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Christine McVie to go on tour with Fleetwood Mac for 34 shows


It’s for real. Christine McVie is rejoining Fleetwood Mac, and will be touring with the band after a 15-year absence.

In January, a representative for the band confirmed that McVie was rejoining the group, and intimated that a tour might be on the horizon.

All five members of Fleetwood Mac (at least, the five members most associated with the group) – Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and his ex- wife Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks- will will kick Pfc their “On With The Show” tour, with 34 shows in 33 cities.

Christine left the group on 1998, and over the years there have been much speculation as to why. In an appearance Thursday on NBC’s “Today” show, she revealed that an ever-present fear got in the way. “I had a fear of flying. I haven’t flown in 15 years.”

Upon McVie’s split from the band, the remaining four members continued touring and recording. Perhaps surprisingly, when the foursome visited London this past Fall for a performance, they were able to convince McVie to appear with them onstage for a performance of “Don’t Stop.” (I sure would gave loved to have been there to see that reunion!)

The “On With The Show” tour begins on September 30th on Minneapolis. Tickets for the general public go on sale on April 7th.

This was enough to influence McVie to reunite with her former band mates. She said on “Today,” “Walking out on stage was sensational” and that she had rejoined the group with a “definite capital YES.” (Emphasis mine.)

“It’s like she never left. We’ve only been in the studio a week, and it’s really been beautiful,” says Buckingham. “I have very high hopes for all of this. It took getting into the studio before we started to see things unfold in an effective and comfortable way. Christine was mo sure how her voice was going to be. It will be a little bit of a slow process with her piano chops. But all the stuff inside her is still intact, and we’re getting in touch with a process that’s been lying dormant for a while.”

Sounds good to me.

Kate Bush announces first live shows in 35 years

London, March 21, 2014

Kate Bush, the best-selling but reclusive British singer-songwriter who first achieved international fame with her debut single “Wuthering Heights” in 1979, announced on Friday, on her Web site, that she will do 15 live shows this summer. Her show, “Before the Dawn,” will open on August 26 at the Eventim Apollo theatre in London, followed by three more dates in August and 11 more in September.

“I am delighted to announce that we will be performing some live shows this coming August and September,” she wrote. “I hope you will be able to join us and I look forward to seeing you there. We’ll keep you updated with further news on the website. Meanwhile, all details of concert dates and tickets are in the note below. Very best wishes, Kate.”

Shortly after the tour dates were posted, Bush’s website crashed and her name instantly became a trending topic on Twitter, according to The Telegraph.

“Wuthering Heights” was the first song written and performed by a female singer to rise to the top of the British charts. Since then she has released 10 albums, three of which have reached #1 in Britain, and hoax had three Grammy nominations.

Tickets go on sale on March 28th at 9:30 AM local time. Boy oh boy would I live tickets to one of those shows! I’ve been listening to her music since the beginning. If you want to hear a well-recorded piece of music, listen to “Wuthering Heights.” Near the very end of the song, by here are high-pitched bells that are so clear, so detailed, that even so many years later, it’s a thrill and a pleasure to listen to it. Don’t forget “Oh England My Lionheart.” That’s a gem, too.

Glee’s Tribute To Corey Monteith To Be Name “The Quarterback”

Cory Monnteith

Cory Monteith

Since the death of Glee megastar Corey Monteith the Gleeks around the world have been wondering how the execs at Fox would handle his untimely death. The episode titles The Quarterback has begun being filmed and according to Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez), the mood on set is somber. Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) has reportedly said that when she received the script that is was the most beautiful thing she had read. Ryan Murphy and the staff had tossed around the idea of Finn’s death to mirror his real life death but have changed their minds. Apparently it will be an episode dedicated to his character but it is still unsure how they will handle his on screen death. I am thinking that they might have him commit suicide. Being that Finn was always down on himself with a lack of a clear future, they might play that into his death. That is just a guess though since nothing has been released about it. I for one cannot wait for Season 5 to start. It won’t feel the same without Finn. I still think there is a lot to do with it and a lot of talent that can take the show in a different direction. Who knows? Only Ryan Murphy knows exactly what is going to happen.

