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Dream Builders project’s ‘A Brighter Future For Children’ benefit

Dream Builders project’s ‘A Brighter Future For Children’ benefit at H.O.M.E.  in Beverly Hills, California on March 15, 2014.

Jill Wagner

Jill Wagner

Kat Graham

Kat Graham

Jill Wagner

Jill Wagner

Jill wagner

Jill wagner

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth

Kelli Berglund

Kelli Berglund

Padma Lakshmi at the 6th Annual Blossom Ball Benefiting the Endometriosis Foundation of America

6th Annual Blossom Ball Benefiting the Endometriosis Foundation of America, held at 583 Park Avenue in New York City on March 7, 2014.

With Susan Sarandon, and Dr. Tamer Seckin, co-founder of the EFA with Padma.

Lakshmi_Padma_EFA5th_GC_Celebutopia_004 Lakshmi_Padma_Endometriosis_GC_Celebutopia_001 Lakshmi_Padma_Endometriosis_GC_Celebutopia_002 Lakshmi_Padma_Endometriosis_GC_Celebutopia_003 Lakshmi_Padma_Endometriosis_GC_Celebutopia_004 Lakshmi_Padma_Endometriosis_GC_Celebutopia_005 Lakshmi_Padma_EFA5th_GC_Celebutopia_001

Kristen Bell (& friends) at the premiere of “Veronica Mars” in Autsin, Texas

Tina Majorino, Kristen Bell, Krysten Ritter and Amanda Noret in the green room at the premiere of Veronica Mars during the 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas on March 8, 2014.

Bell_Kristen_VeronicaMars_001 Bell_Kristen_VeronicaMars_008 Bell_Kristen_VeronicaMars_007 Bell_Kristen_VeronicaMars_006 Bell_Kristen_VeronicaMars_005 Bell_Kristen_VeronicaMars_003

Today’s candids – Taylor Swift leaving Ballet Bodies dance studio in L. A.

March 1, 2014.

You like legs?  Here you go.

Taylor_Ballet_002 Taylor_Ballet_003 Taylor_Ballet_004 Taylor_Ballet_005 Taylor_Ballet_006 Taylor_Ballet_007 Taylor_Ballet_010 Taylor_Ballet_011 Taylor_Ballet_012 Taylor_Ballet_013

Worst of fashion at the 2014 Academy Awards – at the parties

Since there are plenty of celebrities – especially those who otherwise wouldn’t be part of the arrival scene or who might not quite be part of Hollywood’s A-list, and since so many of the A-listers change outfits for the after-parties, I thought they deserved a topic of their own – so here they are.

You can usually count on Diane Kruger to have a certain class when dressing for big events, so this outfit is a disappointment – this dress takes a couple of steps down in class.  It’s as if she’s simply trying to grab attention.  That may be understandable, considering the people she’s mixing with – or attempting to mix with – but she could have made a better impression by dressing the part.

Put simply, Paulina Rubio just looks like she’s a mess.  I can’t imagine what she was thinking.  I wonder if she thought that this is the way to gain prestige.  For me, this isn’t the way.

Is Nikki Reed wearing very nice pajamas or a casual kimono?  Is Olivia Munn wearing a bondage-accented toga?  Did Karolina Kurkova take fashion advice from the same consultant that advised Olivia Munn?  These questions – and more – pop into mind when looking at their dresses.  I wonder if celebrities in these kinds of spots even consider that such get-ups do their careers or reputations more harm than good.

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger

Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova






















The best of fashion at the 2014 Academy Awards – Part II

Here are a few more of the best-looking dresses from the 2014 Academy Awards.  So far all of the photos have been from the show arrivals, and these are, as well.  I’ll show the after-party gowns separately, since so many of the attendees change to a different outfit for the parties.

Charlize, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Garner are all beautiful, and Kristen Bell isn’t too bad-looking, either, but I think Charlize is simply breathtaking.


Charlize Theron


Jennifer Lawrence





Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell


Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

The best of fashion at the 2014 Academy Awards

The 2014 Academy Awards, held at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 2, 2014 in Hollywood, California.

These are my candidates for the best dresses of the night, so far.  I’ll update it as more pictures become available.

Jessica BielBiel_Arrivals

Naomi Watts


Kristen Chenoweth


Maria Menounos


Tara Lipinski

 Jenna Dewan


Penelope Cruz


Kate Hudson




Today’s daily candids – sexy or trashy?

Elisabeth Rohm – 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards – Santa Monica Beach, California – March 1, 2014

Lately Elisabeth has been out and about at a lot of public events, and has been dressing a lot more provocatively than I I can remember.  This makes me very happy – and I find this dress to be sexy – daring, yes, but no more out of line than we often see at awards shows and movie premieres.

