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Joan Rivers on Deathbed. Horrible Comments Online

As I’m sure you all know by now, Joan Rivers, 81, is on life support at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.  The comic had gone in for surgery on her vocal chords when she stopped breathing.  She was rushed to the hospital where her heart stopped beating.  Doctors where able to bring her back but she is now only alive due to the machines. Although her daughter Melissa states her mother is resting comfortably,  it doesn’t look good for Joan. While Joan is fighting for her life and quite frankly near death, the Internet has been set ablaze with horrible comments about the woman.


Some responses on the TMZ website are such that TMZ should actually remove them. 

WhoDatTrueDat states:
“Oh just die already you mean bitch.”

Yuliflor says:
“Let’s be real here… she was a hateful woman. People will remember her as a bully that only talked trash about people to continue being relevant.  Karma.”

DefenderOfIsrael says:
“Does plastic decompose?”

TMZ,  you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing those types of remarks to stay on your site.  Joan Rivers, though disliked by many for her humor, is in fact a person. She was a comic. Many comedians make jokes and poke fun of other races and cultures.  It’s called HUMOR. You don’t like it, don’t listen to it. Her daughter is going through hell right now. Show some respect.  What if it was your mother? I’m sure you’d be highly upset.  I have no respect for those that have no heart and speak about people in such hurtful ways. They say Karma is a Bitch. Hmm….

Peter O’Toole, star of “Lawrence of Arabia,” dead at 81

peter_otoole_1Peter O’Toole died Saturday at age 81 at the private Wellington Hospital in London after a long illness.  He had been in declining health for a number of years.  Always thin, for some time he had appeared frail and almost gaunt.

Seamus Peter O’Toole was born August 2, 1932, the son of an Irish bookie, Patrick O’Toole, and his wife Constance. There is some question about whether Peter was born in Connemara, Ireland, or in Leeds, northern England, where he grew up


As T. E. Lawrence in “Lawrence of Arabia”

With only a few minor movie roles on his resumé, O’Toole was a virtual unknown when he rose to international fame in Lawrence of Arabia,  David Lean’s sprawling saga about T. E. Lawrence, the legendary British World War I soldier and scholar who led an Arab rebellion against the Turks.  His portrayal of Lawrence brought O’Toole his first Oscar nomination, and the spectacularly photographed desert drama remains his most famous role. O’Toole was tall, fair and remarkably handsome.  Playwright Noel Coward once said that if O’Toole had been any prettier, they would have had to call the movie “Florence of Arabia.”

As King Henry II, with Richard Burton as Thomas Becket, in "Becket"

As King Henry II, with Richard Burton as Thomas Becket, in “Becket”

In 1964′s “Becket,” O’Toole played King Henry II to Richard Burton’s Thomas Becket, and won another Oscar nomination. Burton also displayed O’Toole’s fondness for drinking, and their off-set carousing made headlines.  O’Toole played Henry II again in 1968 in “The Lion in Winter,” opposite Katharine Hepburn, for his third Oscar nomination.  His performance as Henry was matched matched blow-for-blow by Katharine Hepburn’s, whose standout portrayal of Henry’s wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, won her the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Katherine Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine and Peter O'Toole as Henry II in "The Lion in WInter"

Katherine Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine and Peter O’Toole as Henry II in “The Lion in WInter”

O’Toole earned four more nominations – in 1968 for “Goodbye, Mr. Chips,” in 1971 for “The Ruling Class,” in 1980 for “The Stunt Man,” and in 1982 for “My Favorite Year.”  Nearly twenty-five years went by before he received his eighth and last, for “Venus.”

WIth Mark Linn-Baker in "My Favorite Year"

WIth Mark Linn-Baker in “My Favorite Year”

A month before his 80th birthday in 2012, O’Toole announced his retirement from a career that he said had fulfilled him emotionally and financially, bringing “me together with fine people, good companions with whom I’ve shared the inevitable lot of all actors: flops and hits.”

“However, it’s my belief that one should decide for oneself when it is time to end one’s stay,” he said. “So I bid the profession a dry-eyed and profoundly grateful farewell.”  In retirement, O’Toole said he would focus on the third volume of his memoirs.

His honorary Oscar came 20 years after his seventh nomination for “My Favorite Year.” By then it seemed a safe bet that O’Toole’s prospects for another nomination were slim. He was still working regularly, but in smaller roles unlikely to earn awards attention.  O’Toole graciously accepted the honorary award, quipping, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, my foot,” as he clutched his Oscar statuette.  He had nearly turned down the award, sending a letter asking that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hold off on the honorary Oscar until he turned 80.