VMA 2013 Winners

VIDEO OF THE YEAR Justin Timberlake Mirrors

Best Hip Hop Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Best Pop Video: Selena Gomez Come and Get It

Best Femal Video: Taylor Swift I Knew You Were Trouble

Best Video Social message MackleMore & Ryan Lewis Same Love

Best Song of the Summer One Direction Best Song Ever

Best Artist as Voted By You Austin Mahon

Best Male Video Bruno Mars Locked Out of Heaven

Artist to Watch Austin Mahone What About Love

Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award (Lifetime Achievement)

Justin Timberlake

Best Visual Effects Capital Cities Safe and Sound

Best Editing Justin Timberlake Mirrors

Best Direction Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z Suit & Tie

Best Cinematography Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton Can’t Hold Us

Best Choreography Bruno Mars Treasure

Best Art Direction Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu Q.U.E.E.N

Best Rock Video Thirty Seconds to Mars Up in the Air

Best Collaboration P!nk feat. Nate Ruess Just Give Me a Reason


Katy Perry Looking Sexy as Always at 2013 VMA’s

I am stunned at the way Katy Perry is looking at the VMAs! The way the dress hugs her curves and how long and sexy her legs look! OMG. Okay enough. Time for me to wipe the drool off of my chin as well as the little that has dripped onto my keyboard. This is just a taste of what she looks like at the VMAs. Go inside our forum to see the rest and other images of your favorite stars at the VMAs! Oh one last thing. GET RID OF THAT DAMN GRILL!!



Katy Perry VMA

Katy Perry VMA

Adele Keeps It Dirty For Cosmo December 2011

Well, well, well, who’da thunk that everyone’s favorite heartbroken Brit-Pop singer Adele was such a foul-mouthed little pixie? Wait a sec, everyone knew about that? FUCK!

Anyway, all of Adele gets to adorn the December cover of US Cosmo (a rarity to see her full form on a magazine) sporting the weirdest looking cleavage I’ve seen so far. Again, it’s all the work of the Photoshop masters at Cosmo. Check it out!


Victoria’s Secret Just Can’t Say NO. *UPDATE #2*

Victoria’s Secret usually chooses hot musical acts to perform in their yearly fashion show. Performers like Justin Timberlake, Usher, Katy Perry, the Spice Girls, and the Black Eyed Peas have done the show and it’s always a blast to watch. But it’s not always the case in some years….



Nicki Minaj Goes 16th Century Medieval For W Magazine November 2011

Oh, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo would be SO proud! Click below to see the rest.


Beyonce Whips Her Hair For Harper’s Bazaar US November 2011

Is this some sort of musical month that I’m not aware of? You got Nicki Minaj on Cosmo, Amy Lee on Revolver, Rihanna on Esquire, Gwen Stefani on InStyle, Heather Morris (from “Glee”) on Seventeen, and now you got Queen Beyonce on the November cover of Harper’s Bazaar! Too bad that Gaga and Katy Perry were already featured in last month’s issues otherwise this woulda been a really big trifecta of chick Pop.

Anyway, check out the edit below and read about Beyonce being all pregnant and whatnot.


Rihanna & Mary Elizabeth Winstead Strip Down For Esquire November 2011

Look, don’t get me wrong, I like Rihanna and I enjoy her music…..but is she REALLY the “Sexiest Woman Alive”? I think this choice is debatable, but regardless, I still like seeing pics of her practically naked. Check it out!

[NOTE: Oh, and when you purchase the issue, it comes with a fold-out poster of Riri!]


Gwen Stefani Does Her Third Cover For InStyle Magazine November 2011

Yup, has there ever been a year when at least ONE magazine doesn’t feature Gwen Stefani on their cover? Not that I can remember. This time, little ol’ Gwen scores the November 2011 cover of InStyle (making it her THIRD cover for them).

What’s she promoting, you ask? How the Hell should I know!


Amy Lee – Revolver Magazine’s #1 Hottest Chick In Hard Rock

What ever happened to Evanescence? They’re one of those bands that were popular for a while back in the early 2000′s and then they just disappeared off the radar. (And then we were bombarded by Hailey from Paramore for a bit). Well, it looks like they’re back now and to top it off, lead singer Amy Lee scored herself the November/December 2011 cover of Revolver Magazine looking like an Emo Prom Queen.

For the issue, the folks at Revolver chose 25 of the “Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock” and Amy’s name came out on top beating out other notable rock girls like Lzzy Hale of Halestorm, Brooklyn of Picture Me Broken, Maria Brink of In This Moment, and Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless.


Nicki Minaj Covers For Cosmopolitan Magazine November 2011



Rihanna Strips Down For New Armani Jeans Advertisements

If you are a hardcore Rihanna fan, then you already knew about this campaign. But if you’re a casual fan like me, then check out these new Armani Jeans ads featuring Riri doing her best Tawny Kitaen “Here I Go Again” impression by slivering in her jeans and bra (and jacket) across the hood of a classic car.