2014 Independent Spirit Awards 2014 Independent Spirit Awards Rohm_Spirit_3 cu






















Rihanna – Jean Paul Gaultier ready-to-wear fall/winter 2014-2015 show – Paris – March 1, 2014

This brings us to the trashy portion of our program.  I think Rihanna is a beautiful woman, and Heaven knows she’s got a fantastic figure – look, even Victoria’s Secret voted her as having the best bikini body of 2013 – but this is just plain trashy.  She has for some time been in the same unfortunate group as Madonna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus – women who have had to resort to wearing more and more outrageous or scandalous or mystifying outfits just to get, and to stay, noticed.  They really should learn that you can be sexy and still have at least a shred of class.  I think that Rihanna – like Miley – needs some real guidance, and she needs it right away.

Rihanna_Gaulthier_1 Rihanna_Gaulthier_2 Rihanna_Gaulthier_3 Rihanna_Gaulthier_4
















Is Rihanna's outfit sexy or trashy?

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Daily Candids

I see a lot of pictures of celebrities – the A- listers and the not-quite A-listers, at all kinds of events both public and private. Some are not so striking, such as 39 pictures of Jessica Biel walking her dog, or someone taking a jog in Toluca Lake or Brentwood.

And then there are others- pictures of women so beautiful and so incredibly dressed that there are almost no words to properly express my amazement – and I don’t just mean Salma’s or Sofia’s or Halle’s gown at the latest major awards show. No, sometimes you see pictures like these – Maria Menounos on the set of Extra at Universal Studios on February 26th.

If ever there were pictures that could knock me off my chair, these are the ones. They instantly go into my “Holy moley!” Hall of Fame. I hope you like them, too.









Random event candids

Maria Menounos on the set of Extra


Michaela Conlin at the Annie Leibovitz book launch at Chateau Marmont – February 26, 2014


Malin Akerman – Global Green USA’s 11th annual pre-Oscar party at Avalon – February 26, 2014


Olivia Munn – BVLGARI Decades of Glamour Oscar Party at Soho House, West Hollywood – Feb. 25, 2014


Daily candids – Sofia Vergara filming Modern Family in Australia

Sofia Vergara in an Agent Provocateur swimsuit, filming Modern Family on Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Sofia Vergara of 'Modern Family' hits Bondi Beach to film a scene for the hit tv show in Sydney Sofia Vergara of 'Modern Family' hits Bondi Beach to film a scene for the hit tv show in Sydney Sofia Vergara of 'Modern Family' hits Bondi Beach to film a scene for the hit tv show in Sydney Sofia Vergara of 'Modern Family' hits Bondi Beach to film a scene for the hit tv show in Sydney Sofia Vergara of 'Modern Family' hits Bondi Beach to film a scene for the hit tv show in Sydney

Fashion review: the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Event details: The 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, held Saturday, January 18, 2014 at the Shrine Auditorium & Exposition Center in Los Angeles, California.

The Hollywood awards show season marches on. The latest event to take over the town was the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The red carpet appearances proved a point regarding such shows – each one has its own character, perhaps reflecting the regard in which the show is held and the relative importance attached to the awards being given – and the accompanying perceived status.

For the Golden Globe Awards, there were more gowns that highlighted lots of cleavage. That’s hardly a bad thing, but it always leads to the inevitable jokes about the real golden globes, especially when Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry or any of the other women who can be counted on for a generous display. I can remember one Golden Globe show several years ago in which Jane Krakowski showed up, wearing a deeply-cut gown that barely concealed her assets. The interviewer asked her about this, and how she prevented wardrobe malfunctions. She replied that she preferred Silly Putty instead of double-sided tape to get the job done.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards appear to have an elevated status as to their career-wise desirability. After all, they are awarded by their acting peers, and are a a measure of recognition and professional appreciation. As a result, the red carpet dresses showed a generally greater level of sophistication than those seen at the Golden Globe Awards. This doesn’t mean that every outfit was a success; no, there were a few pretty bad choices, but the array of outfits spanned a wide spectrum from ok to nice but unremarkable to sexy but classy to sophisticated and, of course, super-sexy.

Let’s work our way from bad to great.


Camilla Alves shows that simply presenting cleavage is no guarantee that the dress is a success. This one doesn’t work for me. Elizabeth Moss is not a bad-looking woman but a rather decent dress is spoiled by her slumping posture. Her whole aspect seems like that of a wallflower who is uncomfortable and unfamiliar with such an event. At the Golden Globe Awards, Malin looked night-and-day better than she does here. This dress is so busy that I don’t know what to make of it. What is it supposed to be? What is its character? I can’t make it out.

Emilia Clarke really surprised. She wore what I’d normally consider a slinky dress – which is usually a good thing – but here, it doesn’t work because it doesn’t seem to fit quite right. It leaves me disappointed – this was an odd choice, and she can certainly do much better. At first glance, I thought that Kerry Washington looked posh, but upon closer inspection, I thought, “What is that supposed to be?” Is it a two-piece gown? Is it a kendo uniform? The skirt looks disconnected, or, rather, uncoordinated with, the top. Is it really supposed to be that puffed up? In a smaller proportion it would be a lot more attractive, but as it is, it’s another swing and a miss.

