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Top searches for 2013 on Google and Bing

So many of the top searches on Bing for TV shows and movies are for shows and movies that are not my cup of tea, that many just don’t merit any comment.  But the #10 search for TV show on Bng was for Honey Boo Boo?  I generally spend a lot of time defending the collective public intelligence, but information like this makes me not angry, but sad.  Talk about a show with no redeeming quality!  This is depressing.


Overall top searches

1. Nelson Mandela
2. Paul Walker
3. iPhone 5s
4. Cory Monteith
5. Harlem Shake
6. Boston Marathon
7. Royal Baby
8. Samsung Galaxy S4
9. PlayStation 4
10. North Korea


1.  Miley Cyrus
2.  Drake
3.  Kim Kardashian
4.  Justin Bieber
5.  Beyonce
6.  Rihanna
7.  Taylor Swift
8.  Selena Gomez
9.  Katy Perry
10. Kanye West


Top person search

1    Beyoncé Knowles
2    Kim Kardashian
3    Rihanna
4    Taylor Swift
5    Madonna
6    Justin Bieber
7    Nicki Minaj
8    Amanda Bynes
9    Miley Cyrus
10   Barack Obama

Top sports stars

1  Tim Tebow
2  Lindsey Vonn
3  Tiger Woods
4  Kevin Ware
5  Ray Lewis
6  Lebron James
7  Danica Patrick
8  Dwight Howard
9  Derek Jeter
10 Maria Sharapova


1    Beyoncé
2    Rihanna
3    Taylor Swift
4    Madonna
5    Justin Bieber
6    Nicki Minaj
7    Miley Cyrus
8    Britney Spears
9    Katy Perry
10  Selena Gomez


1   Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop
2   Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines
3   Rihanna – Stay
4   Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
5   Jason Derulo- The Other Side
6   Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man
7   Justin Timberlake – Mirrors
8   Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop
9   Pink – Just Give Me A Reason
10  One Direction – Best Song Ever

TV show

1   Big Bang Theory
2   American Idol
3   The Walking Dead
4   Downtown Abbey
5   Game of Thrones
6   Dancing with the Stars
7   The Today Show
8   Big Brother
9   The Bachelor/Bachelorette
10  Honey Boo Boo


1   Iron Man 3
2   Fast and Furious 6
3   Despicable Me 2
4   The Conjuring
5   The Wolverine
6   2 Guns
7   The Great Gatsby
8   Oz: The Great and Powerful
9   Snitch
10  Man of Steel

Anna Kournikova Gets Ripped For Women’s Health Magazine November 2011

Anna Kournikova looking ripped and shredded? YES. The new “Biggest Loser” lifecoach is on the November 2011 cover of Women’s Health and showing off that hard tennis body and showing off her hot exercise moves. Check it out!


Supermodels Playing Baseball

Victoria’s Secret is probably the ONLY lingerie company that let’s their models go to baseball games and throw out the first pitch. Usually, it was the job of Marisa Miller to do these sporting events but now VS is letting others like Doutzen Kroes (pictured below) to pitch a fastball.

The Dutch supermodel was at the Toronto Blue Jays game earlier today where she threw out the first pitch.

You’re probably asking, “Did the pitch make it all the way to the catcher? ” Here’s my answer: SHUT UP.

Partyin’ With Ron Artest

You gotta cut Ron Artest some slack. So maybe the LA Lakers practically melted down in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, but that don’t mean you can stop Ron-Ron from partyin’ hard!


I gotta admit that the Lakers were a total hot bag of air this season. They started off great early on, then hit a massive slump, got back on their feet after the All-Star break, hit a slump AGAIN at the end, and then practically shit all over their season in Round 2. But I cut Ron-Ron slack simply because he won’t let that stop him from partyin’!

Kobe Bryant Gets Cemented in Hollywood

In case you missed it over the weekend, LA Laker Kobe Bryant became the first-ever athlete to get his hands and feet cemented at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame (an honor usually given to movie stars). But from what I’ve heard, Kobe’s actual cement block will only be displayed temporarily, so if you’re in Hollywood, take a picture before it disappears!

Congrats to Kobe from Celebutopia! And to put the cherry on top, Kobe was named the MVP for the 2011 NBA All-Star game where the West dominated the East like a bunch o’ bitches for the hundredth time. Suck it, Lebron!

Maria Sharapova Whacks It Hard!

Thank god for the super-duper quick snapshot function! Photogs snapped photos of Maria practicing some hot moves over the weekend (for some Aussie tennis tournament in Melbourne) and caught her at her sweatiest and hardest.

