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Wife of country star Trace Adkins files for divorce

Citing “irreconcilable differences,” Rhonda Adkins, the wife of country star Trace Adkins, has filed papers in Tennessee for divorce after 17 years of marriage. The couple has three daughters, aged 16, 12 and 9.


Rhonda is seeking primary custody of their children, and for Adkins to pay child support, alimony, provide health insurance her and their daughters, and all of her legal expenses.

There’s an side note to the matter. As reported by TMZ, Rhonda wants to be listed as the sole beneficiary of Trace’s life insurance policy.

The filing comes just two weeks after Trace’s first public appearance n the Grand Ole Opry after completing an alcohol rehabilitation program.

In January he entered a rehab facility after a lapse from his long-established sobriety. While on board a country music cruise on the Norwegian Pearl, he allegedly got into a drunken fight with a Trace Adkins impersonator who sang one of his songs in a karaoke performance.

After a two-week stay, he checked out of the facility in order to fly to Louisiana to be at the bedside of his dying father, Aaron, 71. He checked back into the facility to complete treatment following his father’s passing. He had been sober for the previous 12 years after finishing a prior stay in rehab in 2002.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announce their separation

One of the most-talked about couples in Hollywood is soon to be no more. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their separation – online, via Paltrow’s Web site GOOP. Nope, none of that old-fashioned silliness such as a PR representative or agent reading a prepared statement – none of that.

In a post titled “Conscious Uncoupling” they wrote, “It is with hearts full of sadness that we have to separate. We have been working hard for well over a year, some of it together, some of it separated, to see what might have been possible between us, and we have come to the conclusion that while we love each other very much we will remain separate.”

They have two children – a daughter Apple, 9, and a son Moses, 7.

For some time, Paltrow has been in the news more for her personal life than any professional achievements.

On September 4th she was seen in Los Angeles picking on a motor scooter picking up Apple from school, narrowly avoiding being hit after pulling out in front of a school bus. The bus driver spotted the pair and had to hit the brakes hard to keep from hitting them. Her husband and son were on another scooter, not far behind.

Paltrow has also taken some flack for the recipes and advice contained in her cookbook, Here’s a sample of the sometimes not-so-warm reception to the book, as posted in The Mail Online:

But forgetting that most people earn a fraction of what the actress makes, it is peppered with an array of costly ingredients such as duck eggs, gluten-free flour and manuka honey.

Yahoo calculated that it would cost $300.65 to follow Gwyneth’s family meal plan for just one day after going out and shopping for the foods from scratch.

Starting with breakfast, a spinach and mushroom egg-white omelette came in at $28.27.

In April of 2013, she was named as People magazine’s “Most Beautiful
woman in the World.” As you may remember, that issue drew plenty of criticism, much of it quite vocal – and I had to agree to some degree. I think she’s a beautiful woman but I would hardly say that say that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.

More recently, some chatter has been circulating, claiming that Vanity Fair magazine was working on a “takedown” cover story on the actress.

While I don’t wish misfortune on anybody – and Heaven knows, divorce can be rough – exacerbated by enduring so much public scrutiny – it must be nice to have more than enough money to make it through the process. Not everybody can just pick up and move and not suffer a major blow to their quality of life.

I wish the family well. I hope the kids aren’t affected too badly by the croons of their parents.

70s singing duo The Captain and Tennille getting divorced

Forever turned out to be a very finite 39 years. The Captain & Tennille, the 1970s singing duo who most notably sang “Love Will Keep Us Together,” are calling it quits after 39 years of marriage. captain-and-tennille_bandw

Toni Tennille, whose real name is Cathryn Antoinette Tennille, 73, filed for divorce from Daryl Dragon, known as the Captain, 71, on January 16, according to People magazine. The legal documents were filed in Arizona.

The Captain & Tennille were also best known for hits such as “Muskrat Love” and “Do That To Me One More Time.”  They were married in 1975, which is the same year they released their first album, titled, perhaps not surprisingly, “Love Will Keep Us Together.”  They were also well known for other hits such as “Muskrat Love” and “Do That To Me One More Time.”