That brings me to perhaps two of the biggest disappointments of the evening, from two celebrities from whom I always expect much better. Julia Robert’s gown was a big letdown. It is very simple, which on its own is not something to bemoan, but its flourishes – attempts to avoid being too plain – don’t seem to belong. They seem contrived rather than simply being integrated parts of a complete outfit. Not only that, but this one also doesn’t fit right. From some angles, it suggests that Julia has put on a few pounds, and this dress shows that to bad advantage. I’m not criticizing her for that – no, not at all. People age, as they should, and that’s not something for which we all should be held to account. No, rather, I’m saying that this dress did not work to her best advantage. She’s a beautiful woman who’s aging very gracefully – and there’s always that smile – but this dress didn’t help her too much..

That beings me to Sandra Bullock. She always looks so stylish and so – together – but this time, I don’t think so. It has several characteristics I usually appreciate – a bit of a sheen, pleasant, vibrant color, and a slit showing some leg – but the top is finished off by a bow that looks awkwardly placed, which drwas your attention to what looks like a fold or a pleat that doesn’t belong. Then there’s her hairstyle. Was that by design? Was her hair styled that way on purpose? I hope not. The overall effect of the oddly-finished dress coupled with the unfinished hairstyle is one of disappointment. She looked so good at the Golden Globes!

Camilla ALves  - 2014 SAG Awards - arrivals

Camilla ALves – 2014 SAG Awards – arrivals

Elizabeth Moss - 2014 SAG Awards - arrivals

Elizabeth Moss – 2014 SAG Awards – arrivals

Malin Akerman -  2014 SAG Awards - arrivals

Malin Akerman – 2014 SAG Awards – arrivals

Emilia Clarke  - 2014 SAG Awards - arrivals

Emilia Clarke – 2014 SAG Awards – arrivals

Julia Roberts  - 2014 SAG Awards - arrivals

Julia Roberts – 2014 SAG Awards – arrivals

Sandra Bullock  - 2014 SAG Awards - arrivals

Sandra Bullock – 2014 SAG Awards – arrivals

Kerry Washington - 2014 SAG Awards - arrivals

Kerry Washington – 2014 SAG Awards – arrivals










































Ok – not bad, not great

Amy Adams’ dress isn’t exactly plain, or even bad – after all, it does have some character, some distinctiveness to it, but it doesn’t make me wild. And her hair looks flat, almost an afterthought. Holly Hunter’s dress is perhaps a near miss. It’s both sexy and conservative – conservative, perhaps, because she’s too skinny and the dress could fit better.

Pauley Perrette is a different story altogether. She’s pretty in a quirky way, and I like her a lot. She’s got a terrific personality, and I’d be hard-pressed to find anything bad that’s been said about her in the industry. The dress is nice enough, but seems unremarkable to me. She looks happy, and the dress is, if not totally unremarkable, heading toward elegant. But something seems to be missing, something I can’t quite define. To be honest, the tattoos don’t help, either. They’re not a deal-breaker, but they don’t help.

Amy Adams  - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Amy Adams – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Holly Hunter - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Holly Hunter – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Pauley Perrette - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Pauley Perrette – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals




























Sarah Hyland looked terrific; her gown was age-appropriate, and was perhaps as sexy or showy as a girl her age should look at such a well-scrutinized event. Anna Gunn’s blue gown was one of the most pleasant surprises of the night. It was slinky, sure, but not unreasonably so, and unlike all too many other dresses that night, it fit right. It didn’t just fit right, it fit very nicely. Sasha Alexander was another pleasant surprise for me. She’s a beautiful woman, and I like her, but she sometimes leans toward red carpet gowns that are too conservative – almost bordering on frumpy. Maybe frumpy is unfair – still, her dresses at some events don’t help the way she presents herself – but not so at this awards show. No, I see her red dress as a really nice example of “simple and elegant.” She isn’t completely covered but she isn’t gratuitously revealed, either – altogether, a successful appearance.

It’s very possible that this is the best I’ve ever seen Elisabeth Rohm look at any kind of public event. When I saw her first appear on the red carpet, I said “Wow!” out loud, to nobody in particular. I almost couldn’t get over it – this was a much sexier look for her, and did she ever look good! I hope she can continue on this path. Her dress and her hair and her expression fairly well shouted out “self-assurance” and it was very nice to see.

Jane Krakowski’s red carpet dresses have made me say “Wow!” plenty of times inn the past. She’s one of the celebrities I can always count on for this kind of outfit, and as I’ve mentioned, and I can almost always count on her for “event wow” material. She didn’t disappoint me. Her pale green dress was a bit low-cut and had a certain toga-like air. I liked this one a lot. I was also surprised at how much I liked the way Portia de Rossi looked. At first I thought her dress looked too conservative, even a bit featureless, until she turned a bit to the side to show that the dress was backless – dramatically so. Very nice.

Sarah Hyland - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Sarah Hyland – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Anna Gunn - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Anna Gunn – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Sasha Alexander - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Sasha Alexander – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Elisabeth Rohm - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Elisabeth Rohm – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Jane Krakowski - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Jane Krakowski – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals












Portia de Rossi – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals




























This last group of celebrities appeared at the show wearing some of my favorite dresses of the evening, and, no doubt about – there are a few traffic-stoppers here, too.