O’Toole’s death was announced by agent Steve Kenis, who said the actor had been ill for some time.  His daughter Kate said the family had been overwhelmed by the expressions of sympathy.

Here is a small sampling of the films he starred in.

  • Lawrence of Arabia  – 1962 – with Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, Jack Hawkins, Omar Sharif, José Ferrer, Anthony Quayle and Claude Rains
  • Becket – 1964 – with Richard Burton and John Gielgud
  • What’s New Pussycat – 1965 – with Peter Sellers, Romy Schneider, Paula Prentiss, Woody Allen and Ursula Andress
  • Lord Jim – 1965
  • The Lion in Winter – 1968 – with Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton
  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips – 1969
  • My Favorite Year -  1982

Former South African President Nelson Mandela Dies

South African media is reporting that after a recent and prolonged battle with illness, Nelson Mandela has passed away at the age of 95.
Mandela will have a state funeral. Zuma ordered all flags in the nation to be flown at half-staff from Friday through that funeral.

“He is now resting. He is now at peace,” Zuma said. “Our nation has lost its greatest son. Our people have lost a father.”

The world has lost a great a man. Mandela last appeared in public during the 2010 World Cup hosted by South Africa. His absences from the limelight and frequent hospitalizations left the nation on edge, prompting Zuma to reassure citizens every time he fell sick. There will never be another like you.


Paul Walker, “Fast and Furious” star, dies in car crasn

Paul Walker, one of the main stars of the “The Fast and the Furious” series of action movies, was killed on Saturday in a car accident in Santa Clarita, California, about 30 miles north of Los Angeles.  Walker had returned home for the holidays from the Atlanta set of “Fast and Furious 7″ and was scheduled to return next week.  He was 40 years old.
A statement on Walker’s Facebook page says the actor died while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide.

The statement continued, “(Walker) was a passenger in a friend’s car, in which both lost their lives. We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news. Thank you for keeping his family and friends in your prayers during this very difficult time. We will do our best to keep you apprised on where to send condolences. #TeamPW.”

He entered showbiz when he was just a toddler, and his career was really launched when he earned a supporting role in 1999′s “Varsity Blues” with James Van Der Beek, Jon Voight, Scott Caan and Amy Smart.

He leaves behind a daughter, Meadow, 15.
Celebrities expressed their condolences and disbelief via social media.

Zoe Saldana

A very sad day indeed. R.I.P. Paul Walker. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Tyson Beckford

RIP Paul Walker,loved working with you on “Into the Blue”. I Will miss you.

olivia wilde

Heavy heavy heart tonight. Paul Walker was a genuinely good, sweet, kind, laid back, loving person. Sending much love to his family.

Seth Green

Shocked & sad to hear about Paul Walker. Met him several times over the years- a hard worker & always kind.

On Instagram, co-star Vin Diesel wrote, “Brother I will miss you very much.  I am absolutely speechless. Heaven has gained a new Angel. Rest in Peace.”

Jane Kean of TVs “The Honeymooners” dead at 90

Jane Kean

1974 studio portrait

Jane Kean, best known for her role as Trixie, the long-suffering wife of Ed Norton on the 1960s TV revival of “The Honeymooners” with Jackie Gleason and Art Carney, has died. She was 90.

Kean, of Toluca Lake, died Tuesday at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, due to complications from a fall at her home. Her niece, Deidre Wolpert, confirmed Kean’s death.

“The Honeymooners,” which began as a sketch on “The Jackie Gleason Show” in the early 1950s, starred Gleason as Ralph Kramden, a struggling New York bus driver who lived in a cramped apartment with his wife Alice (Audrey Meadows). Carney played Norton, Kramden’s dim-witted neighbor and best friend who was married to Trixie (originally played by Joyce Randolph), who was Alice’s best friend.

During a career spanning more than four decades she Betta_Jane_Keanplayed a wide range of roles, including performing at London’s Palladium before moving to Broadway.  Nevertheless, Kean said her role in “The Honeymooners” was the character that most people remembered. “There’s something about the show – people relate to it,” Kean said in a 1991 interview with The Times. “People believed the show was real, and that we really were the characters we played.”

Kean first started working with Gleason in the 1940s, when they were both on the vaudeville circuit. They also appeared in several stage productions in the 1950s.  She joined the cast of “The Honeymooners” in 1966 as Trixie when Gleason moved to Miami Beach for another version of “The Jackie Gleason Show,” where he revived “The Honeymooners” for new sketches that reunited him with Carney. Sheila MacRae took on the role of Alice.