Captain and Tennille in 1977

Captain and Tennille in 1977

In society in general, and in the entertainment world in particular, a 39 year marriage is highly praiseworthy.  I’d have to check, but I’d guess it’s possible that Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t married for 39 years with all of her marriages combined.  More recently, the examples speed by at an almost dizzying pace:  Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett; Britney Spears and Kevin Federline (and any other of her relationships that you can think of); Katy Perry and Russell Brand; Drew Barrymore and Tom Green 

Captain_Tennille_2006 It seems that fans of the longtime couple weren’t the only ones surprised by news of the split.The Captain himself said he was surprised by his wife’s filing.  “I don’t know why she filed … I gotta figure it out for myself first,” he told, adding that the two still live together.

A message about their divorce was recently posted on their website:

“Until Thursday, January 16th, 2014, when Toni Tennile met with a DIVORCE ATTORNEY, in Phoenix, AZ, everything relating to THE CAPTAIN & TENNILLE appeared to the public as them being the ideal model for a ‘rock-solid’ married pair,” the statement read. “But almost all people naturally evolve over time, & sometimes hidden feelings start to be uncovered when one may read, just a little more into (the popularized, substitute heading appearing just below), stating, for instance: ‘MUSIC HAS KEPT THEM TOGETHER.”

Kim Kardashian Gets Divorced – People Magazine Doesn’t Publish Divorce Photos

TMZ made the announcement today and I wholeheartedly believe it. And here I thought it would last more than 72 days. WHAT WAS I THINKING???

Okay, so does that mean that the American public that purchased this bullshit wedding issue (including myself) of People Magazine get our money back? WE DEMAND IT.

Olivia Wilde Is Officially Single

It’s a great day, boys and girls! Turns out that Olivia and her Italian prince husband have been living apart for “quite some time” (AKA split), as confirmed by People Magazine.

I had been noticing lately that Olivia was becoming more and more sexually ferocious in her magazine editorials and in her movies. Lots of topless shots and ass flashes and behind-the-back nudity were becoming more in-your-face and now we know why!

And you know what that means? Now Olivia is free to pursue Megan Fox and steal her away from Brian Austin Green and then THAT would be instant lesbo karma.

Macauley & Mila Are No More!

The kid from “Home Alone” and the girl who munched on Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” have gone their separate ways according to reports from the New York Post. So to those of you that are wasting their time looking for photos of these two, don’t waste your time any longer.

Shut up, Meg!

Odette Yustman Is Officially Unavailable

Odette Yustman finally got married to that guy from that TV show over the weekend. SIGH. I give it six months.

Look, I love me some Odette and I really do wish that she would star in bigger projects than crap like “You Again”, but she don’t need to get married so quickly. SERIOUSLY! First it was Megan Fox and now HER! STOP IT!

Well, at least David Arquette and Courtney Cox have separated to counter this depressing news.

Matt Bellamy Officially Dating Kate Hudson

Wouldn’t you know it, Kate Hudson scored herself ANOTHER rock n’ roll frontman. This time she was able to snag Muse singer Matt Bellamy. The two have been seen about town in various European cities in the last two months and Matt (finally) confirmed all the dating rumors by talking to the UK Mirror over the weekend during the Glastonbury Festival.

“I am very happy. We just have fun together and are seeing how it goes. Kate is great. We have tried to keep things private so we haven’t told anyone how we met or any details like that. We are just doing our thing.”


ENGAGED: Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom

Aww, isn’t that wonderful? Miranda Kerr finally settled down and decided to marry her longtime girlfriend, Orlando Bloom! One thing I noticed recently was there had been lots of new photos of Miranda that were showing up from various events and, for the most part, girlfriend’s been looking a bit depressed and sad. As obvious that she was putting on a fake smile and fake enthusiasm for the cameras, she wasn’t fooling me, that’s for sure.

For an example of what I mean, watch this clip of Miranda’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show from last month and just watch at how the smile on her face looks as if it was sewn on and how her enthusiasm shows nothing but deadness inside.

Well, hopefully, this news will get her smiling again because if there’s one thing this Hell-hole of a world doesn’t need, it’s supermodels that are sad.

Heidi and Spencer Split. YAWN.

So says TMZ. Ooh, look at the baby Wallaby! Aww, that’s cute.