Morena Baccarin just plain knocked me over. She was definitely in my “Holy moley!” list. I don’t remember ever seeing her quite like this, and this new look made me very happy! I first became aware of – and maybe swept away by – Morena when she was in the short-lived but still devotedly followed Firefly. Since then – and Serenity, of course, she’s had roles in TV’s Stargate SG-1, Heartland, V and Homeland, and is in the yet-to-be-released Back in the Day. I’ll have to head out to my local movie theater to see that one.

Julie Bowen took me by surprise in a very good way. She really showed how to wear a dramatic color-draped dress that featured texture, color and geometric design, but was refined enough so as not to be too busy. It jsut goes to show you – there’s bold, such as feathers and safety-pins and swans, and there’s bold, such as this dress – and this is certainly the one to appreciate.

Is that a flamenco-inspired design Kaley Cuoco is wearing? that’s what I thought of, and that flamenco-like detail almost spelled failure, but for Heaven’s sake – the rest of the dress is incredible. It’s not just because of the cleavage display, although that sure goes a long way – no, it’s the whole look – sexiness, self-confidence – it’s all there. A woman with a figure like that who wears a dress like that – she’s the one in control, not the paparazzi and assorted other gawkers. Nope, she’s the one in control and she knows it.

Jennifer Lawrence looked fantastic in a tight, slinky black sequined number that only a woman with a slim figure can wear. And wear it she did, along with just enough jewelry, and a well-chosen short hairstyle, all of which added up to a big success.

I have to admit that Gretchen Mol doesn’t leap to mind when I think about who’s on my personal list of favorite celebrities, but you can bet I’ll have my eyes on her from now on. I don’t know why I’ve never been to aware of her until recently. She’s been in a string of movies, TV series and mini-series dating back to 1996, but most recently her role in TV’s Boardwalk Empire has elevated her career. Anybody remember Life on Mars? That ran for two years, from 2008 to 2009, but I guessed that one passed me by. She has two movies due out in 2014 – True Story, with Jonah Hill, James Franco, Felicity Jones, and Anesthesia, with Kristen Stewart, Glenn Close and Sam Waterston.

Ok, now, here’s Sofia Vergara wearing a typically Sofia dress – no doubt about it. Let’s see – slinky? (there’s that word again) Sure. Sequins and beading? Sure. Rings? Of course. A necklace costing ten-years’ salary ? Yep. Commonplace for Sofia, and not unappreciated – but how many of us have seen her with her natural blond hair color? When she came to the United States she dyed her hair to avoid becoming a stereotyped blond. For a lot of actresses trying to make a name for themselves this would be a crazy gamble, but things have worked out for her, haven’t they? You bet! Of course, having a figure and irrepressible personality like she does could also have something to do with it, eh?

Then there’s Maria Menounos. Now, she’s been one of my top favorites for a long time, but at this show she looked so stunning I was almost a loss for words. The pale pink skirt had a thigh-high slit that she thankfully “helped” aside, to reveal a generous and very welcome leg show. I don’t quite know how to describe the top portion of the gown. Does it have bondage-styled strap accents? Is it reminiscent of something worn by the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus? Did Madonna or Madonna’s fashion advisers have any input? I don’t know. All I know was that to my eyes, she looked magnificent.

Sofia Vergara - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Sofia Vergara – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Gretchen Mol - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Gretchen Mol – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

MariaMenounos - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

MariaMenounos – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Maria Menounos - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Maria Menounos – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Jennifer Lawrence - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Jennifer Lawrence – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Kaley Cuoco - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Kaley Cuoco – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Julie Bowen - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Julie Bowen – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Morena Baccarin - 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards - arrivals

Morena Baccarin – 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards – arrivals

Fashions at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards

It was one of the nights we live for every year.  The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards were held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday, January 12, 2014.  As is always the case, there was a huge variety of remarkable (and unremarkable) dresses on display as the celebrities made their way down the red carpet.

I know that many celebrities put a great deal of time and effort – not to mention, expense – into the selection fo dresses, jewelry, shoes and hairstyling, not to mention assorted accessories.  That’s just how it is.  Within the spectrum of ensembles, I found it really easy to categorize some as obviously jaw-dropping.  Let’s face it – Sofia Vergara, like Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson and a select few others – just have to show up, and they own the venue.  No doubt about it, Sofia wore two dresses – one at the arrival and another at the after-parties – that just come right out and knock you on your butt.  Revealing?  You bet – and in control of everyone around her.

Sexy but tasteful

Then there are other dresses that are sexy without necessarily being so remarkably revealing.  Amy Adams’ two-tone red gown certainly was about as low-cut as she could get away with, but there was a certain sophistication to it, to my mind placing it in a bit of a different category.  The same holds true for Kaley Cuoco’s floral gown.  She, too, made a very decent display of cleavage, but it had a classiness that set it apart.