Yup, I guess I was wrong about her – she DOES sweat like mofo! And I bet she’s a hard whacker, too. AT TENNIS, I MEAN.

Kobe Bryant Becomes 10th All-Time NBA Scorer

Sure, I can attest that my Los Angeles Lakers have been hot and very cold throughout this season, but that doesn’t mean Kobe’s gonna stop being the dominant force that he’s always been. The Lakers took on the falling-apart Detroit Pistons and defeated them in a 108-83 blowout last night at home.

Kobe scored 17 points, which was more than enough to secure him in 10th place as the All-time leading NBA Scorer surpassing Dominique Wilkins.

“It’s cool. It’s a great honor. Those kinds of things are things that you kind of look back in hindsight when your career’s all over”.

Kobe now has 26,671 total points in his stats and is only 39 points behind the ninth place scorer, Oscar Robertson. It’s predicted that by the end of the season, Kobe could surpass Hakeem Olajuwon, Elvin Hayes and Moses Malone and end up in SIXTH place in the Scorer’s list!

Congrats to Kobe! SUCK IT, LEBRON.

Ana Ivanovic Works Up a Hot Sweat

Tennis hottie Ana Ivanovic is currently in Australia to prepare for some tennis tournament and the paps got pics of her getting all hot and sweaty during a practice round the other day.

Seriously, I don’t think even Kournikova and Sharapova ever break a sweat!

Daisy Marie Loves The Lakers

How often is it that you go to a Los Angeles Lakers game and see a slew of celebrities? Very often, actually. BUT… often do you run into adult film actresses at Laker games? Not at all!

In fact, one particular Latina porn starlet named Daisy Marie was spotted by some hawk-eyed photogs at last night’s Lakers/Rockets home opener (which also had stars like David Beckham and Denzel Washington in attendance) exiting the Staples Center!

Don’t know Daisy Marie, you say? Then you must not be a fan of Latina porn! Daisy has appeared in lots of hardcore scenes since 2007 and is known for two certain tattoos on her body: a giant angel on her back and a “Caution: Slippery When Wet” tattoo just above her cootchie.

Okay, so maybe Daisy isn’t as popular as other starlets like Riley Steele or Ashlynn Brooke or Tori Black….but goddammit, Daisy is one hell of a screamer!

LA Lakers defeat Houston Rockets 112-110

It was a nail-biter, boys and girls! After an up-and-down preseason for my Lakers, it looked as though the slump was about to carry over to the regular season. With the season home-opener against the newly suited Houston Rockets (and the return of Yao Ming), the Lakers had a miserable first half getting scored on by as much as 14 points! It seemed that the Lakers’ backs were against the wall UNTIL…..Mr. Shannon Brown. While Kobe, Pau, and Lamar led the way for most of the game, it was Shannon that brought the energy back into the crowd with a series of 3-point shots.

That’s right, the little shooting guard that ALMOST left the Lakers earlier this summer, got into a white hot groove and powered down 14 points within a span of five minutes in the 4th quarter to give the slumping Lakers a 9-point lead. With Shannon lighting up the crowd and his fellow Lakers, the boys were able to keep the lead until the last two minutes. With 1:30 to go, the Rockets were able to bounce back with tough scoops from Luis Scola, eventually giving the Rockets a 1-point 110-109 lead.

But, as Phil Jackson has been known to do, he didn’t call a time out and let Kobe decide the last play of the game. With only a few seconds on the clock, Kobe ran up the lane and threw a pass that almost seemed to be for Pau Gasol but, instead, was caught by newbie Laker guard Steve Blake at the three point line where he scored an instant trey. From there, the Rockets couldn’t measure up a last play and lost by a score of 110-112. Suck on that Miami!

[And speaking of Miami, the Boston Celtics took on the Miami Heat over in the city of Boston earlier in the evening with dismal results. As was predicted by so many analysts and observers, the Heat did NOT heat up the floor and ended up losing to a pitifully low score of 80-88. I'm not gonna analyze it, but let's just say that LeBron is still the same pathetic self-absorbed player that he's always been and it showed in tonight's game.]

Marisa Miller Plays Baseball Again

Can we just cut all the bullshit and confirm that Victoria’s Secret no longer wants anything to do with Marisa Miller? I say this because I guarantee that when Marisa went to AT&T Park to throw the first pitch for the San Francisco Giants last Wednesday, the loudspeaker announcer referred to her as “Victoria’s Secret supermodel Marisa Miller!“. STOP IT! Don’t call her that!

