jail for lack of personality! GODDAMN IT ALL!!!!

Free Lindsay Lohan from Prison?

Some tanning salon in New York that Lilo had been visiting for years decided to drum up some publicity the other day for itself by holding a rally to show that they support the boozing, cocaine-sniffing, crack-swigging, pill-chugging, beer money-blowing, half wit known as Lindsay Lohan. Oh, let’s not forget that Lilo is currently incarcerated in southern California and this rally was held in New York! Sorry, girls, but she can’t hear you!

Free Lindsay Lohan? Here’s the answer: NO!!!!!

Lindsay Lohan In The Hoosegow!

The SCRAM bracelet went off and now Lilo’s got 90 days behind bars. Here’s my question: only NOW??!?? Anyway, click here to read all the details about Lilo and prison and blah blah blah. I’m too lazy to spell out all the details or care anymore.

Gary Coleman Is Funny

Jack Tweed back in jail

tweedThe widower of British reality TV star Jade Goody has appeared in court on a rape charge.

Police in London say they charged Jack Tweed, 22, after they received a complaint from a woman. At a court hearing Saturday he was ordered detained until a further appearance Sept. 21.

Tweed and Goody married in February, a month before her death at 27 from cervical cancer.

This isn’t Tweed’s first brush with the law. Just a few weeks after Goody’s death, he was jailed for 12 weeks for attacking a cab driver. He has said he has struggled to cope with Goody’s death.

Chris Brown Gets Dirty

Chris Brown will be doing some dirty work.

Police in Virginia report his sentence will involve removing graffiti, picking up trash and washing cars as part of his sentence for the assault back in February. In August, Chris was sentenced to five years’ probation, six months of community labor and a year of domestic violence counseling.

He was sentenced in California, but is performing his labor in Richmond near his home. Norwood said Brown will be supervised during his service, but Brown would have to pay for any additional security if the public becomes aware of his presence.

Lori Petty To Receive Probation

Lori Petty will skip out on jail time.

The “Tank Girl” actress will plead no contest Friday to a misdemeanor DUI charge and serve five years’ probation, according to a source close to the case. Petty was arrested last May after hitting a 14-year-old skateboarder in Venice Beach. She will also pay fines, receive outpatient treatment and attend AA meetings. A second DUI charge was dismissed as part of her plea deal.

Isaiah Washington being evicted

washingtonActor Isaiah Washington is paying for his “Grey’s Anatomy” sins several times over. He lost his job in 2007 after making a homophobic slur during an onset fight with a castmate and now he’s facing eviction.

According to court documents filed by by Sandalwood Properties in Santa Monica, on Tuesday, Washington and his wife have fallen behind on their $20,000 a month payments and now owes more than $100,000 in unpaid rent.

Washington’s landlord claims rent has not been paid on the Venice-area home since November.

LAPD investigating Dane-Gayheart sex tape

danegayEric Dane and wife Rebecca Gayhearts little naked romp with a teen beauty queen has caught the eye of Los Angeles authorities. They are reviewing the tape, looking for any “criminal activity” as part of an official investigation.

Video of the couple frolicking nude with former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche hit the internet on Monday.

In the clip, the seemingly drunk trio lounge on a bed, passing a camera around and dreaming up porn names for each other.

An anonymous source gave the Los Angeles Police Department a copy of Dane’s tape last month.

A statement released by the LAPD said, “On July 30, 2009, an unnamed source provided the LAPD’s Detective Support and Vice Division with a copy of a DVD. According to the source, the DVD contained images that could link celebrities engaging in illegal activity.

“The LAPD was in the process of reviewing the voluminous files contained on the DVD when the story was leaked to the media. No determination has been made as to whether or not the DVD contained any information that could be used for a criminal investigation. Some of the information contained on the DVD included archived articles and photographs of porn stars and formally convicted madams, which could readily be found over the internet.

“The LAPD will continue to review the DVD for potential evidence. Therefore, additional information about the contents of the DVD will be treated as confidential.”