Reese Witherspoon looked terrific in a pale green gown that was at once simple, mildly conservative and sexy.  Well done, Reese.  Naomi Watts (shimmery in beige) and Robin Wright (in a paler white gown) wore dresses that were rather similar in style, and both looked as good as I can remember.  I was pleasantly surprised to see them both looking so beautiful.  I also liked Kristin Chenoweth’s form-fitting blue number.  I’m sure that plenty of fashion experts will say it was too simple, but I think it was nicely done.  She’s very petite, but she looked extremely attractive, and her hair-style added a very nice touch of class to the overall picture.

Amy Adams - arrivals

Amy Adams – arrivals

Robin Wright - arrivals

Robin Wright – arrivals

Reese Witherspoon - arrivals

Reese Witherspoon – arrivals


Naomi Watts - arrivals

Naomi Watts – arrivals

Kaley Cuoco - WB/InStyle after-party

Kaley Cuoco – WB/InStyle after-party











Kristin Chenoweth - Netflix/Weinstein Company after-party

Kristin Chenoweth – Netflix/Weinstein Company after-party












Odette Anable - WB/InStyle after-party

Odette Anable – WB/InStyle after-party



























Odd – maybe not really bad, but not great, either

Of course, there were a few odd-looking gowns, from my point of view.  I saw a few such outfits and found it somehow tough to decide if I liked them or not, and whenever I have to second-guess if I like them or not, then I know they don’t work for me.  Jennifer Lawrence seemed to arrive to general acclaim, but I remain undecided about her gown.  Sexy?  Sure.  Classy?  Again, sure.  But the circular black stripes – I just didn’t love the overall look.  What can I say?  Ok, I know – if were were out to dinner and she were wearing a dress anything like that one, I’d be knocked out.  Even so, when compared to some of the dresses worn by other women at the event, I think it takes somewhat of a back seat.

I really like Alyssa Milano – I’ve liked her for a long time – but I don’t know what she was thinking.  She’s got some figure, but this dress was ill-fitting and strangely conservative – almost dowdy.  Nope, not a good choice, love. When I saw Julia Roberts arrive, I thought, at first, “What a stylish look.”  Then I saw that she was wearing a very low-cut gown with apparently a men’s white white dress shirt, I reconsidered.  Julia so often looks incredible that seeing her in an outfit like this is a disappointment.

Crystal Reed’s outfit was not a success, perhaps a near-miss.  What seemed like horizontal-oriented stripes (maybe stripes is a bad description – ruffles?) were contrasted against a vest that was reminiscent of a bullfighter’s vest.  The combination was simply not complementary.  I couldn’t figure out Emilia Clarke’s gown, either.  What kind of print is that?  Protozoan?  Jeez, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single-celled animal print dress before.  Leopard, zebra, tiger, even ocelot – yes – but never something like this.  She’s a beautiful sexy woman who chose unwisely.  The dress that Elisabeth Rohm wore at The Weinstein Company/Netflix after-party wasn’t exactly bad, but I don’t think it was successful, either.  She looked very nice, but the dress seemed unremarkable to me, and the hairstyle wasn’t my cup of tea, either.  We already have a Pink, and one is enough, thank you very much.  That brings me to Taylor Swift.  She looked wonderful in her arrival dress – which I’ll show below – but her short, black outfit at the WB/InStyle after-party didn’t work for me at all.  I know what she was trying to do – wear something sexy, even a little edgy – but in the end, it was somehow too busy – if you want to make a statement, make a statement – but it might have a bigger payoff if you really commit.

Jennifer Lawrence - arrivals

Jennifer Lawrence – arrivals

Alyssa Milano - Weinstein Company/Netflix after-party

Alyssa Milano – Weinstein Company/Netflix after-party

Crystal Reed - WB/InStyle after-party

Crystal Reed – WB/InStyle after-party












Tayloer Swift - WB/InStyle after-party

Tayloer Swift – WB/InStyle after-party

Elisabeth Rohm - Weinstein Company/Netflix after=party

Elisabeth Rohm – Weinstein Company/Netflix after=party

Julia Roberts - arivals

Julia Roberts – arivals



























Just plain bad

There were several downright bad outfits, too.  I can’t for the life of me figure out Patricia Arquette’s thought process.  Her dress seemed to consist of a badly-fitting black, floor-length gown at the bottom, with a white satin top.  She wasn’t done yet.  SHe also was wearing vest-like cover-up with lace sleeves near the wrest, while the rest of it appeared to have gone through a shredder.  This outfit was perhaps the worst dress of the night.  Maggie Q’s outfit at the HBO after-party was very nearly a pants-suit.  Black slacks and a black suit-jacket top – was that something she had in her personal collection or did a stylist “help” her shoose it?  Either way, it was, I should say, ill-advised.

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette

Maggie Q - HBO after-party

Maggie Q – HBO after-party















Let’s move on to happier results.  First I have to mention Sandra Bullock.  She was at the top of my “sexy yet elegant” list.  I suppose it was a little more revealing than we usually see from Sandra, but the whole story – a beautiful gown with large, bold color sections and an elegant (there’s that word again) hairdo – but she was the very picture of style.

Taylor Swift’s dress showed how well simplicity can be executed.  Simple in design, perhaps, but sophisticated and very attractive.  Top it off with a very appropriate hairstyle and you have a winner.