Jane Kean (“Trixie”) and Art Carney (“Ed Norton”)


Born April 10, 1923, in Hartford, Connecticut, Kean first started working professionally in the 1940s on stage. She appeared in starring roles on Broadway in the 1950s in shows such as “The Pajama Game” and “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?” in which she replaced Jayne Mansfield.  During the 1950s, she also teamed up with her sister Betty for a popular nightclub act that combineded singing, dance and comedy. The sisters performed on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and had a successful run at the London Palladium.

Kean’s first marriage, to Richard Linkroum, ended in divorce. She later married her manager, Joe Hecht. He died in 2006. Her sister Betty died in 1986.  Besides Wolpert, Betty Kean’s daughter, Jane Kean is survived by Wolpert’s husband and two children, along with a stepson, Joseph Hecht Jr., and his son.


“The Honeymooners” cast – (L to R) Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, Jane Kean, Jackie Gleason

Michael Jackson to be buried on his birthday

jacksonMichael Jackson will be buried on what would have been his 51st birthday, his dad Joe Jackson told the AFP today.

Jackson’s birthday burial will take place at L.A.’s Forest Lawn Cemetary on August 29

Joe, 80, told the AFP that the burial would be a private event, although he could not say which family members would be present.

Jackson died June 25 of an apparent cardiac arrest, but the official cause of death will not be revealed until the final autopsy report is released by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office and the manslaughter investigation is complete, an official said last week.

Taco Bell dog dies

tacoBell2Forget Michael Jackson, let’s mourn a true international star. The Taco Bell dog has died.

Gidget, the chihuahua best known for her Taco Bell ad campaign, died from a stroke on Tuesday night at age 15.

“She made so many people happy,” Gidget’s trainer, Sue Chipperton said. She was still active to the end – in February, the pooch was at a Hollywood animals photo shoot in February.

The mostly-retired canine actor lived out her days laying in the sun.

“I like to joke that it’s like looking after a plant,” said Chipperton and entertaining at shoots when her trainer brought her along.

“Gidget always knew where the camera was,” said Chipperton.

Adios, Gidget, adios.

Farrah Fawcett’s final moments

51950045FB011_netFarrah Fawcett’s final moments were sealed with a smile, according to Ryan O’Neal.

The “Charlie’s Angels” actress, who lost her battle with anal cancer last month at age 62, clung to life for much longer than her doctors thought she would, O’Neal added in an interview with “The Today Show”.

“Doctors thought that she would live just another couple of hours, and she lived a couple of days. So I had a bed put in the room for me. And I just lay by her side. She wouldn’t – move on. She wouldn’t pass,” he recalled.

“In her dying moments, Farrah just looked at us with a slight smile and then all the machines flat lined. She was gone.”

O’Neal also discssed the last time their son Redmond spoke to his mother on a phone call.

Redmond, serving a stretch in prison on felony drugs charges, was not allowed to visit Farrah on her deathbed, but was given permission to attend her funeral.

Regarding the final phone call, O’Neal explained: “I think it was about regret. And the horror of not being able to see her again, and the promise of a good life – one she would be proud of. He has a wonderful plan in mind to restore order in his life. And he will, with my help.”

Redmond is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his mother, but his father deals with his grief by writing to her.

“In her final moments, I said I’d see her soon, and I see her every day. I write to her in my journal. Redmond says it’s harder to grieve, but I told him to be patient. And when he got out, we’d grieve together,” said O’Neal.

“I’m using what she taught me to survive, to go on. I have launched into this massive job of answering the mail that has come in for her over the last few weeks. Hundreds and hundreds of letters of pain and sorrow and hope. I’m answering every one of them. That’s my life now.”

David Carradine found dead

carradineThere are some actors who die and an entire generation will mourn. David Carradine is that actor. The “Kill Bill” star was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room Wednesday, according to his manager. He was 72.

Chuck Binder said Carradine was staying in Bangkok while shooting a movie. The film crew noticed his absence when they went out to eat Wednesday and when a producer went to his room, he discovered that the actor had died.

A statement on behalf of his family has yet to be released, but Binder called the death “shocking and sad.”

The cause of death is under investigation, but The Nation claims that an unidentified Thai police source said the actor was found hung in his hotel room from curtain rope in an apparent suicide.

The Nation also reported that the hotel maid found Carradine’s half naked body in a closet Thursday morning and that there were no signs of a struggle or assault.

I (and legions of viewers) remember seeing him as a kid in “Kung Fu” and “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.” The original show is about Kwai Chang Caine, a Shaolin priest traveling the 1800s American frontier West and in the sequel, he portrayed Caine’s grandson.

He returned to fame in recent years as the title character in Quentin Tarantino’s two-part saga “Kill Bill.”

