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Scarlett Johansson Takes Her Top Off For Interview Magazine December 2011


Let’s be honest, Scarlett’s editorial in Vanity Fair was pretty yawn-worthy. And now Scarlett scores her second magazine editorial in the same month for the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Interview and it’s just as mind-numbingly pretentious. Here’s what I don’t like about this article (and her Vanity Fair article as well) – Scarlett is desperately trying to pass herself off as some “mysterious” figure but all she’s really doing is just being an anti-social bitch.

When you think about it, there are other actresses out there that know how to manage their appeal (like Angelina Jolie, for example) that don’t spend their time slamming social networking sites and the Internet the way Scarlett does (instead of embracing it). It really is insulting to me as a fan and to those that watch her movies when she wastes all her time being anti-social.

But there is one positive to this and that is she gets topless for ONE photo in the editorial. Other than that one photo, I can’t stand reading any more of Scarlett’s bullshit article. I’m just gonna go and look at Scarlett’s naked pictures again to relieve my stress.



Tori Praver Gets Naughty & (Semi) Naked For GQ USA November 2011

Tori Praver was one of those up-and-coming supermodels that was hot for a good minute back in 2008-2009. She had appeared a couple of times in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was the GUESS girl at one point and then….she just disappeared!

Although she’s been AWOL for awhile, she makes a return (although uncredited) appearance in the November issue of GQ (the Gods of Rock issue) doing a couple of nudie, though tame, shots here and there. Check it out!


Mr. Skin Announces Top 100 Nude Actresses Of All-Time

In case you didn’t know, the folks at the Mr. Skin website held a month-long poll to decide which actress has the best On-screen Nudity. Over 1,000 scenes were chosen and voters were urged to vote for the Top 100.

Well, Mr. Skin himself made an appearance on the Kevin & Bean Show on 106.7 KROQ-FM in Los Angeles this morning to announce the news. If you just have to know the Top 10 Best Nude Actresses, here is the list from #10 to #1:


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Supermodels Get Naughty In New Book

For the past couple of years, Sports Illustrated releases a special “swimsuit outtakes” book about six months after the swimsuit issue hits the stands. In particular, the new photos in these books don’t really have anything worth tongue-wagging over….until NOW, that is! Imagine my surprise when I browsed thru the new “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 Extra/Fantasy Islands” book (on newsstands now) and saw a couple of salacious see-through shots! Normally, these kinds of pictures would get Photoshopped to blur out the model’s nipples, but it seems they decided to forgo it for blatant nudity. And you know what? WHO CARES!

Out of the 80+ new pictures in the book, a total of FIVE of them feature see-through nudity and I decided to be a nice guy and make HQ scans of all five pictures. Sure, five pictures isn’t much but, then again, maybe it is! And the pics are of Alyssa Miller, Izabel Goulart, Chrissy Teigan, and Hilary Rhoda. If you were expecting Brooklyn Decker, Irina Shayk, or Julie Henderson to be all nude, then don’t even bother buying the issue.


Jessica Szohr Naked in Bodypaint

I am not a fan of “Gossip Girl” actress Jessica Szohr. But I am trying my damndest to tolerate looking at her naked bodypainted flesh by ignoring the fug face. Turns out that Jessica will be the spokesgirl this year for Sobe Lifewater (her BFF Ashley Greene did it last year) and pix were posted on the Sobe Facebook page.

Instead of looking at her face, let’s just look at the other parts, shall we?

Enjoy. If you can. If you do, good for you.

Olivia Wilde Flaunts Her Curves For “Flaunt”

The Olivia Wilde Flesh Party continues! This time Olivia is featured on the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine (one of those artsy-fashion mags) and she gets more naughty by finally flashing off her phat booty that she’s been touting for the past couple of months. Take a look-see!

Click on the pics to view the bigger version.

Now THAT is quite the impressive ass! In the issue, Olivia discusses mostly about her political beliefs (of all things) and her disdain for the non-vegetarians (aww, C’MON!). Not really a reason to buy the issue but, if you do, get it just for the picture of her ass!