SPLITSVILLE: Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubrey

Halle Berry and model Gabriel Aubrey have parted ways. What shoulda been a perfect marriage between two beautiful people just wasn’t gonna happen. RadarOnline reports that Gabriel was the one that pulled the plug on the marriage.

Sources claimed, “[He] is a really nice, decent guy and he would never cheat on her, but I suspect that he had become attracted to someone and that he felt he needed to break it off with Halle before anything developed any further.” Apparently, the couple already settled on custody of their 2-year old daughter and neither will receive any alimony. Well, at least that wasn’t so ugly.

SPLITSVILLE: Anna Torv and Mark Valley

In what shoulda been a hot marriage of hot people, it was announced today that “Fringe” star Anna Torv has split from “Human Target” star Mark Valley after only a year of wedded bliss, according to People Magazine.

To be honest, I thought this marriage would have a chance considering she’s a hot pasty-white girl and he’s a hot older hunky man. But, I guess not.

‘True Blood’ co-stars hooking up?

woodskar“True Blood” is a breeding ground for hook ups. First Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer hookup, now Evan Rachel Wood is rumored to be dating her co-star Alexander Skarsgard.

According to reports, the actress flew to the set of his latest film this weekend to spend time with him. The couple were also seen at a festival in Louisiana.

A source told Perez Hilton: “Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard might be a thing. My friend is working on the set of ‘Straw Dogs,’ a movie starring Kate Bosworth and Alexander in Shreveport, Louisiana. Apparently, Evan Rachel Wood flew in on Friday to be with him and they have been hooking up since they met on the ‘True Blood’ set. He was overheard talking about hanging out with her and actually being excited about that.”

Skarsgard has been linked with “Straw Dogs” actress Willa Holland, but another source claims he and Woods have been kindling a romance for a while.

“Evan and Alex met, of course, on the set of ‘True Blood’, and were able to keep it low key, very underground while they were in Los Angeles. They never ventured out to pap friendly locations and were only sighted a few times discreetly. So far the relationship is progressing well, they’re having fun together.”

DWTS’ Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy split

karinamaxsimIf it takes two to tango, Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are no longer doing that dance. The “Dancing with the Stars” couple has split and called off their wedding.

“I am confirming that they did indeed break up,” Karina’s rep told E!.

The two hit Broadway together just a month ago in “Burn the Floor.” They had blamed a busy schedule for delayings their wedding until next summer.

“We don’t plan,” Chmerkovskiy said. “We’re (rehearsing) 14 hours a day.”

“The only thing we’ve decided on is next year in June,” Smirnoff added. “We were supposed to pick the place, but we’ve never actually had the time to go further. We don’t feel like we’re missing out on the wedding-dress fittings. As long as we’re together, tying the knot is a plus. It’s something extra.”

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian looking for a love nest

rimescibrianLeAnn Rimes and her new man are looking for a new place. The singer/actress (formally) split from her husband Dean Sheremet last week and now she and fellow adulterer Eddie Cibrian are househunting in Los Angeles.

RadarOnline reports that rimes was in “great spirits, smiling and very upbeat” as she visited a secluded two-storey property in Beverly Hills.

The 27-year-old star then viewed an impressive ranch in a gated community in suburban Calabasas.

Cibrian is divorcing his wife, Brandi Glanville, after a tabloid affair with Rimes while filming “Northern Lights” and rumor is the two will shack up at her new place.

Amy Winehouse hooks up with her ex

winehouseDivorce is bringing Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil back together.

The singer was spotted with her recently ex-husband, whom she was officially divorced from last week, for the first time in 14 months for a secret date on Friday.

“Amy had been secretly planning this meeting – but told everyone she didn’t want to see Blake,” said a source. “The date went well. They had dinner and drinks and then – without anyone else knowing – she invited him back to her place early Saturday morning.”

Winehouse’s family had banned her from seeing her ex and so she snuck Fielder-Civil into her house through a window to avoid her security team.

“Amy has two full-time security men at her house under strict instruction not to let Blake in. But Amy wasn’t having any of it, so she got him in through a back window so they could have some private time away from prying eyes,” explained the source. “Blake spent part of the night in the house, we think in Amy’s bedroom. She’s being very secretive about it but we know he was there.

“He’s in love with her, he’s convinced they’re still meant to be together. Despite everything she’s said about him over the last couple of weeks, deep down she feels the same way.”