Mike Tyson’s daughter dies after tragic accident

tyson1Police have confirmed that Mike Tyson’s four-year-old daughter Exodus has died.

The child was hospitalized this weekend after getting tangled in a cord dangling from a treadmill in the family home.

She was found by her seven-year-old brother after she had accidentally hung herself from the apparatus. Her brother told the girl’s mother, who then removed the cable from the girl and called 911.

Tyson was in Las Vegas at the time and rushed home when he heard the news.

‘Spider-Man’ actress found dead

Lucy GordonBritish film star Lucy Gordon was found dead in her Paris apartment. She appears to have committed suicide, according to French police.

Gordon appeared as a British reporter, Jennifer Dugan, in “Spider-Man 3.” She played Jane Birkin in the upcoming biopic on Serge Gainsbourg.

According to the London Times, Gordon was discovered in her apartment. The paper also quotes a news source as saying the actress’s boyfriend was asleep in the residence when she hanged herself. An autopsy has been ordered.

Friday would have marked her 29th birthday.

Celebrity deaths: Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist, Stanley Tucci’s wife

eanLynryd Skynyrd bassist Donald “Ean” Evans died of cancer Wednesday at age 48.

A statement posted Thursday on announced Evans’ death “with profound sadness.” It said he had “put up a valiant battle with an aggressive form of cancer.”

Evans was born in Atlanta, but moved to Columbus, Mississippi after marrying his wife, Eva. He joined Lynyrd Skynyrd in 2001 and toured with them until 2008, when he was diagnosed with cancer.

In other Hollywood deaths, Stanley Tucci’s wife, Kate, also died of cancer last week. The actor hosted a wake for his wife of 14 years over the weekend. The couple have three children.

“My wife was an extraordinary person who showed us all what great strength is,” Tucci told the New York Daily News.

Dom DeLuise dies at 75

domThe world is a little sadder today. Comedian Dom DeLuise has passed away. DeLuise died Monday at a Los Angeles hospital at the age of 75, according to ET.

He starred in Mel Brooks classics like “Blazing Saddles,” “History of the World Part One” and “Space Balls” and hosted Candid Camera. He co-starred with Burt Reynolds in “Cannonball Run,” “Smokey and the Bandit 2″ and “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”

“I was thinking the other day about this. As you get older you think about this more and more, I was dreading this moment,” said Reynolds in a statement. “Dom always made everyone feel better when he was around. I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone. I will miss him very much.”

DeLuise was married to actress Carol Arthur and has several children in the T.V. industry.

David Cook’s brother dies of brain cancer

cookDavid Cook is mourning the loss of his older brother today. The “American Idol” champ’s Web site reports that Adam Cook, 36, died of brain cancer early Sunday morning after an 11-year battle with the disease. The disease had spread to his spine.

David made the announcement at the 12th annual Race for Hope 5k run/walk in Washington, D.C., the proceeds of which benefit finding a cure for brain cancer. David and his team raised more than $97,000 for the cause.

His late brother was spotted in the audience April 2008 and saw David perform his rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby.”

Residents of their hometown in Terre Haute, Indiana, raised $45,000 so that Adam could be flown in with the proper medical care.

Adam, a lawyer, leaves behind his wife, Kendra, and their children.

Travolta takes off to Tahiti

johnJohn Travolta has headed to Tahiti alone as he mourns the death of his son, Jett, earlier this year.

The actor flew from Australia Saturday morning in his private 707 to an upscale hotel, the Intercontinental Tahiti resort. There he stayed in a deluxe room with a lovely view, where he stayed until Sunday evening. He headed to the island four days after what would have been Jett’s 17th birthday after the he and his wife, Kelly Preston, vacationed in Melbourne for three days.

“He told the hotel manager, ‘I don’t want to see anyone. I only want to rest,’” a source told PEOPLE. He did pose briefly for a photo with three tourist bureau greeters.

After the death of his 16-year-old son from a seizure disorder in January, Travolta and Preston have mostly stayed home with their daughter, Ella Bleu.

A source who knows Travolta said, “He is still in mourning about his son. This is not easy and everyone has their own process. He’s always there for his family but he is still healing.”

Kieran Culkin coping with sister’s loss

kieranAfter the sudden and unexpected death of Dakota Culkin in a car accident in December, Kieren Culkin threw himself into his work.

He almost decided to step away from Hollywood to cope with the grief, but persevered with promotion for his upcoming movie, “Lymelife,” to get him through.

He told Interview magazine, “It’s been a rough couple of months. I won’t speak for anyone else, but I’m doing okay.

“That’s the point of doing this interview and stuff. For a little while there, I wasn’t going to do any press. I wasn’t going to do Sundance. This was all a sort of getting-out-of-bed-and-start-walking thing.”

He has plenty of work to keep him busy with five movies in the pipeline, “Margaret” (completed), “Paper Man” in post-production, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” filming, “The Other Side” in pre-production and “The Stanford Prison Experiment” announced.

Jade Goody’s widower visits her grave

goodytweedJack Tweed didn’t attend the funeral of his wife, Jade Goody, in order to take her two sons to Australia for their own heartfelt goodbyes, but he made an emotional trip to her grave Saturday.

Two friends came along as he left flowers and a large Easter egg next to the cross marking her plot in Essex, England.

“Jack is finding it very hard and is doing everything he can to be as close to Jade as possible,” Goody’s rep, Max Clifford, told PEOPLE. “Jack’s close friends have been very supportive of him as well.”

Goody died at age 27 on March 22 after a long battle with cervical cancer. Her very public funeral took place April 4.

“It is difficult for Jack. Remember, he is only a 21-year-old and a lot went on over the last few weeks,” said Clifford. “There was his wedding, the christening and then Jade died. At the moment Jack is taking one day at a time and he will probably be like that for a long time to come.”

Friday it was announced that Goody will be immortalized in a wax figure. Tweed, however, will be begging for the mercy of the court soon. He will be sentenced in an assault case next Thursday. Unless he beat the crap out of a nun, I’m going to go with no jail, kids.

Dungeons and Dragons co-creator dies at age 61

Obit ArnesonGeeks around the world are in mourning, Dave Arneson, one of the co-creators of the Dungeons and Dragons and a pioneer of role-playing entertainment, died Thursday at age 61.

Arneson had battled cancer for two years. His daughter, Malia Weinhagen said her father died peacefully Tuesday in hospice care in St. Paul.

He and Gary Gygax developed DnD in 1974 using medieval characters and mythical creatures. The game known for its oddly shaped dice and attraction to geeks and the socially awkward.

Gygax died in March 2008.

“The biggest thing about my dad’s world is he wanted people to have fun in life,” Weinhagen said. “I think we get distracted by the everyday things you have to do in life and we forget to enjoy life and have fun.

“But my dad never did,” she said. “He just wanted people to have fun.”

Jade Goody’s sons say a private farewell

goodysonsWhile thousands had a very public goodbye to Jade Goody on Saturday, her sons had a simple, private tribute while on vacation in Australia with their father, Jeff Brazier.

Bobby, 5, and Freddie, 5, wrote messages to their late mother, drew pictures and put them in a bottle. They sealed the bottle and dropped it into the ocean.

It was Goody’s decision not to have her sons at the funeral because she felt they were too young and it would be too upsetting for them. Her ex agreed to take them to Australia, out of the public eye.

On Saturday, Bobby and Freddie colored pictures and wrote special messages to her. One read, “We love you Mummy and we miss you Mummy.”

Earlier in the week, the kids had written a message for their mom to be included with flowers. It read:

“To Mummy,

Please speak to God and ask him to make the clouds go away on holiday because we can’t see the stars.

We love you very much and speak about you every day, we know you are with us when we play on the beach, eat our dinner and even when we are colouring in pictures for you, we know we can talk to you and you’ll hear us.

You are always in our thoughts and in our hearts mum, we are proud of you and you’ll never to be forgotten.

We miss you, love your little men, Bobby and Freddie.


That sound you hear is my heart breaking for these poor kids.

Crowds say farewell to Jade Goody

Britain TV star FuneralThousands of mourners said their goodbyes to reality star Jade Goody today. Her funeral, like much of her life, was a media event.

Goody, originally made famous on the UK “Big Brother” show, died of cancer March 22 at age 27, not long after marrying fiance Jack Tweed.

A flower-laden vintage Rolls Royce hearse, followd by photographers and a television helicopter mad eits way from St. John the Baptist Church in Buckhurst Hill, just east of London, where large television screens were installed to relay the service to the public.

Her publicist said Goody wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

“She will have a big smile on her face when she sees what is going on today,” Clifford told reporters before the burial.

Those gathered to attend the funeral Saturday said Goody – known simply as Jade – was a British everywoman made good.

“She was just a real woman who always put her kids first to the end,” said mother-of-seven Kirsty Brooks, 34, who traveled more than seven hours with her three sisters to witness the funeral.

Goody was carried in a white coffin from the church as mourners applauded.

Clifford said Goody would have been pleased with the attention.

“In life she loved being loved and it is pretty clear that this is the overwhelming feeling today,” Clifford said.