Marisa Miller Gets Naked. For Charity.

Everyone’s favorite man-whore Fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, got supermodel Marisa Miller to shed her skivvies and pose buck-ass naked once again. Ah, just like in the good ol’ Perfect 10 days! Nothing but flesh and no inhibitions.

Marisa’s fleshie image appears on a special t-shirt to benefit the NYU Cancer Institute. And since it’s all for charity…..ah, fuck it, SHE’S NAKED, that’s all that matters!

Christina Aguilera’s Leaked Pics = EPIC FAIL

When I heard the word about Xtina had a couple of nude pictures leaked on the Net, I jumped on the opportunity to see what they looked like and….THEY SUCK. SUCK SUCK SUCK! Turns out that the photos are just discreet and features ZERO nudity. Sure there’s a bit of sideboob in some of them, but I got sprung for no goddamned reason.

In fact, I’m so pissed off that I’m just gonna post the picture where Xtina’s fully clothed!

Stare closely all you want, it’s still a sucky-ass photo! Fuck the person that stole these shitty-ass non-nude pictures!

Mr. Skin’s Top Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2010

It’s that time of the year! Mr. Skin doesn’t disappoint when it comes to compiling such lists like these, so let’s cut the BS and reveal the list of the Top Nude Scenes of 2010!


And there you have it! Lots of nudity, not enough time to whack it. It’s time for you to queue up your Netflix and watch each scene in slo-mo.

Harry Potter & Hermione Get Freaky

I haven’t seen a full Harry Potter movie since the very first one back in 2001. Since then, I’ve purposely ignored the other six flicks, but for the last week and a half, I’ve been hearing lots of talk (even from the stars themselves) about a hot lesbian make-out scene with Harry and Hermione in the new “Deathly Hallows Part 1″ flick.

I wasn’t aware that these two were freaky-deaky but I guess since its the last movie of the franchise….why the Hell not, right?

A couple of super crappy cellphone pics were snapped of the make-out scene and posted on the Internets. Apparently, it looks like there’s a Peyote-induced drug haze that occurs where Harry and Hermione get naked and start sloshing tongues. Activate that Nimbus 3000, I say!

Jessica Alba’s Nude shot in “Machete” (?)

Bootlegs of the Robert Rodriguez flick “Machete” haven’t been so easy to find but one place found them and posted the oh-so-fake shot of Jessica Alba’s nude shower scene in the movie. Mind you, I have not seen the movie but I already know that what I see is NOT what I get.

Click on the pic to see the full picture.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but it’s obvious as Lindsay Lohan’s coke problem that Jessica’s head was CGI’d onto some naked body double. Don’t be fooled by your eyes! If you’ve seen Jessica Alba’s other attempts at fleeting nudity (remember the underwear scene in “Fantastic Four”?), you’ll know that this girl is NOT stacked with big breastesses and she definitely is NOT ripped like a fitness fiend as seen in the pic above! Sure, you’re probably thinking, “Who cares, I’ll take what I can get!” and I’m saying, “Don’t be a moron!”

You want real Jessica Alba nudity? Then go to Netflix and rent her straight-to-DVD flick “Paranoid” and you’ll see the closest thing to REAL onscreen nudity she’s ever done.

J-Woww to Strip down for Playboy?

Some positive “Jersey Shore” news just surfaced! If you are a fan of the big busty guidette named Jenni “J-Woww” Farley, well now is your chance to see her and those enormous Jersey balloons on the pages of Playboy! That’s right, the brunette that ISN’T Snooki is ready to bare all and reveal the goodies!

The New York Daily News is citing that the guidette will receive upwards to about $400,000 for her nude services, but all of it MAY be impeded because, apparently, the bosses at MTV have control of her business decisions, so we may or may NOT see those tanned Jersey nips just yet. But cross your boners and pray that it happens!