In the same way that some publications mislabel Bar Refaeli and Brooklyn Decker as Victoria’s Secret models (trust me, they’re not), let’s not call Marisa a VS model anymore. Why, you ask? Simple, because the lingerie conglomerate has pushed the 32-year old dinosaur off to the wayside and her image is no longer being used. Stores, catalogs, and even the VS website are all scarce of Marisa’s photos and, for that, it’s safe to assume that THEY don’t want anything to do with her any longer.

Now if she were referred to as “Sports Illustrated supermodel Marisa Miller“, then maybe I wouldn’t be as putrid about it because nobody remembers her as the cover girl from three years ago.

Maxim Cover Girl October 2010 [in 3D]

Now that Maxim has decided to get off the Lindsay Lohan deathtrap from last month, their new cover girl for October is tennis superstar Anna Kournikova! If I’m correct with my (non-existent) tennis knowledge, I think Anna is currently competing in the U.S. Open in New York. Whether she’s doing well, I could care less. Seriously.

Click on the scan to view the bigger version!

Anyway, let’s ignore the boring article and let’s focus on the fact that Maxim has decided to publish Anna’s sexy edit in a headache-inducing 3D! That’s right, the issue provides you with those cheapo red-and-blue paper glasses and when you open up to page 64 of the issue, you get to see Anna and her heaving cleavage sort of stick out at you. You’ll need to stare past the crappy red-and-blue tint to see the magic and it almost works! If only they had done this with Kelly Brook’s edit from LAST month, it woulda been better.

Supermodels Playing Tennis

Sports Illustrated supermodel Bar Refaeli and Tennis. Nothing could sound more polar opposite than those two yet….it happened! Mrs. DiCaprio was at a Nike tennis event in New York yesterday where she teamed up with Rafael Nadal and put her less-than-stellar tennis skills to use.

One thing that was probably a given: she’s a sucky-ass tennis player. But I’m sure all the ESPN-HD cameras caught everything in spectacular slo-mo High Def.

Happy Birthday, Kobe Bryant AKA Mr. 5-Time Champion!

And I say that with pride as an LA Lakers fan! Today is the 32nd birthday of the 5-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant! That’s right, I said FIVE not ZERO like Lebron! Kobe has single-handedly bulldozed and earned his way into the NBA history books with a lot of fiery intensity and the heart of a champion. One more ring and he matches Michael Jordan!

Sure, there was that little tiff between Kobe and the Lakers organization back in ’07 but, in retrospect, had he not complained, the Lakers wouldn’t be the 2-time champions they are today, so SUCK IT, haters!

With a three-peat waiting in the wings and a solid new team (plus Phil Jackson returning) to back him up for the upcoming season, Kobe should get ready to polish his fingers for a SIXTH ring.

And let’s remember, Kobe won his 5 championships and MVP trophies without switching teams and not holding a one-hour ESPN special and not getting the cover of GQ Magazine. Just hard work and the will to WIN.

GQ Magazine Does Not Endorse Champions

Someone over there at the GQ offices must really love supporting big-time LOSERS. For example, this month’s cover boy for GQ is none other than that two-timing, self-loathing, no championship-winning backstabber Lebron James. That’s right, no championship = GQ cover!

Y’know, if I recall correctly, I think it was Kobe Bryant and MY Los Angeles Lakers that won the 2010 NBA Championship and not the Cleveland Cavaliers. Oh, that’s right, the Lakers DID WIN! And did anyone from the team get the cover? NO, because GQ endorses losers! BTW, Lebron was also a GQ cover boy last year when the Cavaliers won the….oh wait, THEY LOST LAST YEAR AS WELL.

Let’s not forget that it was Lebron that CHOKED very badly the last two times he took the Cavaliers to the Eastern Conference Finals and then had the mind-blowing audacity to gloriously blow off his city in a bullshit one-hour ESPN special to go to Miami. And after all that….he still gets the cover of GQ! Not Kobe, not Pau Gasol, not Ron Artest, not Lamar Odom, not Derek Fisher, and not Phil Jackson because GOD FORBID the editors of GQ actually decide to stop kissing Lebron’s ass and finally put a REAL champion on their cover!

Let’s recap: Kobe = 5 Championships, Lebron = ZERO Championships. EPIC FAIL.