Hayden Panettiere was possibly the biggest, happiest surprises of the night for me.  She wore a dress that was form-fitting without being skintight, with a thigh-high slit. This was such a good choice!  She is another petite celebrity, and this outfit seemed to make her look taller.  The accessories – large, ball-shaped earrings and a large diamond brooch were fine additional touches.  I liked this one a lot.

Maggie Grace and Juliana Margulies looked terrific, as well.  From what I’ve seen so far, a lot of people were far more taken with Juliana than I was, but I have to give credit where credit is due – she looked beautiful.  At the WB/InStyle after-party, Amanda Righetti wore a slinky, pale gold dress that showed off her incredible figure.  Along with Hayden, Amanda was probably my second happiest surprise.  This was some dress!  Paz Vega, also at the WB/InStype after-party, looked positively glamorous.  And that smile!  It was nice to see someone who looked genuinely happy to be at the event.

Sandra Bullock - arrivals

Sandra Bullock – arrivals

Juliana Margulies - arrivals

Juliana Margulies – arrivals

Hayden Panettiere- arrivals

Hayden Panettiere- arrivals

Amanda Righetti - WB/InStyle after-party

Amanda Righetti – WB/InStyle after-party

Taylor Swift - arrivals

Taylor Swift – arrivals

Paz Vega - W/InStyle after-party

Paz Vega – W/InStyle after-party






































Jaw-dropping incredible display

We now come to the “Oh my God!” portion of our show.  I admit – and I’m sure many, if not most, of you have to agree – these are the dresses we’ll talk about the most.  Usually this means Cleavage City, but it ani’t necessarily so.  Let’s take a look at the perhaps unsubtle, knock-you-right-out dresses that make us watch these kinds of awards shows.

First up is Kate Beckinsale.  Kate, all I can say is, “Thank you!”  For whatever reason, she’s never been a favorite of mine – there are too many other celebrities that I like a lot more – but when a beautiful woman wears a dress like this, it makes me very happy.

Next, at the WB/InStyle after-party (Good grief, this must have been some party!  Can you say “Eye candy?”) we have Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Kerr and Sofia “I own this place!” Vergara.  I’ll get back to Sofia in a moment.

It seems that Vanessa used the occasion to make a statement – “Hey!  I’m not a little girl any more!”  Vanessa, we know!  Ever since seeing her in a bikini in Spring Breakers, we’ve known!  I don’t need any more convincing but it certainly is welcome, so long as she doesn’t go over the edge a la Miley Cyrus.

Julianne Hough found a form-fitting – dare I say, tight-fitting – black dress that managed to be revealing, and see-through in parts, yet covered – a very fine discovery, if you ask me.  Supermodel Miranda Kerr wore a dress that perhaps few other woman could wear.  It looks as if it’s made up of separate front and back sections, laced together, showing her bare back, hips and legs – incredible!

Now for Sofia.  What can I say?  Some pundits have criticized her for always wearing the same kind of dress at these events.  My reply is, “Yeah?  So?”  I say, “Oh, Sofia!”  At the after-party she wore a very slinky , sparkly dress with a very wide, deeply-plunging cut that showed off her celebrated assets.  That would have been enough of a triumph for some women, but that was merely Chapter 2 for her – take a look at the much more elegant, arrival-appropriate but still knockout-quality arrival gown.  Do you have any doubt that everybody whipped their heads around to ogle Sofia when she arrived?  You probably wouldn’t want to place any bets on that.

One of the first arrivals was The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch.  Melissa may be petite – for Heaven’s sake, they’ve used the quip “teeny, tiny body” on the show – but when she’s on the red carpet, she’s dynamite.   She wore a canary yellow dress that had some toga-like features, yet must have been from a stylist who normally works with Sofia Vergara.   This dress sure got my attention.

There were two others in the “jaw-dropping” category that I want to mention.  Cassie Scerbo wore a black dress with such a large slit that almost seemed as if she could remove the skirt section of the dress, revealing culottes underneath.  Of course this wasn’t the case, but it sure made me sit up and take notice!

This brings me to Margot Robbie.  She was in the short-lived TV series “Pan Am” but because it wasn’t around for so long she still seems like a newcomer.  Her thigh-high slit, sparkle-trimmed, almost skin-tight white dress will no doubt be talked about for a long time.  I know I’ll be happy to talk about it.  The slit – not exactly on the side – showed lots of leg as she walked down the red carpet, and she looked so stunning that the phrase “head-turner” couldn’t have been overused.