Last month it was reported Winehouse was posing as her cat to send secret messages to her ex on Facebook. She had created a profile for Shirley the cat and used it to talk to him.

Fielder-Civil originally filed for divorce while in prison in January after she was pictured with other men. Winehouse admitted adultery as the reason for their divorce in its initial hearing.

Miley Cyrus breaks up co-star’s relationship

cyrushemsworthMiley Cyrus’s new romance with actor Liam Hemsworth has left his ex-girlfriend in tears.

Cyrus and Hemsworth met on the set of hteir new movie, “The Last Song” and got close. Real close. His now-ex blames the Hannah Montana star.

Australian student Laura Griffin, 19, posted on her Facebook page: “Liam and I have been inseparable since school. But it’s Miley Cyrus. How can I compete?”

Griffin blamed Cyrus for the breakdown of her relationship with Hemsworth, a former “Neighbours” star. She says they’d still be together if it wasn’t for Miley.

She told Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine: “He was my boyfriend and my best friend. There is no other reason why we would have broken up.”

Cyrus and Hemsworth’s relationship was revealed when they were spotted kissing on the set of their film.

Actor Alex Emanuel said: “Miley jumped into his arms and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him and leaned back and he was dipping her. It was like a scene out of an old movie where the guy’s getting on a train and they’re saying their goodbyes.”

LeAnn Rimes announces divorce

rimescibrianLeAnn Rimes is finally admitting defeat. The singer/actress has announced she is getting a divorce.

She was snapped in mid-affair with “Northern Lights” co-star Eddie Cibrian and now her seven-year marriage to Dean Sheremet is over.

She said on her official website: “After much thoughtful mutual consideration, Dean and I have agreed to move forward with dissolving our marriage. This decision was amicable and we remain committed and caring friends with great admiration for one another. Thank you so much for all of your continued love and support – it is deeply appreciated.”

LeAnn’s friend Jeff Berger, founder of Dope Den Productions, said the couple are trying to stay friends despite the split.

“They are doing their best to handle it as mature adults. Dean’s her best friend and that’s the crux of the issue – when you love and care about somebody who’s your best friend – how not to cause them pain. LeAnn and Dean are both great people and, unfortunately, going through a tough situation. But they’re doing what needs to be done in as amicable a way as possible,” he said.

Rimes married Sheremet, a former backup dancer, in 2002, when she was 19.

Cibrian and his wife, Brandi Glanville, have also separated and Glanville filed for divorce last month because of his alleged infidelity.

She said: “Eddie and LeAnn deserve each other.”

The co-stars denied a romance, but were spotted enjoying several intimate dates. Now, they’ve gone public with a trip to Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico, last weekend, to celebrate Rime’s 27th birthday. Cibrian gave her a diamond bracelet and a six-inch triple berry birthday cake from her favorite bakery.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt engaged

bluntkrasJim and Pam are getting married this season, but in real life, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are now engaged.

“We can confirm that John and Emily are engaged,” confirmed Krasinski’s rep.

The couple have kept their relationship under wraps, arriving separately at the 2009 SAG Awards in January and heading out on low-key dates in Los Angeles. They’ve also double dated with Blunt’s “The Devil Wears Prada” costar Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend Adam Shulman.

“It’s not about celebrity or not,” Krasinski told Glamour in August 2007 about what he looks for in a woman. “It’s all about, do you have that ‘girl in a cardigan’ in you. You gotta have that.”

Krasinski previously dated his Office costar Rashida Jones. Blunt ended her relationship with Canadian singer Michael Buble in July 2008 after three years of dating.

Krasinski and Blunt have been dating since November 2008.

No wedding bells for Kelly and Jeter

minka-kelly-derek-jeterActress Minka Kelly isn’t planning to be a fall bride. The “Friday Night Lights” star is dating baseball star Derek Jeter, but denies they plan to wed.

According to the New York Post, the couple, who have been dating for a year, told close friends and family to “save the date” for their nuptials this autumn.

“Derek and Minka are secretly engaged. The wedding is being planned and will take place after baseball season is over.”

A spokesperson for the actress, however, said, “There is no fall wedding planned to Derek Jeter.”