Wet & Wild With Anna Paquin

I’ve never been a fan of Anna “Gap Toof” Paquin but it wasn’t until she joined the TV show “True Blood” and boning her co-stars that I realized……her big gap tooth really does distract me from her boobs.

Anyway, Anna and her “True Blood” boytoy were spotted at Venice Beach on Memorial Day and, unlike Megan Fox in Maui, Anna didn’t need no stinkin’ bikini and just went splashing into the cold water with a t-shirt and no inhibitions.

Well, at least I don’t have to see the gap tooth.

Olivia Munn Strips To Support The Elephants

They’re at it again! This time, PETA was somehow able to convince Olivia Munn into getting all fleshie and naked to raise awareness for the mistreatment of elephants in the circus. Apparently, it’s not all fun and games behind the curtains.

“When you look at something like the circus and everyone is laughing and there is color and music and everything seems so great, but go right behind that door, they are in these crates all day long. They’re getting shocked and beat, just so that they can get up and dance around on a ball. It was just so sickening!”

Not to sound like I don’t care, but how exactly will photos of Olivia Munn all naked supposed to raise awareness for the pachyderms? If she were stripping to raise awareness against wearing animal fur, it’d make more sense. What the Hell am I missing here? I mean, thank god she’s naked again, but the message is completely lost on me.

UPDATE: Here’s a new photo of Olivia unveiling the billboard in front of a 7-11 over at Wilshire & Highland Avenue in Hollywood earlier today.

Miranda Kerr Gets Naked in GQ Magazine

Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr is featured quite naked in a 4-page editorial in the February 2010 issue of GQ Magazine. Unfortunately, she didn’t score the cover (that honor went to Johnny Depp). In the article, she talks about how she looks good in racy lingerie and that you’re gonna LIKE it. You go girl, be all sexy and naked!

Click on the picture to view the bigger version!

Next time, GQ Magazine, don’t EVER bump a Victoria’s Secret Angel from obtaining the cover! Even if it’s Johnny Depp!

Amber Heard Gets Naked for Vanity Fair

In the latest issue of Vanity Fair, there is a 6-page article inside that features SIX up-and-coming ingenue actresses/singers. And one of them just happens to be the swarthy, sexy, sultry, and VERY naked Amber Heard!

Click on the pic to view the bigger version!

Amber just couldn’t help the fact that she didn’t want to wear her expensive Versace dress during the photoshoot, so she just took it all off and posed completely naked (but strategically covered, unfortunately). But that’s okay, we all love Amber and her magically delicious side-boob.

Marc Jacobs Gets Practically Naked

Here’s a photo of fashion designer Marc Jacobs (on the left) and his wife/husband/whatever cavorting around the beaches of St. Barths totally topless and sporting some boneriffic speedos. That’s right, this is the same place where the Victoria’s Secret models go for their flesh-baring antics, as well as the fashion designers and their boy toy spouses.

Mr. Skin’s Top Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2009

The skintastic website known as released their Top 10 List of Best Nudity for 2009 and this year, they’ve combined both mediums of movies and television. That’s a lot of flesh!

Here’s Mr. Skin’s list from #10 to #1:



It does suck that I don’t subscribe to Showtime because I’ve heard so much positive buzz about Eva’s striptease scenes (and the fact that she’s packing some MASSIVE guns) and I am DYING to see the goods. I hope everyone is right about this.

There you have it! Now go and rent these flicks and watch with your pants down!

Katie Price Gets Skanky Again

Katie Price did another skanky-ass photoshoot where she was all partially naked and whatnot. Not really surprising but, hey, at least the photo turned out nice.

Christian Serratos Gets Naked For PETA

The chick in the photo is a 19-year old actress named Christian Serratos and, apparently, she wants be naked rather than wear fur.

And, for some reason unbeknownst to my hatred for PETA, it sure is makin’ me hungry for a big juicy Superstar cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr. And maybe I’ll add a nice milkshake and some of those greasy curly fries along with it. Ooh, and a big cup of that Barq’s Root Beer to wash it all down. HUH, WHAT?!? What were we talkin’ about?