Eva Longoria is BORED with Soccer

If you thought the 2-hour one-nil World Cup game against Spain and Holland was boring as Hell (I sure did), then you and I aren’t alone! That’s right, even everyone’s favorite “Desperate Housewives” star, Eva Longoria, is just as bored with this sport as we are!

Check this out, Eva, her husband Tony Parker, and fashion host Robert Verdi were spotted attending the LA Galaxy vs New York Red Bulls game yesterday afternoon and Eva was seen constantly yawning during the whole game (while I’m sure her husband was transfixed). See? Not even having David Beckham on your team can make it interesting!

Oh, I love Eva Longoria now than I did before!

The Boston Celtics acquire Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq has had a lot of very bad seasons with the last two teams he played for. After falling out with Miami, he went to the Phoenix Suns. After he crapped out on them, he moved to Cleveland to play with Lebron and THAT fell into the shitter. And now Shaq has made the move to play for the Boston Celtics, which is ironic considering that he played for the Lakers all those years ago.

The announcement was officially made yesterday at a press conference (not a one-hour special, Lebron!) where Shaq switched alliances. AGAIN.

With Shaq joining the rest of senior citizen players of Boston (Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen), that only means ONE thing: a definite Lakers THREE-PEAT, baby!!! Nothing would give us better karma than to see Kobe win his sixth ring in front of Shaq’s face!

But, as much as I don’t like Shaq’s less-than-impressive team choices over the last few years, I really do hope that he can provide enough firepower for Boston to dismantle the over-hyped bullshit parade known as the Miami Heat super team in the Eastern Conference. If anything, I’d rather see another Boston rematch against my LA Lakers in the 2011 Finals rather than have Miami take it all. Prove ‘em wrong, Big Aristotle!

Spain Emerge as World Cup Champions in 2 Hour Bore-fest

Two things: First off, congratulations to Spain for defeating the Netherlands in a One-Nil game. And secondly, I would like to get 2 hours of my life back after having to endure watching this entire goddamned match where absolutely NOTHING happened until the final THREE minutes! Why did I watch it then, you ask? Consider it curiosity and, BOY, did I get duped!

In case you missed it, Spain player Andres Iniesta scored the ONLY field goal of the game at the 116th minute mark of Extra Time and won the game for Spain. Despite some bitching and moaning from a few Dutch players at the Refs, it was still a clean and super lucky goal (pictured above). Again, congrats to Spain. Now I can stop pretending like I care.

LeBron James To Join Miami Heat. YAWN.

Now that Lebron has finally made his decision to move to the city of Miami, he’ll be teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Consider it a “Superteam” of sorts or “the Miami Threesome”. So here’s the big question: Now that you have three of the most talented (and absolutely egotistical) players in the NBA playing in the same team, will that equal a championship? The answer: HELL NO.

The move doesn’t justify anything except for the fact that Miami has a lot of money but not the skill set to drive them towards the post-season (let alone the Finals). Keep in mind that the Boston Celtics team that almost won against my beloved Lakers in the Finals is still a bigger threat in the East than Miami and the Orlando Magic still have a dangerous line-up of players that can easily dismantle that bullshit Miami Threesome.

And if Miami does end up making through the post-season, they still have to face off against the 2-time reigning champions, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Bryant-Gasol-Bynum-Artest combo is far more deadly than the Miami Threesome and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Miami barely makes it past the East Conference finals next year. To put it simply, the Los Angeles Lakers are a more well-rounded team and each players knows their own role (something the Miami Threesome won’t know anything about).

Let’s not forget, between Lebron, Wade, and Bosh, they all have the combined number of ONE championship ring compared to Kobe Bryant who has….let’s see….oh, that’s right, FIVE rings. Take that fact and smoke it, Lebron! Congratulations to the city of Miami, you have a world of hurt and disappointment coming your way!

Irina Shayk Is Not The Baby Mama

Here in the United States, we could not give an absolute flying fuck about the sport of Soccer. Not one bit. But somehow Cristiano Ronaldo has broken though that threshold of ignorance and has gained a teeny bit of fame (no thanks to those soccer-lovin’ assholes at TMZ).

And now news has spread that Cristiano is a new father to a baby boy! Normally, this news wouldn’t bother me but I was a bit shaken when I found out that his current girlfriend is none other than Sports Illustrated (and sometimes Victoria’s Secret) supermodel Irina Shayk! But since Irina was never pregnant, that means she’s not the baby mama, WHEW!

Take a breather, gentlemen. It’ll be awhile before anyone impregnates another supermodel.