To be honest, I’m not sure if Armani is stepping up or stepping down in quality considering that they had Megan Fox as their previous spokesgirl for their jeans brand last season (although they never featured her photos in any magazines that I could think of or find). So I’m gonna vote this one as a step “UP”.

Florence Welch Gets Artsy For Interview Magazine October 2011

Florence & The Machine is one of my favorite bands in Rock music right now. There’s nobody out there that sounds like Florence and I really do believe that her powerful singing voice is totally going unappreciated by the music critics. Why, you ask? Because everyone is focusing their attention on the whiny “oh-I’m-in-such-heartbreak” bullshit singing style of Adele, and all the while Florence and her band get totally sidelined. I’d rather listen to “Kiss With A Fist” on a loop than to ever hear one more whiny note of “Rolling In The Deep”.

But, in retrospect, at least Florence’s picture can fit on the front page of the magazine! Anyway, Florence is the covergirl for October 2011 issue of Interview Magazine with a special interview by movie director Baz Luhrmann. Check it out!


Katy Perry Goes Retro-Chic For InStyle Magazine October 2011

Uh-huh, another month and another Katy Perry editorial. This time Katy overtakes the pages of InStyle with a big ol’ 10-page editorial that discusses nothing we don’t already know (although she does refer to Beyonce as “that bitch”). Faded pink hair and couture fashion, what else do you expect from this girl???


Katy Perry Scores Five #1 Singles

If you haven’t heard by now, let me reiterate it for you: Katy Perry scored her FIFTH #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 for the poppy-yet-corny-but-catchy track “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” tying the record set by Michael Jackson in 1987. This makes Katy the only artist in 24 years to have this many #1 hits in the same album!

The other four songs are “California Girls”, “Teenage Dream”, “Firework”,, and “ET” (which isn’t really my favorite song in her catalog, which puzzles me as to how it got to #1 at all). Oh well, congrats to Katy Perry!

The Go-Go’s Receive Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

I love 80′s music. I listen to it just as much as I do with early 90′s music. Why? Because 80′s music rules! And as much as I love listening to the Go-Go’s and their fluffy early-80′s Rock-Pop music, I was a bit surprised when I heard that Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey, Gina Schock, Kathy Valentine, and Jane Wiedlin (sporting what looks like a fake blonde wig) were on hand in Hollywood yesterday to accept their star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.


Last I heard, the Go-Go’s were NOT together. There were rumors of a reunion back in 2000 that got canned due to an injury of one of the members (I think it was Jane) and that Belinda was out doing solo 80′s festival-type tours. But who am I to complain? I’m just stoked that 80′s music is still getting recognized.

Congrats to the Go-Go’s from Celebutopia!

Rihanna Re-Glams It Up For Glamour Magazine

Rihanna is the September cover girl for Glamour. I swear to god, this girl has been on the cover of every magazine for the last six months! There must be something funky brewing in the juju that’s causing all this popularity, otherwise I’d be hard-pressed to think why Riri would need this many covers! But it don’t matter ’cause it’s not like I buy them for the articles anyway. Although she does talk about her love for Katy Perry…..



90′s R&B/Hip-Hop Albums That Need Remastering. NOW!

In a world where the musical landscape is bombarded with over-produced drivel and Auto-tuned garbage, it makes music fans like myself cringe at how far down the quality of R&B/Hip-Hop has gone. I mean, does anyone even remember a time when there used to be R&B/Hip-Hop groups? A time when a song could stay on the charts and become a classic? A time when MTV used to PLAY music videos??? All that has become a bygone era.

But back in the early 90′s, R&B/Hip-Hop was really dominating the mainstream and many of the songs and music videos made a cultural impact on the youth of America. These types of artists were doing genres like R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, and New Jack Swing and it made listening to music fun. If you knew these songs and artists, you were considered “cool” by your peers. Not so much with the current artists nowadays….

With that said, I’m taking it upon myself to list a collection of early 90′s R&B/Hip-Hop albums that need remastering. I’m not talking about a “Greatest Hits” collection with a few remixed songs, I mean a full-on track-by-track upgrade! These albums deserve to get recognized once again for the brilliant (and sometimes corny) songs they’ve place upon us and I ain’t one to skimp out on a good album!

In no particular order:



To me, Toni’s first album is and will ALWAYS be her best work. Every song in the album is a virtual hit and with production by the LaFace team, there was no way this album could go wrong. Hit tracks include “Another Sad Love Song”, “Love Shoulda Brought You Home”, “Breathe Again”, and “You Mean The World To Me”. I await the day when Toni decides to return to her roots and do another album like this one.