Julianne Hough - WB/InStyle after-party

Julianne Hough – WB/InStyle after-party

Sofia Vergara - arrivals

Sofia Vergara – arrivals

Sofia Vergara - WB/InStyle after-party

Sofia Vergara – WB/InStyle after-party


margot Robbie - arrivals

margot Robbie – arrivals

Melissa Rauch - arrivals

Melissa Rauch – arrivals

Heidi Klum - arrivals

Heidi Klum – arrivals

Miranda Kerr - WB/InStyle after-party

Miranda Kerr – WB/InStyle after-party

Vanessa Hudgens - WB/InStyle after-party

Vanessa Hudgens – WB/InStyle after-party



























































Best of the night

Maria Menounos will probably never win an Oscar or an Emmy or a Golden Globe award or a Tony or a BAFTA award or even a Deutsche Fernsehpreis, but she is spectacular.  Her fuchsia-colored gown, with numerous strategic cut-outs, was, for me, the most amazing-fitting dress I saw all night.  It wasn’t exactly tight – rather, it was molded to her amazing figure.  Top that off with a simple but refined hair style, and you end up with a goddess-like aura that not only knocked me out, but knocked me out way more than anyone else.  It definitely wasn’t the most revealing dress of the night, but to me it was the sexiest, and the one out of all of them that I have the hardest time forgetting.


Fashions at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards

Hooray!  The Hollywood awards show season has officially begun.  With the advent of the People’s Choice Awards on January 8th, we are in the midst of an ongoing feast for the eyes, knowing, as we do, how the women of the big screen (movies) and much smaller screen (TV) dress up for such events.

I’ll be the first to admit that I look forward to such events in the hopes that a number of women will wear dresses or gowns or some kind of outfit that’s very revealing, or even borderline scandalous.  I’ll get to a few examples of such outfits shortly.  First, let’s take a deserved look at a few celebrities whose outfits were attention-getting not because there were over-the-top sexy, but because they were sexy yet classy and stylish.

Leading this group were Sandra Bullock, Naya Rivera,

Sandra Bullock - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Sandra Bullock – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals

Juliana Margulies - 2014 People's Choice Awards - show

Juliana Margulies – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – show


Lucy Hale - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Lucy Hale – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals


Naya Rivera – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – press room












Here are a few outfits that look seem almost too sexy to be called really refined, but not as outrageous as the jaw-dropping ones seen a bit further below.

When I saw Melissa, my reaction was, “Wow!  She looks great!  You never see her like that on The BIg Bang Theory!”  Taylor Spreitler and Adelaide Kane are certainly dressed attractively, yet appropriate for women so young.  They don’t look inappropriately provocative, as a smiliaarly young Miley Cyrus has obviously never learned.  And Kaley?  At the moment, it seems that Kaley – like Sandra – can do no wrong.  She’s got the looks and the persona that allow her to dress to impress and shout, “Look at me!” yet remain tasteful.

Melissa Rauch - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Melissa Rauch – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals

Taylor Spreitler - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Taylor Spreitler – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals


Adelaide Kane - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Adelaide Kane – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals

Kaley Cuoco - 2014 People's Choice Awards - press room

Kaley Cuoco – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – press room


Here are some examples of the very nice-looking outfits that were quite nice, but somehow a little restrained – and in a couple of instances, perhaps almost too restrained.  It’s probably unfair to show Melissa Joan Hart in this kind of category, but it’s a little tough to classify.  After all, she looks great, and she’s showing a fair amount of leg, and I do like the dress and wanted to show a picture of her – but I just didn’t know where to place it.

That brings us to Emily Deschanel.  I think she’s a beautiful woman and I like her a lot.  She’s very talented, popular and successful, but somehow at events like this, she manages to choose a gown or dress that’s on the verge of being dowdy.  Maybe in this case that’s not truly reasonable, but that was, after all, my first impression.

Melissa Joan hart - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Melissa Joan hart – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals

Emily Deschanel - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Emily Deschanel – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals


And here are the outfits many of us are most interested in seeing, if we’re really honest.   I’m talking about the kind of gown that makes you say, “Holy moley!  She’s about to pop out of that dress!” or, “How does that dress stay up?” or, “Does she know we can see right through it?”  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not upset about this – these dresses always make me very happy.

About all I can say about Malin Akerman’s dress is, “Thank you, Malin!  Thank you very much!”  And, I might add, “Yesssss!”

When I saw Kat Dennings’ arrival dress, I thought, “Holy mackerel!”  Kind of tough to tear my eyes away from her.  Then again, this is pretty typical for her, but hey, why not?  She’s blessed with the assets and proud to show them off.  Who am I to argue?  I hope she stays in the public for a long time to come.

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi – you don’t have to prove anything to me!  In the last couple of years, she’s been wearing similar traffic-stopping gowns – maybe as a statement to the world after her divorce, and maybe as a self-confidence affirmation – whatever it is, I approve.  Just take a look at her dress at the 2013 American Music Awards, the 2013 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, the 2013 Academy Awards – Elton John AIDS Foundation Viewing Party (incredible!) the “Nebraska” premiere at the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival or MTV’s 2012 European Music Awards. (Also, truly incredible!)  I mean, really!  Heidi, I believe!

Then there is Jessica Alba.  Good grief, she seems to have the world at her feet.  She’s wearing a skin-tight, low-cut, zipper-front, almost bondage-themed dress that like several others that night, made me say, “Oh, holy moley!”  But the thing is, however else the dress may look, or whatever it may represent, it seems to have an element of elegance.  Sure, that seems contradictory, but I think it’s a fair opinion, and the look certainly works for me.  No complaints here.