Meanwhile, a lawyer for the Grey’s Anatomy actor has threatened to sue anyone who publishes the “private, confidential tape,” adding, “from what I’ve seen, it’s a naked tape, not a sex tape.”

Former SYTYCD judge facing sexual assault charges

dasilvaA former choreographer for “So You Think You Can Dance” has again been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting four women. This time, however, he’s facing actual charges.

Alex Da Silva was arrested Thursday morning at his North Hollywood home, after the District Attorney filed an arrest warrant charging him with eight felony counts of assault.

The warrant includes four counts of forcible rape, two counts of assault with intent to commit rape and two counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object.

The alleged assaults occurred between August 2002 and March 2009, according to the district attorney’s office. The four alleged victims were between the ages of 20 and 26 and were all dancers or aspiring dancers who say they met Alex through his dance instruction classes.

Back in April he was arrested on similar charges, but prosecutors held off on pressing charges in favor of a continued investigation, which apparently yielded results.

Da Silva is being held on $6.2 million bail.

Richard Hatch claims homophobia for his tax troubles

hatch“Survivor” winner Richard Hatch claims not that prison made him gay, but that being gay put him in prison. He made the accusation on the “Today” show Tuesday, one that prosecutors in the case promptly called baseless and delusional.

Hatch, speaking publicly for the first time since being released from prison to home confinement, said he believes the judge in his tax evasion case discriminated against him. He also accused a prosecutor of misconduct.

“I know without question that there are personal issues involved for the prosecutor. I don’t know why. The prosecutorial misconduct has been egregious,” he said.

When asked whether he believes that if he was heterosexual, he would not have gone to prison, Hatch replied, “I do believe that.”

In court papers filed earlier this year, Hatch complained about prejudice in the justice system against gay people.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office, however, said Hatch’s claims are baseless, and in a court filing in May, prosecutors pointed out that Hatch offered no evidence to support a claim that he was prosecuted because he is gay.

Former U.S. Attorney Robert Clark Corrente, whose office oversaw the case, told WPRO-AM that Hatch is “delusional.”

Hatch was convicted in 2006 of failing to pay taxes on his $1 million prize for the first season of the CBS reality show. He was given extra prison time for lying on the stand.

Hatch will be released from home confinement on Oct. 7, but has asked a judge to release him immediately for a variety of reasons, including because he was represented by ineffective lawyers.

He told the “Today” show that he has been financially devastated by his tax case.

PD comes a-knockin’ at the Gosselin residence

People Jon Kate GosselinPolice in eastern Pennsylvania report they responded to an argument at the home of Jon and Kate Gosselin.
Lower Heidelberg police say they calmed the situation down after going to the home at 7:05 p.m. Thursday. There were no arrests or citations. Police did not say who was involved in the incident or cite the reason for the argument, but I’m going to gamble it was our two little love birds.
The TLC show is back on the air after a hiatus following the Gosselins’ breakup in June. New episodes document the Gosselins “separately parenting” their eight children. I suspect this little incident won’t make it to air.

Rihanna asks for some leniency for Brown

rihanna-chris-brownRihanna is feeling some mercy for Chris Brown.

The “Umbrella” singer feels the restraining order is too severe. Brown pleaded guilty of assaulting her in February and must keep 50 yards away from her at all times.

Instead, Rihanna feels a level-one protective restraining order would be sufficient.

Her lawyer Donald Etra said: “That order would prevent Chris from annoying, molesting or harassing her. That level-one order would fully protect her.

“The order in effect now is a stay-away order preventing them from coming within 50 yards of each other. But Rihanna’s position from the beginning is that there was no need for that level of protective order.”

Brown was formally sentenced Wednesday. He pleaded guilty to assault in June and was sentenced to five years’ probation, 180 days of community service and an anti-domestic violence program.

Since the attack, Chris and Rihanna have been spotted together on several occasions and are rumored to have rekindled their romance.

Recently, they both reportedly stayed at New York’s Trump International Hotel and Tower under a “cloak of secrecy”.

Mel Gibson accused of hitting a photog

gibsonMel Gibson might be up to no good.

The actor/director/Catholic divorcee was at Los Angeles Playhouse with his pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva Wednesday night when he allegedly struck a man suspected of being a paparazzi.

According to reports, Gibson and Grigorieva looked “happy and in love” at the beginning of the evening.

Supposedly a woman approached them posing as a fan, but who is believed to be a reporter from Life and Style. She took a picture of Gibson and Grigorieva, but the star’s security team seized the camera and deleted the shots.

Next, the woman supposedly asked a male friend to try to get a photo, provoking Gibson to allegedly attack him.

A source told gossip website Hollyscoop: “Mel approached the guy who tried to take his picture and ripped his shirt.”

The man involved has filed a battery report against Mel at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood division.

He is not believed to have been injured in the incident.

Jackson’s doc raided by cops

APTOPIX Michael Jackson DoctorAh, the plot thickens. The offices of Michael Jackson’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray were raided by the Drug Enforcement Agency today as part of their ongoing investigation into the pop star’s death.

With search warrant in hand, a fleet of vehicles carrying more than 20 officers descended on Murray’s offices at the Armstrong Medical Clinic in Houston, Texas. They arrived around 11 a.m. local time along with two Los Angeles police officers and several local cops.

They were reportedly set to seize all documents relating to Murray’s treatment of Jackson, including medical notes, details of any drugs he was taking, and records of prescriptions Murray handed out to the star.

Members of the Jackson family have cried “foul play” and urged an investigation of Murray’s involvement in the star’s death last month.

Murray was with Jackson when he went into cardiac arrest at his rented home in Los Angeles on June 25 and performed CPR on the star before emergency crews arrived.

Harry Potter actor avoids significant jail time

Ziegfeld TheaterIt took a little bit of legal magic, but “Harry Potter” actor Jamie Waylett has managed to make a lengthy jail sentence disappear. Waylett, who plays Vincent Crabbe in the franchise, was sentenced to community service after pleading guilty to drug charges.

The 19-year-old was arrested in April after police pulled over his car and caught him in possession of several bags of marijuana.

A subsequent raid on his home in Camden, north London found 10 cannabis plants and he was charged with illegal production of a Class-b drug.

Waylett confessed to the crime earlier this month and faced up to 14 years behind bars.

But at his sentencing at London’s Westminster Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday morning, he instead got 120 hours of community service.

Judge Timothy Workman accepted that Waylett’s production had been “small scale” and had been growing the pot plants for his own use.

He also declared the actor was essentially a man of “good character” and let him off with a less severe punishment.

Figure skater Nicole Bobek arrested on drug charges

Bobek Charged Figure SkatingWhat is it about figure skating that attracts the bleach blonde white trash?

Former champion skater Nicole Bobek, who won the women’s U.S. figure skating title in 1995, faced charges for her alleged involvement in a New Jersey drug ring today. Bobek, who has homes in New York and Jupiter, Fla., was arrested in Florida last week.

Bobek is being charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in Hudson County, N.J. and is being held on on $200,000 bail. She faces up to 10 years in jail if she’s convicted.

Earlier today she made an appearance in court by video from the Hudson County Jail.Her lawyer was present today and entered a not guilty plea on her behalf.

Prosecutor Edward DeFazio claims they have made 20 arrests in connection with this drug ring.

Dane Cook’s half-brother faces 20 more charges

cookComedian Dane Cook’s half-brother is in even more trouble. The troublesome relative is facing 20 more counts of larceny in connection to allegations he embezzled more than $11 million Cook.

Darryl McCauley worked as the funnyman’s business manager for almost five years and was arrested in Massachusetts in December. He was accused of stealing from Cook’s fortune and forging a $3 million check to himself.

He has pleaded not guilty to eight counts of larceny, forgery and larceny by continuous scheme and is currently being held behind bars as he awaits a pre-trial hearing.

Now, an indictment for 20 charges going back to 2004 have been revealed.

Back in April, Cook commented on the case, calling it a “terrible betrayal”.

“I worked with my only half-brother for several years. (I) woke up one day and a lot of stuff was missing. There is a good chunk of money that is certainly not accounted for… Hopefully justice will be served and I can move on with my life,” he said.