Considered the “Bad boys” of Hip-Hop, the guys at Jodeci debuted their first album under the New Jack Swing genre and unleashed a number of big memorable New Jack hits such as, “Come And Talk To Me”, “Stay”, “Forever My Lady”, and “I’m Still Waiting”. Rumors have been floating for years of a reunion but until that happens, we’ll just have to wait….



With the unforgettable lyric of “Never trust a big butt and a smile“, the homeboys from BBD brought New Jack Swing into the 90′s with the killer single “Poison”. Other hit tracks include “Do Me” and “When Will I See You Smile Again?” With the title track featured in the 2004 smash-hit videogame “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”, the feedback was positive, which only means that remaster should’ve followed!



Mary’s first album was an excellent debut that has it’s fair share of Hip-Hop classics (without all the intimate drama that came in her subsequent albums after this one). Mary displays her Hip-Hop prowess in full force in tracks like “Real Love”, “What’s the 411?” and “Love No Limit” that I haven’t seen her do since then. This album will always be reminder of why I like Mary J. Blige. REMASTER PLEASE!



Can you believe that NONE of Mariah’s albums have ever received a remaster? I certainly can’t believe it considering how many big hits she’s had since her debut. Speaking of which, Mariah’s debut album is (in my very honest opinion) the very best one in her entire discography. You can argue about other albums like “Music Box” or “Daydream” or even “Emancipation of Mimi”, but without her first album, there would be no Mariah (and the billions of copycats out there).

With killer songs like, “Vision Of Love”, “I Don’t Wanna Cry”, “Love Takes Time, and “Someday”, I find it a sacrilege that this album has never gotten the upgrade it deserves. Take note, Columbia Records! REMASTER IT!!!



I’ll admit it: Color Me Badd is my ultimate guilty pleasure and I am NOT ashamed to say it! I simply love this album and nothing you say will pry me away from it. Yes, I understand that lots of people consider them to be a novelty act that let it’s image overtake its musical talent (and believe me, they had it) but it doesn’t mean their music was “badd” (hah, get it?).

There’s no way you can mention early 90′s Hip-Hop without mentioning the ultra-hot tracks of “I Wanna Sex U Up”, “All 4 Love”, “I Adore, Mi Amor”, and “Groove My Mind”. This group deserves a remaster simply for the reason that it wouldn’t be the early 90′s without them.



Wait a sec, a female group? With soul? Yup, that’s what you got with SWV. With lead singer Coco, the group debuted their album and garnered a chunk of big classic ol’ skool hits such as “I’m So Into You”, “Downtown”, “Weak”, and of course, “Right Here (Human Nature)”, which was horribly sampled by that mutherfucker, Chris Brown. What’s the hold up, we need a remaster!



I remember very distinctly back in 1993 when Janet’s first single from this album called “That’s The Way Love Goes” (and its video which featured a then-unknown J-Lo) was released, everyone I knew instantly loved it. Janet re-teamed with Jam & Lewis for her sexually charged follow-up to “Rhythm Nation 1814″ and what we got was an instant classic. With killer songs like “If”, “Because Of Love”, “Again”, and “Anytime, Anyplace”, how could this album still not be remastered??? C’mon, Virgin Records!!!



While the group’s first album (“Cooleyhighharmoney”) was a hit in it’s own right, it was the group’s second album that launched R&B into the stratosphere like a rocket. The first single entitled, “I’ll Make Love To You” was an instant smash and the follow up singles, “On Bended Knee” and “Water Runs Dry” helped cement the group’s status as hitmakers. Unfortunately, their follow-up efforts have gone largely ignored, but the group is still together and still touring. REMASTER!!!



What, another female group with Soul? Goddamn right! The ladies of En Vogue ruled most of 1992 with their smash singles “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” and “Givin’ Him Something He Can Feel”. There’s no question that this group deserves a remastered album.



Yes, I couldn’t ignore the one and only R Kelly. Think what you want about him but his music is too good, especially the music from “12 Play”. R. Kelly brought his R&B swagger to his solo debut and churned out big tracks like, “Bump & Grind”, “Your Body’s Calling”, “Sex Me” (featuring a then-unknown singer named Aaliyah), and “Summer Bunnies”. REMASTER!!!

I really am amazed at how these albums have gone largely ignored by these groups and their record labels. Like I said before, these albums deserve a second chance to shine and I’m sure music fans like myself would definitely appreciate and BUY them.