Malin Akerman - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Malin Akerman – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals

Kat Dennings - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Kat Dennings – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals

Heidi Klum - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Heidi Klum – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals

Jessica Alba - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Jessica Alba – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals

Jennifer Hudson’s dress belongs in the super-sexy category, since it takes an incredible figure and a lot of self-confidence to wear a outfit like this, but it seems somehow elegant – but it’s almost celebratory, a statement dress.  I’d imagine that relatively few women can wear a dress like that, and at 32, she’s on top of her game.  In addition, was at the show to receive the “Favorite Humanitarian” award, in recognition for her charity work with the Julian D. King Gift Foundation, which she formed with her sister Julia Hudson in memory of her nephew following his murder (and that of her mother and brother) in 2008.  It’s pretty tough to argue with that.

Jenifer Hudson - 2014 People's Choice Awards - arrivals

Jenifer Hudson – 2014 People’s Choice Awards – arrivals

There are plenty of celebrities that I haven’t mentioned here.  Of course, I can’t show pictures of every celebrity who appeared at the show, let alone comment on them, because I don’t really have the space or time, and besides, that would be unfair.  There are plenty of people, and entire organizations, that make their living, from doing just that.  That’s not my sole job or responsibility so I’ll be satisfied with the pictures of the beautiful women I’ve posted here.  And just think – the Golden Globe Awards are on January 12th, the Screen Actors Guild Awards are on January 18th, and the Academy Awards are on March 2nd, 2014, so there will be plenty of more amazing pictures to follow!

Danica Patrick at the American Country Awards – you’ve never seen her like this before

When you think of Danica Patrick, your first thought is probably of something like this:

2012 Daytona 500 practice

2012 Daytona 500 practice

You may even think of something like this


or even this.


But you’ve probably never seen her looking like this:


2013 American Country Awards

2013 American Country Awards

2013 American Country Awards

Patrick co-hosted the American Country Awards along with country singer Trace Adkins. Here’s what she looked like upon arrival at the event.

2013 American Country Awards - arrival

2013 American Country Awards – arrival

The 2013 American Country Awards were held on December 10, 2013 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center  in Las Vegas, Nevada.  By some accounts, the show’s most memorable moment came about midway through, when Patrick donned a full Vegas showgirl outfit and performed onstage with other dancers.

I must say, I approve.  I’m also wondering, what’s next?  The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

Gisele Bündchen poses naked for “Body Double” pictorial in Paris Vogue

Some people have it all – or at least, they seem to.  From my far-away vantage point, I’d have to say that Bündchen_Gisele - Nov. 2013 Paris VogueGiesle Bündchen is one of those rare, few people who actually does have it all.  

Just take a look at these photos from the November 2013 edition of Paris Vogue.  Can you believe she has two kids?  From looking at her, it seems pretty unlikely.  The photoshoot, photographed by the renowned due of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, shows Giesle seemingly posing with herself.  and, oh yeah – she’s naked. This is a very good thing.  I don’t know how they did it, but I don’t care.  I think this is one of the most outstanding photoshoots I’ve seen in a while.

The photos are so good, I had to share.  You can see the complete shoot here, in our forum.



Bündchen_Gisele - Nov. 2013 Paris Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence Cuts Beautiful Hair

I know this has been posted all over the Internet already but I feel I must voice my opinion.  I’ve heard everything from she looks amazing to she looks horrible.  Umm. Guys.  This is JENNIFER LAWRENCE!! Who gives a shit how she has her hair? Are you guys insane? She’s a wonder of beauty. PERIOD! How many of us would love to have a woman as gorgeous as she is as ours? Grow Up.  Be men, and women, and accept her for who she is.  Not the way she wears her hair.


Best Halloween Costume!

Gabriel Iglesias Halloween Costume

Now when Fluffy posted this on Facebook. I literally laughed my ass off!. He looks like a woman. Honestly I would have never guessed that it was a man. A big man at that. Truly a hysterical person. I wanted to go see his show when he came to my town but wasn’t able to. Maybe I can get some free tickets net time you are in town?? HINT HINT!!

Add Fluffy to your FaceBook


Gabriel Iglesias Halloween Costume

Gabriel Iglesias Halloween Costume

Naya Rivera Stuns in White

Most of us had no clue who Naya Rivera was before she starred as the sexy, bitchy, cheerleading lesbian hottie on the hit television show Glee.  Now we just can’t get enough of her. Recently Ms. Rivera was engaged to her long time boyfriend Big Sean. You can tell that she is extremely happy and Big Sean is a very lucky man. Based on what I see in these pictures. A VERY lucky man. You better treat her right Big Sean. Don’t make her go all Lima Heights on your sorry ass..



The rest of the images in this set can be seen in our forum.

‘New Moon’ sneak peek: Kristn Stewart

Yesterday was the joy that is Robert Pattinson shirtless. Unfortunately, Kristen Stewart wouldn’t do the same, but we do have a photo of the actress filming a scene from “New Moon,” running through a fountain in Italy: