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Breaking news: Inside InStyle with Isla Fisher

Hollywood hottie Isla Fisher is about to get a bump in her celebrity credit rating as she takes on the role of Becky Bloomwood in the upcoming adaptation of the best-selling “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” The fiancee of Sacha Baron Cohen stopped shopping long enough to talk to the UK’s “In Style” for its February edition.

Celebutopia brings you this exclusive sneak peek at what Fisher had to say:

On Hollywood:
“I met with one big agent and he goes to me, ‘You are so talented’. I said, ‘Oh, gosh, thank you. What have you seen me in?’ And he said, ‘Nothing’. It was my first real taste of Hollywood.”

On not being an “exercise person”:
“You know the point where somebody working out starts to feel tired? Apparently, you get this second wind and you really start to sweat, and that’s when you get addicted. But for me, that’s the point I get off and have a cup of tea and a slice of cake.”

On being funny
“I was getting rejected so much and Sacha said, ‘You’re so funny’, so that, coming from him. … I just think it’s the fact that I can juggle condiments for him.”

On Sacha Baron Cohen:
“Most people can say to their partners, ‘How was your day at work? What time are you home for dinner?’ I have to say, ‘Are you getting sued? Have you been arrested? Are you in jail? Are all your limbs still attached?’ He has more lawsuits than the Baldwin brothers.”

On fashion catastrophes:
“At the Golden Globes last year, I wore this beautiful midnight blue Herve Leger dress with a fitted bodice and a huge skirt – it was incredible, like a princess meets a slut. But someone stepped on my train and ripped the back. There’s a classic shot where I’m smiling really serenely over my shoulder, but my tush is totally exposed! The Sun called me ‘Isla Flasher’, but what can you do?”

On being a natural beauty
“I think nothing’s sexier than laughter lines. I think Lauren Hutton is beautiful and she’s natural. I haven’t done the white teeth – I haven’t really Americanised my look. But we’ll see what happens when you interview me in five years. Maybe I’ll be looking permanently surprised.”

“Confessions of a Shopaholic” is set for release Feb. 13.

CU Interviews: Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian wants to be on your ass. In fact, he’s probably already been there.
The wunderkind designer is best known for his line of sexy underwear, swimwear and loungewear and that reputation brought him to the Oxygen reality show, “The Janice Dickinson Model Agency” during the third season.

He’s back for another appearance Tuesday night and Christian spoke with in an exclusive interview Monday.

His first appearance was a case of great minds thinking alike:
“The producers contacted me on season three of the show and basically invited me to be on. … They knew about my brand and I’m known as the premiere fashion underwear designer out there and underwear lends itself to a lot of skin, so it’s sort of in the spirit,” Christian said. “I was actually really shocked because I was thinking about contacting them and it all happened pretty simultaneously.”

Janice Dickinson, self-proclaimed “first supermodel,” has a reputation for being a little, well … strong willed. She’s outspoken and more than a little harsh when she wants to be.

“I was a little intimidated because of her reputation,” Christian recalled. “But we got along really well on the show and she’s nothing but a professional.”

Tuesday’s appearance revolves around Christian’s search for the perfect model for his new underwear line, Flashback for men and Wonderwear for women.

The line features special butt lifting technology for those seeking the best from behind.
It has no padding, hidden cups or straps. Instead, it has an invisible support structure and add up to an inch to existing measurements.

“I had such a great time with my first appearance and Janice was really great on the show,” said Christian. “She told me about season four and I definitely wanted to be a part of it. … I go in and cast the models – make them show off their butts and have a lot of fun. (We) point out their flaws and where they’re lacking.” Something always fun to do with models, of course.

The new line was inspired by Christian’s hours at the gym trying to get his own butt to look better. He has kidded that he’s happier with the results from his underwear than those from the gym.

Christian keeps his hands on the model selection for his lines, but most of his work isn’t nearly that fun.
“People think it’s very glamorous – it’s not. The photo shoots, models … that’s 5-10 percent of your job, designing another 10 percent. The rest of time is working with the business and making it run as a functioning company.”

Christian’s company is continuing to grow. He recently introduced the Black Line, a higher end dressy line of men’s wear.

“I’m well known for underwear but I design and produce for myself to wear, I had a whole collection of stuff for me, so I decided to make that available.”

The line features items that he would wear to a party or event and, though he’s pretty close-mouthed about it, rumor is the line features more tailored pants and vests.

And this new ready-to-wear line is just the beginning. Eventually, Christian sees himself “conquering the world,” he said.

“I want to be a total lifestyle brand, with my underwear being the foundation. I want to do outerwear, accessories, jewelry, fragrance. I’ve got much more ahead.”

Christian appears on Tuesday’s episode of “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

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CU Interviews: Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford is the funniest woman you don’t know. With a self-described “high, squeaky, childlike” voice, the comedian has been headlining shows around the country for several years, filmed two specials for Comedy Central and was part of the “Comedians of Comedy” series. She recently took on the Web as well with a series of sketches entitled “The Maria Bamford Show” on spoke with Bamford in an exclusive interview earlier this month.

Bamford’s life is as unique as her voice. She grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and launched her comedy career at age 19 at Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret in Minneapolis.

Before hitting Los Angeles for life with her two pug dogs, Bamford spent time in two different communes, including a vegetarian women’s cooperative in Minneapolis. Her penchant for meat contributed to her exit from that particular living arrangement.

Bamford does, however, fulfill the “woman” part of that bargain and even ventures into some feminist territory, with (of course) a little bit of humor. For example, when legendary comedian Jerry Lewis was quoted as saying “There aren’t that many funny women,” Bamford plopped a list of “a few (she) knows of” on her Web site, about six dozen funny females actually.

Before she was inducted into this hall of famously funny women, Bamford worked plenty of odd jobs to pay the bills. She’s been a bookstore clerk (fired for suspected theft, which turned out to just be incompetence), a touring Star Trek impersonator and, that staple of actors and comedians everywhere, a temp:

Bamford’s new CD “How to WIN!” was released last year and she has continued touring the country.

“(I’m) just writing a book- but will take a few years,” said Bamford, who also recently pitched a pilot to Comedy Central. “I’ve pitched but there was no catcher. The ball is rolling around home base. I don’t know enough about baseball to finish the metaphor.”

Her family – particularly her mother – make regular appearances in her act and her Web site features the chance to get words of wisdom from her mother and visit her father’s “No Soap” site.

“They are very supportive. Slightly irritated sometimes, but supportive,” said Bamford.

Bamford has declared herself clinically depressed and indulges in the self-help books like some women do chocolate.
“I like to do exercises and workbooks – filling in blanks, writing answers in margins!” Bamford said.

The funny lady gets her own laughs in everyday life: “Most anything makes me laugh- people, farts, dogs, tickling.”

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